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Academic translates 19th-century German ...

Mathew John K., who teaches at EFLU, has published an anthology of selected poems by 19th century German poet Wilhelm Busch in Malayalam Mathew John K., who teaches at EFLU, has published an anthology of selected poems by 19th century German poet Wilhelm Busch in Malayalam Translating poetry without losing its essence is hard work. […]

Subhash wins ACT Book of the Year.

Subhash Jaireth receives a Critics’ Circle Award in 2020. Photo: Peter Hislop VETERAN Canberra poet and essayist Subhash Jaireth was announced today (September 29) as the winner of the $10,000 2021 ACT Book of the Year for his collection of essays, ‘Spinoza’s Overcoat’. Her award-winning book uses the essay form to explore the lives of […]

Umrao Jaan no longer lives here

Umrao Jan Ada is a novel published in 1899 by Mirza Hadi Ruswa. It is the first novel in Urdu. Ruswa writes about a courtesan and poet called Umrao Jan who lived in Lucknow in the 19th century. Or did she? The story told by Ruswa is so spellbinding that people still wonder if Umrao […]

Book Recommendations by Yiyun Li

Welcome to Lifetime, The books section of, in which the authors share their most memorable reads. Whether you’re looking for a book to console you, move you deeply, or make you laugh, consider a recommendation from the writers in our series, who, like you (because you’re here), love books. Maybe one of their favorite […]

Q&A with Alice Faye Duncan

By Patricia J. Murphy | As a lifelong teaching librarian, Alice Faye Duncan sowed the seeds of lifelong learning and a love of reading. As a children’s author/poet, she plants stories that aren’t often told or talked about in children’s picture books. His books for young readers include Opal Lee and what it means to […]

Gloria Anzaldúa, label each piece with a

Gloria Anzaldúa, scholar, author and poet, born September 26, 1942, grew up on the Mexico-Texas border. Living in what she called the borderlands, Gloria invested in her own conflicting and intertwined identities to address the intersections of race, heritage, religion, sexuality and language. Gloria’s father worked as a sharecropper after the loss of the family […]

Social media star ‘Doric Dad’ among thos

Paul Hourston, who uses the name Doric Dad on social media, has been named Scots Media Person of the Year at the Scots Language Awards. Teachers, writers, performers and schools have all won awards at the Scots Language Awards in Dundee. The awards ceremony, which first took place in 2019, was broadcast live worldwide from […]

UK: Poem by Simon Armitage on the death ...

The death of Queen Elizabeth II says a lot about the state of the institutions of the British bourgeoisie. She also highlighted their impact on cultural life. Artists have adored the late monarch in an uncritical way that speaks ill of the general artistic climate. It says something that new Irish pop siblings Jedward have […]

Gloucester connection of poet TS Eliot

Eliot’s father had a house built at Eastern Point. In one of the letters included in the museum exhibit “Eliot’s Gloucester”, the poet’s older brother describes it as “a house on the top of the hill behind the old Beachcroft Hotel”. The TS Eliot Foundation, its current owner, now uses the house as a writer’s […]

Poems for Christians – in a nice but lim

The Saint Mary’s Book of Christian Verse Chosen and introduced by Edward Short, with a preface by Dana Gioia (Gracewing, £20.00/€23.50) Edward Short is a writer and teacher who lives in New York and is already well known for his books relating to St John Henry Newman. This book sees itself as the successor to […]

Writer-in-Residence Brings a New Dimensi...

September 20, 2022September 20, 2022 The English Department at Clemson University began the year by welcoming a new member to a brand new faculty position: Writer-in-Residence. The first person to occupy this role is the poet Desiree C. Bailey. “As the 2020 Yale Younger Prize winner and National Book Award finalist, Desiree C. Bailey […]

Constance Alexander: Books may be banned...

Reading can unite us, but there are a growing number of people who think that literature is dangerous and that books should be banned, which I guess is a good reason to observe banned books week at the mid-September each year. A case in my own story occurred during my first job out of college, […]

“The Poetic Cosmos of Sudeep Sen”: A tre

This literary event mixed with moving poetry, music and interaction will also see the launch of ‘Converse: Contemporary English Poetry by Indians edited by Sudeep Sen’ also to be released on September 20 This literary event mixed with moving poetry, music and interaction will also see the launch of ‘Converse: Contemporary English Poetry by Indians […]

Jack Kerouac’s musical side celebrated o

A Friday, September 16 concert at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan centered on Beat Generation writer/poet Jack Kerouac’s 100th birthday, but the most jaw-dropping number at hand that night was 65; it had been many years since one of the evening’s performers, David Amram, had pioneered improvised jazz poetry in an art gallery a few blocks […]

‘Bitter, sweet, funny’: Irish stars unit

Patrick Kavanagh is one of Ireland’s most revered poets – a genius from a rural backwater who made parochial universal. Yet his fame never really reached other shores. While William Butler Yeats and Seamus Heaney have won Nobel Prizes and been cited by US presidents, Kavanagh’s acclaim has remained largely confined to his homeland. Since […]

