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Preview: Catch the Fair One

Native American fighter Kali Reis plays a former boxer in search of her missing sister in writer-director Josef Kubota Wladyka’s thriller. Native American professional boxer Kali Reis is ready to rumble in writer-director Josef Kubota Wladyka Catch the beautiful, a daring thriller that IFC Films will release on February 11 in select theaters and on […]

Writer writes moving poem against right-...

As the New Year dawns around the world, Indian women have woken up to yet another heartbreaking development. Some right-wing elements in India had created an app named Bulli Bai where they had auctioned a list of names of well-established, educated and strong Muslim women. It was humiliating not only for Muslim women but also […]

Poet Maya Angelou is the first black wom...

A new neighborhood featuring legendary poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou and other pioneer American women officially began shipping to banks on Monday, the US Mint said. Angelou is the first black woman to appear on the trimester. Maya Angelou’s drawing is the first quarter of the American Women Quarters Program, a four-year program […]

Japanese women fight pervasive sexism

In the 2021 election, only 9.7% of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party candidates were women. (Carl Court / Pool photo via AP) The legislative elections to Japan’s lower house last October were the first since the Law on “Promoting Gender Equality in Politics” three years earlier. Yet the number of women elected to the House […]

This and that: “JT LeRoy” and “Tomboy” |

JT LeRoy (based on an extraordinary true story) and Tomboy explore what happens when two people explore a different identity. JT LeRoy Laura Dern with Kristen Stewart in ‘JT LeRoy’. Source: Steven Ackerman In the late 1990s and early 2000s, JT LeRoy was one of the most prominent young writers in the literary world thanks […]

The hijacked life of a genre fiction wri...

Message invited by the author Stéphanie LaVigneStephanie LaVigne is an author of detective novels and bestselling novels. She appears frequently in media, including podcasts, television, magazines, and online author interviews. Connect with her on your favorite social media platforms and sign up for her newsletter at to be up to date with what’s happening […]

Preserving the Story: Medicine Woman Mel...

UNCASVILLE – Mohegan Medicine Woman Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, an award-winning writer with several novels and non-fiction books to her name, understands the power of storytelling. After all, Tantaquidgeon Zobel, who is also the official tribe historian, comes from a long line of storytellers. A very long line. His great aunt and mentor was the medicine […]

12 essential Dalit authors to get real i...

Reclaiming the literary space that was historically exclusive to them, Dalit writers of all languages ​​and over the decades have provided a startling glimpse into the reality of being ‘Dalit’ in India, a society where the hierarchical and hierarchical caste system and discriminatory continues. Before Dalit writer-activists raised their voices and used their pens to […]

‘Peril!’ The champion reaches $ 1 milli

By LYNN ELBER, AP TV Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) – “Danger! Champion Amy Schneider joins her list of bragging rights and admirers. Already the highest paid contestant in quiz history and the woman with the longest winning streak, on Friday she became one of only four “Jeopardy!” players to reach seven figures in regular season […]

🌱 Max Tracy not seeking re-election + Ca

Have a nice day, neighbors! Danielle Fallon here with a brand new issue of the Burlington Daily. First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Partly sunny and cold. High: 18 Low: 15. Here are the three most popular stories today in Burlington: Burlington City Council Chairman Max Tracy has announced he will not […]