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The weird, fun and fascinating stories b...

Cupertino When the town was looking for its official name in 1898, they chose to name it Cupertino Creek, nearby. The stream, in turn, had been named by Franciscan priests after Saint Joseph of Cupertino. Joseph has been said to be “remarkably clever” but able to levitate, a claim that modern historians are seriously indignant […]

Bring Shelley home to Horsham

Bring Shelley home to Horsham

IN 2019, to mark the 200th anniversary of the St Peter’s Fields massacre in Manchester, publisher Redwords produced a second edition of Shelley’s Revolutionary Year: The Peterloo writings of the poet Shelley, a volume that included one of his poems the most famous, the mask of anarchy. In his introduction to this edition, Paul O’Brien […]

Can Christiane Taubira ignite the dying ...

In a presidential campaign dominated by a revanchist and nativist far right, the presumption of candidacy of Christiane Taubira for the Elysee has more than a hint of poetic license, of quiet rage against the dying of the left. It may also be the last chance for his dying camp to find a voice in […]

Chandrashekar Patil, Kannada literator, ...

Bangalore: Literator Kannada, activist Chandrashekar Patil (83) died Monday in a private hospital here after suffering from age-related illnesses. Her family sources said the final rites would be performed in Bangalore. Chandrashekar Patil, popularly known as Champa, was a well-known poet, playwright and was considered one of the main voices of the “Bandaya” movement (progressive […]

William (Bill) Linneman | Obituary

MOUNT PLEASANT – William (Bill) Linneman, passed away January 7, 2022. He will be cremated and laid to rest in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Stanford. An informal commemorative meeting will take place at a later date. William Richard Linneman was born in Bloomington, Illinois on October 13, 1926, to William Louis and Bertha Ummel Linneman. He […]

Verse Affairs: Gadgets of the Heart

Any discussion of Instagram poetry, whether in popular or academic posts, tends to generally focus on two themes. First, how the popularity of poetry on social media saved a dying form and breathed new life into it. In India, much of the vitality of poetry on social media comes as poets find space to approach […]

Jack Leach’s Ballad: A Leaf Blown Along

AAt what point in the register of brutal and bleeding days, groping taunts and spiraling numbers, does a turn of hell turn into something more human and manageable: a turn of limbo or purgatory, difficulty? English spinners tend to die most often from sports deaths in Australia. Take a long-term view and the realistic goal […]

Right word | Durand Line: How the Afgha...

Durand Line recalls how the Afghans were deceived by the British and an artificial border was created whose legitimacy is questionable. Pakistani Army troops patrol the fence on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Big Ben Post in Khyber District. PA The recent skirmish between Pakistan and Afghanistan on their border may have ended, but this long-standing […]

Esther McCune Obituary (2022) – Glastonb

Esther (Tess!) Souza McCune, friend, poet, educator and pillar of her family and community, died on January 1, 2022 at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, at the age of 91. Her life began on May 14, 1930, when Joseph and Celia Souza were lucky enough to have their first child, Esther Marie Souza. His […]

Rare news from Toni Morrison coming out ...

NEW YORK (AP) – In much of the world, the late Toni Morrison was a novelist, celebrated for classics such as “Beloved”, “Song of Solomon” and “The Bluest Eye”. But the Nobel Laureate did not limit herself to just one type of writing. Morrison has also completed plays, poems, essays, and short stories, one of […]