Mirza Ghalib’s poem on Benares is an ode

Benares is a palimpsest of India’s layers of devotion, history and culture; each layer separated by the faith and beliefs of devotees, residents and visitors. It is the city of Shiva and indeed called the spiritual capital of India. It is also a city of lamps and light, of life and death. It’s a town […]

President Mike Latham ’86 – Building a S

2022 Kickoff Speech by Mike Latham ’86 Aloha, everyone. It is such a joy to gather here tonight to celebrate the Punahou class of 2022. Students, you did it! You, extraordinary young people, have made the most of what Punahou has to offer, excelled in a stimulating academic environment, developed talents in music, art, theater, […]

Former Prime Minister Mulroney and forme...

OTTAWA — Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson are due to eulogize Queen Elizabeth at a memorial service Monday in Ottawa. OTTAWA — Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson are due to eulogize Queen Elizabeth at a memorial service Monday in Ottawa. Canadian artists Rufus […]

Environmental Humanities Symposium on th...

Can art, human sciences and culture save the Great Salt Lake in danger? Our task is to bring new attention to the critical presence of the Great Salt Lake in our community and to include new voices in our discussion. Due to water policies and climate change, the Great Salt Lake is rapidly drying up, […]

The Pick Museum of Anthropology opens an...

Collaboration, harmony and revitalization are the principles that define “Radical Verses of Hmong Revitalization” by Tou SaiK Lee. On September 8, NIU’s Pick Museum of Anthropology, in partnership with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, opened its Performing of Southeast Asia exhibit with Lee’s presentation of this work. Lee is a hip-hop artist and spoken […]

King Charles in Scotland, where Queen El...

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Long before you saw the hearse – and the English oak coffin, adorned with Scottish thistle and heather – you heard the sound of horses’ hooves on the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile. Edinburgh’s Old Town isn’t usually a quiet place – it’s noisy, touristy, often a bit unsteady on its […]

The oldest school in Delhi is older than...

Firoz Bakht Ahmed Behind every book, there is a writer or writers. Are the books written for the personal gratification of the authors? Is the purpose utilitarian, educational, or to win public ovations? There are writers who publish books because they are inspired by a purely disinterested and impartial search for knowledge and to clarify […]

4 COVID works of fiction – and what they

Pandemics force us to come to terms with our mortality, prompting deep questions about the meaning of life. It is therefore not surprising that since the days of medieval plague epidemics, infectious diseases have captured the imagination of novelists. These stories function as cautionary tales, holding humanity accountable. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the […]

Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics ...

A a student of philosophy attending a concert in the heart of Germany in the spring of 1797 could hardly believe the testimony of his eyes. Seated in a row were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the greatest writer of the age; Johann Gottlieb Fichte, the philosopher of the moment, whose lectures have attracted students from […]

Bridge Across the Seas (When words make ...

Prominent scholar and poet, Professor Niyi Osundare, shares lessons from the complex and often confusing process of translating some of his poems into Korean. A new 240-page book containing the Korean translation of a selection of my poems arrived in my hands a few weeks ago – after waiting six months in the parcel locker […]

Translations that are not hindered by th...

Many moons ago I received Intimacies of Ghalib, a slim volume of translations of the timeless verse of the great 19th century poet Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. It took me a long time to read and savor Ghalib’s delicious rendition in English. Translating Ghalib into English, in my opinion, is the most difficult task for […]

Thoughts on a sister-friend – Our Time P

“Her commitment to the black community and to all of humanity is unwavering. She gives us hope and reminds us that the power to transform ourselves lies within our minds and souls. By Brenda GreeneMy mentor, colleague and sister-friend, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, a woman warrior, poet, activist, educator and advocate for human rights and peace, […]

Conference on the occasion of Baitursyno...

LONDON. KAZINFORM The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom, with the support of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), organized a conference on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the statesman, scientist, educator, poet, publicist , reformer of national writing, founder of Kazakh Linguistics and literary critic, one of the leaders of the national […]

8 fun and friendly nursery rhyme books

This content contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Nursery rhyme books are a staple of childhood reading for good reason – they’re short and simple to read and remember, but they also contain layers of storytelling that introduce very young children to the way stories , […]

The remains found in Lee Woods have been...

On Monday afternoon, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed that the bodily remains found in a wooded area in Lee last Thursday were those of Meghan A. Marohn, an upstate New York teacher who had originally been reported missing in Longcope Park in March, according to the Berkshire County Prosecutor’s Office. Marohn’s remains […]

A translation of Ghalib’s Persian Ode to

When I heard about Maaz Bin Bilal’s post temple lamp on social media, I was crestfallen. When I saw that Ranjit Hoskote had endorsed the book, I was even more crestfallen. Just a few months ago, finalizing my book on Nehru, I decided to dedicate a paragraph of the chapter on culture to the story […]

Two Outstanding Female Artists, Part Two...

Ezra Pound wrote that poetry is news that remains news. That’s a good thing…because those lines are written before you rush out of the aisle for a long fly-fishing trip in Montana. This column and the following week’s installment are my last assignments before hitting the highway and moving that filthy store of rags and […]

Poet and Instagram author Rupi Kaur slam...

New Entertainment Saturday 3 September 2022 23:45 BST Best-selling poet and social media star Rupi Kaur has slammed the decision by some UK universities to scrap English literature courses, calling it “horrible” and “sad”. The Queen of Instagram Poets hopes activists and organizations across the UK will manage to ‘fight back’ and ensure students have […]

Helen Haskell Remien | News, Sports, Jo...

ISHPEMING TWP, MI – Helen Haskell Remien transitioned on Sunday, August 21, 2022, surrounded by friends and family. “Helene of joy” the owner of the Joy Center in Ishpeming, was so many things: a poet, a storyteller, a world traveler, an athlete, a teacher, a yogi, an artist, a fashionista, an ocean and outdoor lover, […]

SCOTT DREYER: September 1 Meditations

Today we were blessed with a beautiful day here in Southwest Virginia…blue skies and a break from the oppressive August humidity. Many are looking forward to the three-day weekend in honor of Labor Day. However, in history, September 1, 1939 holds a dark and dubious distinction. On this date in 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, […]

“Through poetry, I can express myself wi

By Vishnu Makhijani New Delhi, September 1 (IANS): Her academic background in political science taught her to be objective and critical in her writing, but poetry is the only space through which she can express herself openly without fear of inhibitions, says Sreya Sarkar, a public policy scholar based in Massachusetts, co-author of ‘The […]

The Legacy of Carifesta 72 – Stabroek Ne

Last Thursday, August 25, marked the 50th anniversary of the opening of Carifesta ’72, in Georgetown, the inaugural festival of Caribbean artists, writers, painters, sculptors, dancers and playwrights. The gathering, born out of the second Convention of Caribbean Writers and Artists, also held in Georgetown, to coincide with the celebration of Guyana becoming a Co-operative […]

The long march of awakened ideology thro...

Comment Universities, as a result of the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s and the decision of the cultural left to take the long march through institutions, have been particularly affected by politically correct ideology and awareness. Such is the dominance of neo-Marxist and postmodern-inspired ideology that center-left academics in a range of subjects […]

Charlotte Knights collaborates with loca...

Giovanni Brown (left) and David Butler collaborated on a new hat as part of the Charlotte Knights’ HBCU party on Friday, September 3. (Photo by Brenden Medlen) Despite debuting a year before he was born, Charlotte native David Butler remembers the 1990 Charlotte Knights jersey well – black with metallic colored stitching and stripes which, […]

What happened to Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII remains one of England’s most famous kings. His nearly four-decade reign marked a time of enormous change for the country, and complications from his line of succession would continue to rock the foundation of the monarchy for years after his death. And yet, if there’s one thing Henry is best known for […]

Meet the artist bringing Gaelic music in...

Gaelic has been linked to Scottish culture for centuries. The origins of the language are thought to date back around 2,000 years and its traditions remain inherent in many Gaelic communities today. Gaelic music is also woven into the fabric of Scotland. But one man could be about to give this art form a whole […]

Gloria Anzaldúa’s theorizing in ‘metamor

One of the joys of studying literature is to open a beloved text, read its pages, and discover a new idea or pattern in writing. Kelli Zaytoun, a villager who teaches literature classes and heads the English language graduate department at Wright State University, has spent her career studying Gloria Anzaldúa, an academic, writer, activist, […]

SIUE’s Funk Discusses Guggenheim Fellows

On this week’s episode of Segue, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s weekly radio show exploring the lives and work of people on campus and beyond, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) , Kevin Leonard, PhD, interviews Allison Funk, Professor Emeritus of the Department of English Language and Literature. This episode of Segue […]

This Day in History — August 26

After leading his country into the mainstream of African politics after World War II and overseeing its entry into the League of Nations, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, at the age of 83, died on this day in 1975. Today is the 238th day of 2022. There are 127 days left in the year. HIGHLIGHTS […]

Wang Gungwu and Suratman Markasan, both ...

The Singapore Literature Prize, established in 1992, is a biennial prize organized by the Singapore Book Council (SBC). The 12 winners each received $3,000 as well as a trophy and a gift code for the Storytel audiobook platform. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong, the guest of honour, also presented literary pioneer Edwin […]

My hiker daughter sent me one last scary...

A WOMAN who plunged to her death while scaling a mountain trail sent a haunting message to her mother moments before the fatal fall. Rebecca Aretini, 28, tragically tumbled down the Apuan Alps above Italy’s Monte Macina valley in front of her horrified boyfriend. 3 Rebecca Aretini, 28, plunged to death on Monday while hiking […]


Fatima Ijaz is a published poet born in Karachi. She studied Liberal Arts at Hartwick College, New York (USA) and completed her undergraduate degree in English at York University in Canada. Later, she completed her master’s degree in English linguistics at Eastern Michigan University. She won first prize at the McLaughlin Poetry Competition in Toronto […]

What is the connection between motivatio...

In our last article, we looked at the ideas of hope and motivation and pointed out that hope is an ancient word going back a long way into the classical past. Motivation, as a word, was first coined in 1904; yet both are still very active words, with billions of hits on Google. Yet these […]

2 new collections of poetry lay the foun...

“Tender Gravity” by Marybeth Holleman (left) and “Breaking into Air: Birth Poems” by Emily Wall “Breeze in the Air: Birth Poems” By Emily Wall; Boreal Books/Red Hen Press, 2022; 80 pages; $16.95. “tender gravity” By Marybeth Holleman; Boreal Books/Red Hen Press, 2022; 88 pages; $16.95. Boreal Books, founded and edited by former Alaskan writer Peggy […]

Documentary on Houthi crimes wins US awa...

“Detained Under Houthis” won platinum for Best Documentary Short at the Independent Shorts Awards (ISA) in Los Angeles in August. Filmmaker Eric Trometer’s documentary sheds light on three Yemeni women who were detained by the Iran-backed Houthi militias but survived their imprisonment. They chose to be part of the documentary to tell of their torture […]

El Shafee Elsheikh: The Islamic State Be...

El Shafee Elsheikh, known to his victims as “Ringo”, grew up in White City, west London, after his family arrived from Sudan in 1993 when he was five. His father was a communist and part-time poet who worked as a translator and opposed the Islamist dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir in his home country. The couple […]

Illusion and reality – The Leaflet

Union Minister HS Puri’s sudden announcement regarding the accommodation of Rohingya refugee families in the National Capital Territory of Delhi is either inspired genius or a cat’s paw for Hindutva dispensation to explore the process of forced ghettoization, starting with the Rohingyas. — Disclaimer: This is an allegory. This is an entry for Ripley’s Believe […]

Anthropologist Brown to give prestigious...

PROVIDENCE, RI [Brown University] – A Brown University professor is the first anthropologist to become the AW Mellon Lecturer in Fine Arts, widely considered one of the highest honors in the humanities. In April and May 2023, Stephen Houston, professor of art history and architecture, anthropology and social sciences at Brown, will give a series […]

Students prepare for National Poetry Day...

JOHN BISSET/Stuff Student Jake Genet and English teacher Kelvin Furze prepare for the poetry slam at Timaru Boys High School. Timaru will celebrate National Poetry Day in New Zealand for the first time with an inter-high school poetry slam on August 26. Already 10 young poets from Timaru Boys High, Craighead Diocesan and Mountainview have […]

The relentless and irresistible poetry o...

Iif you were gentleman of Elizabethan London, a gentleman of more or less regular ways and habits, your typical day went something like this: you got up at 4 a.m., you wrote 14 letters and a 30-page treatise on the non-existence of purgatory, you fought a duel, you composed a sonnet, you went to see […]

Apple TV Plus: Every new TV show is comi...

Apple TV Plus is one of the new streaming platforms vying for your attention, and there are good reasons to start watching. It’s packed with big names and a few hit shows, from the first season of Severance to the lovable and lovable Ted Lasso to Reese Witherspoon. Emmy-winning drama The Morning Show. Like its […]

Timeless Poets Who Shaped India’s Freedo

Harivansh Rai Bachchan, also known as Srivastava, was an Indian poet and author who contributed to the Nayi Kavita (Romantic Rise) literary movement of early 20th century Hindi literature. Moreover, he was a poet for the Hindi Kavi Sammelan. His early work Madhushala is what made him most famous. He was also the father of […]

Varavara Rao | Different shades of a po...

Even at the ripe old age of 82 and in a fragile state of health, her day begins with a brief morning walk. Once back in his living room of his modest house, he takes a book among the many sent by his family and friends. Reading and writing are his two obsessions and he […]

10 singers in Nepal who rose to fame thr...

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay As reality TV shows have been considered as the major factor in the television industry in Nepal today, the hype around singing reality TV shows in Nepal is growing remarkably. Therefore, many new sung reality TV shows are emerging on different TV channels. Thousands of aspiring singers […]

Because the night | About in English

Works by three late 19th century artists are on display. / S. SALAS EXAM Thyssen Museum sheds light on Spain’s legendary ‘dark side’ Grim, decadent, lowlife. Prostitution. These are the key words deployed in the introduction to an exhibition of 34 engravings presented in the Sala Noble of the Museo Carmen Thyssen, until September 25. […]

Chicago Classical Review » » Piccinini a

Marina Piccinini performed the world premiere of Christopher Theofanidis’ Flute Concerto on Wednesday at the Grant Park Music Festival. Photo: Norman Timonera The Grant Park Orchestra concert on Wednesday evening this week served as an informal opening exercise for the 50e National Flute Association’s annual convention, which officially opens Thursday morning at the Hilton in […]

ʻŌiwi poet-teacher published the 1st boo

No’u Revilla A Sacred Tribute to Survival, Resistance and the Inseparable Bonds Between Indigenous and Queer Kanaka Women ʻōiwi (Native Hawaiians) wrap a newly published collection of poetry written by an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. In his first book ask the brindlesaward-winning poet No’u Revilla highlights themes […]

Cast announced for LA BOHEME’s ENO conce

On Sunday 21 August, English National Opera (ENO) will present a concert of Puccini’s much-loved opera, La bohème, at Fairfield Halls in Croydon, south London. Each ticket in the 1,802-seat world-class concert hall is priced at £5. One of the most famous operas of all time, La bohème tells the story of the Parisian poet […]

Birthday night songs – Culture – Al-Ahra

Ghali Shukri, Mawawel Al-Laila Al-Kabira (Birthday Night Songs), Cairo: General Organization of Palaces of Culture, 2022. pp220 The only novel of the famous historian and literary critic Ghali Shukri, Mawaweel Al-Laila Al-Kabeera was recently reprinted by the General Organization of Palaces of Culture, whose edition is directed by the poet and playwright Gerges Shukri. Its […]

Negotiating Identity: Greek and Armenian...

A conference titled Negotiating Identity: Greek and Armenian Aspirations for a Ponto-Armenian Federation will be presented by lawyer and writer Dean Kalimniou, on Thursday, August 18, 2022, at 7 p.m., at the Greek Center and online, as part of the Seminars on Greek History and Culture, offered by the Greek Community of Melbourne. Much is […]

‘Benediction’ provides more evidence tha

Every time I watch a Terence Davies movie, I wonder how come I don’t always think of Terence Davies movies. The British director has a style that is truly unique, but also almost impossible to describe in words. He’s a capital artist, one of the few that can be mentioned when we talk about our […]

Disorientation by Elaine Hsieh Chou revi...

Rhe last few years have seen a series of scandals surrounding white people posing as other races in order to gain alleged advantages. Rachel Dolezal, then chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, went viral in 2015 for claiming to be a black woman despite not having African ancestry. That […]

Lesser known facts about the famous poet

Rabindranath Tagore received the knighthood from King George V in 1915, but renounced it after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919. Rabindranath Tagore, a beacon of Bengali literature, was a great scholar, poet, novelist, musician, playwright and artist. Today, August 7, marks the 81st anniversary of the death of the person who made the nation […]

THUMBS: Legion is doing this one for the...

Kudos to the persistence of American Legion Softball Girls Training Funders. The crusade for girls to have a comparable opportunity to play ball like boys do in American Legion Baseball has spanned at least four years. The evolution for girls to be recognized as athletes has taken a lot longer, but mums who have never […]

The Acadian pilgrimage to Grand-Pré allo

An Acadian couple from New Brunswick visits the church at Grand-Pré National Historic Site, NS.Darren Calabrese/The Globe and Mail Sometimes a place can be your home, even if you’ve never been there before. There may be few Acadians left in Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia, a rural hamlet outside of Wolfville in the fertile hills of the […]

A look at the history of this honor

English Heritage, a charity, will honor Dadabhai Naoroji’s house at 72 Anerley Park in London. He was the first Asian elected to the British Parliament. Prior to this, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi were honored with the Blue Plaque English Heritage, a charity, will honor Dadabhai Naoroji’s house at 72 Anerley Park in London. Image […]

Roger Rosenblatt begins a new chapter in...

As a columnist, journalist, editor and author, Roger Rosenblatt has a long history of working in the writing game – and over the years he’s won his share of mediums. We’re talking newspapers (Washington Post), magazines (Time), TV (MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour) and books – he’s written 20 to date, including ‘Making Toast’, a memoir about […]

How Word is Bond Brings Young Black Men ...

When a dozen young black men and a dozen police officers gather in a church to write poetry together, there is apprehension on both sides. “They all pull me aside, like they think they’re the only one, saying, ‘I’m not a poet. I can’t write anything deep,’” Lakayana Drury says. Drury is the founder and […]

Transform Magazine: Times new Roman – 20

When Brand Lounge wanted to update its own visual identity, the Dubai-based agency had to reckon with the age-old question, quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Jack Cousins ​​finds out who brands branding agencies Sometimes the art of branding can touch on deeply philosophical questions. The Latin phrase quis custodiet ipsos custodes, attributed to the Roman poet […]

International Students Nominated for Son...

The late Sonny Mehta’s widow, Gita, endowed graduate writing programs in England and the United States. The University of East Anglia campus, viewed from Earlham Park in Norwich. Image – Getty iStockphoto: Andres Garcia M By Porter Anderson, Editor | @Porter_Anderson Gita Mehta: “Giving writers freedom, time and support” As Publication prospects as readers know, […]

Baseball reliquary survived and is ‘bett

LOS ANGELES – Now on display at the Los Angeles Central Library through November in an exhibit called “Something in Common.” There’s a San Diego chicken costume, a half-smoked Babe Ruth cigar that’s probably – maybe? maybe? — was feisty about a 1924 Philadelphia brothel and a baseball signed by Mother Teresa. The real Mother […]

Religion: Was Shakespeare raised Catholi...

In this OUPblog series, Lena Cowen Orlin, author of “Detailed and Dazzling” The private life of William Shakespeare, explores the key moments in the life of the bard. Whether it’s asking when Shakespeare’s birthday was, his legacy of a “second best bed” or his own grave monument, you can read the full series here. Was […]

Sugarbeads Lounge, Honored Star Chef Dis...

English as a Second Language (ESL), General Education Development (GED), Diploma Program Credit, and Adult Basic Education (ABE) are available free to Ridgefield residents age 17 and more; for the ESL program, classes are available for residents aged 18 and over. Registration for GED, ABE, and credit diploma courses is open until August 12 at […]

Charles Akwen celebrates Ruby Jubilee wi...

By Henri Akubuiro As most of the public universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos, Akoka has been under lock and key since February 14, 2022, not thanks to the persistent ASUU strike. But Unilag momentarily came to life on Thursday June 30, as Dr. Charles Terseer Akwen, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, […]

Writer’s review of Akshaya Mukul. Rebel

Agyeya (1911-1987), a dominant figure in fashionable Hindi literature, was once a multifaceted character. Born Sachchidananda, he received his nickname Premchand which imprinted his story while the creator was in prison for his involvement in progressive actions. Her lifestyles were characterized by a nomadic, yet deeply reflective exploration of bodily areas, sketchy concepts, feelings, and […]

If You Can Solve This Word Puzzle, You M...

Fishing for the answer? This puzzle of the world meets optical illusion is harder to catch than you might think. TikTok users were left puzzled as they struggled to guess how to correctly pronounce the mystery word “ghoti”. “Goaty” and “gotty” aren’t even close – because the true pronunciation of this word is actually a […]

Houston Shakespeare Festival 2022: plays...

Nothing screams Houston summer traditions like Shakespeare in the park. For its 47th season anniversary, the University of Houston Theater School presents its annual report Houston Shakespeare Festival with consecutive productions of King Lear and Cymbeline at the Miller Outdoor Theater. From this Thursday through August 6, Houstonians of all ages can experience […]

20th anniversary of the death of Syed Al...

Mon Jul 25 2022 12:00 AM Last updated on: Mon Jul 25 2022 12:34 PM Prof Syed Ali Ahsan (1922-2002) SOURCE: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS “> Prof Syed Ali Ahsan (1922-2002) SOURCE: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Professor Syed Ali Ahsan was by far the best intellectual, poet and pedagogue in Bangladesh in the second half of the last century. […]

Shakespeare-related English estate hits ...

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Colne Priory – a historic residence in the picturesque English village of Earls Colne, Essex – has been listed for £7million ($8.4million). The impressive estate includes a 14,000 square foot main residence and a three-bedroom guest house. The country estate belonged for centuries to the […]

OLD NEWS: Journalist’s fun run for offic

Before we dig into today’s fun topic — how Arkansas Gazette cop-beaten reporter Joe Wirges’ colleagues mocked his candidacy for Big Rock Constable in 1922 — we need to scratch some background needed. First, know that this is issue #3 in a series of old news columns. For basics on the “Joe Gazette” Wirges, see […]

Raibag School teacher says he broke no l...

Veeranna Madiwalar has not yet received the copy of the notice issued for her two-line poem on the public school merger project Veeranna Madiwalar has not yet received the copy of the notice issued for her two-line poem on the public school merger project Public primary school teacher Veeranna Madiwalar, who received a notice from […]

Shashank Kulkarni’s book selected in gov

Excelsior CorrespondentJAMMU, July 23: An internationally renowned agricultural policy scientist and well-known author from Central University of Jammu, Shashank Kulkarni’s Marathi book ‘Samnvayatun Samgratekade (From Coordination to Integration)’ has been selected in the ‘ List of Government Approved Books’ from the Government of Maharashtra.This book was selected in the category ‘Spirituality and Philosophy’. This list […]

Bookmark the Park: the series of events ...

Shepherdstown resident Lee Doty, right, whips up some brownies on a plate for Chris Duewel, as Leah Rampy looks on, at the Bookmark the Park July event in Rumsey Park on Sunday afternoon. Tabitha Johnston SHEPHERDSTOWN – In its second season this year, Bookmark the Park has once again brought a […]

Physics and poetry in radical collaborat...

July 22, 2022&ball; Physics 15, 111 When physicists and poets work together, they can challenge existing paradigms. But these collaborations need bigger platforms to realize their full artistic, scientific and societal potential. Courtesy of A. Catanzano Catanzano with Beacham on the CERN campus. Catanzano argues that for art-science relationships to reach their full potential, the […]

‘Notre Dame de Paris’: so good, it’s a s

Lincoln Center, one block from the Fordham campus in Manhattan, is synonymous with premier productions from a variety of artistic traditions. “Notre Dame de Paris” rightly takes its place among the incredible performances that adorn this historic square. “Notre Dame of Paris“, commonly translated as “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, is a sung pop-rock musical comedy […]

Marcel Theroux’s The Sorcerer of Pyongya

JThe interest in North Korea is not surprising at a time of the rise of totalitarian states and growing threats to fundamental freedoms in democratic countries. The latest in the catalog of books on this little-known place is The Sorcerer of Pyongyang by Marcel Theroux, which sets out to tell the story of a nation, […]

The best books of summer 2022

Photo by Maryna Terletska/Getty Images The death of consensus by Phil TinlinC Hurst & Co, 472 pages, £20 Radio producer Phil Tinline describes the past 100 years as a series of crises – unemployment, strikes, inflation and Brexit – in which consensus, “the limits that shape the politically possible”, are shattered. Tinline’s account of competing […]

Bring a poetic vibe to Ponda

Jul 20, 2022 | 05:20 IST Bring a poetic vibe to Ponda Ponda has undoubtedly produced many talented artists and art and culture are deeply rooted in the villages of the taluka. After a lull of nearly two years, Goan poetry came to life during the recently organized poetry recitation program ‘Paavli- Ek Paavsali Saanj […]

Constance Alexander: Maintaining a conne...

Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, to both urban parents, I had no concept of “rural” until my brother went to college. I was 7 or 8 when I accompanied him and my parents on the trip to State College, to have Roger moved into the dorm and started as a freshman at Penn […]

Almanac – Monday 07/18/22 | KALW

Today is Monday, July 18, 2022, July 18 is the 199th day of the year 166 days remain until the end of the year. The sun will rise in San Francisco at 6:02:21 a.m. and the sun will set tonight at 8:29:19 p.m. We will have 14 hours and 26 minutes of daylight today. Solar […]

30 Young Mandela: Nkateko Masinga

Nkateko Masinga, young winner of Mandela 2022. Category: Creativity Location: Pretoria, Gauteng Nkateko Masinga, 30, is an award-winning writer, poet and scholar. She is currently Director of the Internship Program at Africa in Dialogue, an online interview magazine that archives creative and critical insights with Africa’s leading storytellers. The publication interviews creative writers from all […]

Prometheus Unbound from Poetry – The Shi

By Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee Denounced as a rebel or a demon during his lifetime, Percy Bysshe Shelley became an angel after death. Two centuries later, he remains more powerful than when he was alive. It is not easy to analyze why Shelley is more popular than any other English Romantic poet in the world, except […]

An epic historical novel dives deep into...

Hamutal Bar-Yosef, 82, was tired of the legitimacy of the State of Israel being questioned or attacked. “As an Israeli, I am insulted and angry when I am asked to justify the existence of my country,” said Bar-Yosef, a retired literature professor and accomplished poet, short story writer and translator. The octogenarian’s response was to […]

How to see Italy’s most beautiful coastl

On a warm mid-May morning, I found myself sipping an Aperol Spritz while gorging on local cheeses, fresh rosemary and olive focaccia in Portovenere, dubbed the sixth village of the Cinque Terre. Refueled, I climbed the slopes of the village, passing skinny pastel-hued houses before stopping at the 12th-century striped church of Chiesa di San […]

Read some works from Utah’s new Poet Lau

Lisa Bickmore, a retired English teacher and founder of a nonprofit publishing company, has been named Utah’s new Poet Laureate. Utah’s Arts and Museums Division announced the appointment, made by Gov. Spencer Cox, in a news release Wednesday. The Poet Laureate is designed to be an “advocate for literature and the arts statewide,” according to […]

In other news: ‘Squid Game’, ‘Abbott Ele

‘Squid Game’, ‘Abbott Elementary’ up for Emmy nominations “Succession” and “Ted Lasso” are seeking Emmy nominations to add to their previous trophies. But they are faced with hungry newcomers. When the deals are announced on Tuesday, “Succession” could face a showdown with “Squid Game.” Netflix’s South Korean hit about a brutal survival contest is in […]

Commentary: SC municipal leaders aim to ...

As South Carolina struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who has observed political discussions online or watched many official government meetings knows that society is facing another harmful epidemic: the incivility in government – personal attacks, infighting and even threats of violence. Our nation and our state have entered an era where threatening, […]

why would an author claim to be Chinese?

Why do people want to be something other than they are? That is the question at the center of Elaine Hsieh Chou’s debut novel, Disorientation, the story of an American college campus left in turmoil after the discovery that a recently deceased and beloved, award-winning Chinese-American poet and professor, who rose to fame by writing […]


Translation is an art. It becomes more demanding when translating creative prose or poetry from one language into another. Then it becomes a genre in itself, which requires a similar, if not equal, mastery of both languages. Additionally, there must be a deep engagement and cultivated ability to appreciate the history and cultural sensitivity of […]

Artists sing in contested Kashmir

Sarfaraz Javaid thumps his chest rhythmically in the music video, swaying on the guitar and letting his throaty voice echo through the forest: “What kind of soot covered the sky? It darkened my world. … Why the house been entrusted to strangers? “Khuaftan Baange” – Kashmiri for “night’s call to prayer” – unfolds like a […]

With support from the Mellon Foundation,...

CHITTAGONG, BANGLADESH – Media outreach – July 8, 2022 – With a $1 million grant from the Mellon Foundation, Asian University for Women (AUW) plans to launch a new humanities major for undergraduate study at the University. The Mellon grant, coupled with support from other sources, will enable AUW to recruit nine postdoctoral fellows to […]

‘Discover Great Writers: Coffee and Conv

report card “Discover Great Writers: Coffee and Conversation” is back at Barnes & Noble in the Mesilla Valley Mall, 700 S. Telshor Blvd. Barnes & Noble will host author and poet Alessandra Narváez Varela at 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, to continue its program dedicated to connecting Las Cruces and El Paso to the […]

A review of Save Us

Review: To save us A climatologist’s case for hope and healing in a divided world By Katharine Hayhoe Headsets Buy at For Christian climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, the most important thing we can do to fight climate change is to talk about it. In To save usHayhoe outlines some strategies for doing this, while […]

Language is flexible, unlike baby boomer...

A hot Fourth of July weekend, which saw another deadly mass shooting, brought out the worst in some people. Over the holidays, singer, actress and environmental activist Bette Midler tweeted that inclusive language eradicate women. Days earlier, Twitter suspended psychologist Jordan Peterson for tweeting disparaging remarks about “Umbrella Academy” actor Elliot Page, who is trans. […]

Translation of the poem “Banalata Sen”

Original: Jibanananda DasTranslation: Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui Jibanananda Das (February 17, 1899 – October 22, 1954), popularly called “Rupashi Banglar Kabi” (Poet of Beautiful Bangla), emerged towards the end of the 20th century, as one of the most popular poets in modern Bengali literature for his extraordinary poetic faculty, unknown poetic diction full of rhetoric, unusual […]

The rediscovery of Halldór Laxness

Determined to break into film, he went to Hollywood, where he wrote a screenplay called “Salka Valka” or “A Woman in Trousers”, with Greta Garbo in the lead for the title role. The film had a good chance of being produced by MGM, until Laxness fell out with the studio over his idea of ​​shooting […]

Obituary: John Bouvier Bray

A memorial service for John Bouvier Bray of Verona, formerly of Montclair, who died peacefully on October 24, 2021, surrounded by friends and family, will be held this month in Montclair. Mr. Bray was 76 years old. He was born in Paris in 1945 and spent his early childhood in the rural French village of […]

A novel depicts changing times in Kashmi...

Noted urdu writer-poet Tarannum Riyaz intertwines several narratives to reflect on women’s freedom, social mores, family intrigues, problems and the human condition in her novel “Barf Aashna Parindey”, which is about a Kashmiri Muslim family and has been translated into English. Buy now | Our best subscription plan now has a special price Titled ‘Birds […]

Simon Armitage, Jamelia and Ian Hislop l...

Simon Armitage Laureate Poet Radio 4 has announced Summer of the Arts – with Simon Armitage, Jamelia and Ian Hislop leading the arts programs on the network over the summer. Summer of the Arts kicks off in July with Radio 4 presenting a wide range of arts programming over the coming months. Birmingham born and […]

Literature censorship is a very dangerou...

Alan Simpson: Censoring literature is a very dangerous path to take It’s not often you can start a column in Latin, and today is no exception, although there is a Latin theme. Well sort of, anyway. It follows that works by some of the UK’s finest poets have been removed from the English GCSE syllabus […]

Frances Levine, longtime Fresno state su...

FRESNO STATE — Frances Levine, whose gift to Fresno State from the vast collection of personal books of her American poet husband sparked the creation of the Philip Levine Reading Room inside the University Library, died in Fresno on June 13. She was 94 years old. The generosity of Frances Levine – known to friends […]

[Kim Seong-kon] ‘You never know what you

There are things that we take for granted and therefore don’t appreciate until they are gone. In the restrooms of Ground, a cafe in New London, New Hampshire, there is a sign that reads, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” Toilet paper, for example. Indeed, we do not realize how important and […]

Why I don’t watch TV news

Comment If you have any sense of history (and that commodity is becoming scarce as fantasy takes its place), you’ll know how difficult it has been for most human generations to acquire knowledge. For millennia, personal observation and hearsay were all we had. Then writing was invented, but books were incredibly expensive until the printing […]

Ukrainian Serhiy Zhadan wins German Peac...

The German Association of Publishers and Booksellers has awarded the 2022 German Book Industry Peace Prize to Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan. “We pay tribute to this Ukrainian author and musician for his exceptional artistic work as well as for his unequivocal humanitarian position, which motivates him on several occasions to risk his own life to […]