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Thousands of loans will be written off b...

When parent company Provident Financial ceases collecting payments on the loans by December 31, 2021, 7 months after the brands stopped lending, thousands of consumers with high-interest loans from Provident, Glo, Greenwood, and Satsuma will have their debts cleared ConsolidationNow installments.( ) Affected borrowers will receive emails or letters informing them that they can […]

Grow old with me, the best is yet to com...

Breadcrumb Links Opinion Op-Ed Opinion: “Unfortunately, older people all over the world have been denied the enjoyment of their basic human rights due to age discrimination.” The International Center for Longevity in Ottawa has launched a campaign to raise awareness and fight against ageism in Canada. The position of the federal government is unclear. Shutterstock […]

The 15 best assassin and hitman movies, ...

We often recommend media and products that we like. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. In the real world, contract killing is far from the most ethical profession. But in the movies? It’s a common plot device that acts as the driving force […]

What happened on October 4?

Here is an overview of what happened this day, 04 October, across the world and South African history. We remember news, events and people who have influenced the course of history forever. THIS DAY: 04 OCTOBER 1993 | EU lifts sanctions against South Africa 1989 | Efforts by a pro-sanctions lobby group against South African […]

Game of Thrones’ enduring influence on F

It’s kind of a blueprint: take bloodstained high fantasy novels, then give them the prestige TV treatment. Fantasy fans, who are used to dodgy fare like the BBC’s Merlin, will flock to an exceptionally lavish production. Fans of more racy costume dramas like Spartacus Where Rome will flock to its familiar sight. The result is […]

We’re now hiring in Pittsburgh: Prison B

Click to enlarge Non-profit Grant Writer. Local non-profit association 1Hood Media is seeking a full-time Grants Writer. The position is responsible for assisting with the preparation and writing of proposals, as well as the submission and management of grants and contracts, from project development to grant implementation and reporting. Pays up to […]

Cry or celebrate the end of a garden? –

“It is part of the life of a garden, that because creating a garden is such an act of will, and because (if successful) it becomes the place of great beauty that the particular gardener had in mind, the death of the gardener (or a withdrawal of any kind) is the death of the garden.—Jamaica […]

Beast Tamer Anime Release Date, Trailer ...

Fantasy anime has been dominated by isekai stories for a very long time, to the point that those who weren’t actually isekai barely felt alienated. This is a bit the case for the upcoming series beast tamer, which will feature many elements that modern fantasy anime fans love. Having both a ridiculously explanatory Japanese title […]

New gallery shines with a vision of incl...

TYGER ONE AND TYGER TWOPartners Melissa Crouch, left, and Mira Gerard have a vivid vision of a gallery inspired by William Blake. Exhibits so far have included a series of abstract portraits by Caleb Yono. Mira, who uses both the pronouns she/she and they/them, has been inspired by the radical poet since childhood.Photo by […]

Best horror movies on Netflix for Octobe...

Midsommar UK only Ari Aster’s sequel to the traumatic family horror Hereditary is a lighter affair. Or at least that’s for a film that still begins with a harrowing murder-suicide. Florence Pugh stars as Dani, a girl who lost her parents and sister in said act, and who persuades her asshole boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) […]

Issue of the day: MP says ‘Eddie Izzard

IN 2020, Eddie Izzard announced a desire “to now be based in girl mode”, claiming the pronouns “she” and “her”. Now a storm is brewing over the political projects of the actor, writer and comedian. The English comic last month announced his hope of standing as the Labor candidate for Sheffield in the next general […]

Cool, frank and sometimes angry, the New...

Taylor Swift fan, glam-rock fashion lover, Chris Tse is not your typical Poet Laureate. At 39, he is the youngest New Zealander to hold the title. When Tse reads the list of great poets who have received this honor and spots his own name at the bottom, he feels “a little sick”. As if that […]

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (2022) Movi...

Amirpour’s third good-humoured feature is also directed by a fearless woman. She is the mysterious Mona Lisa Lee, an inmate of Korean origin, locked up in a kind of mental hospital on the outskirts of New Orleans. Played by Jeon Jong-seo (from the masterful “Burning” by Lee Chang-dong) with verve and mystique, Mona Lisa suffers […]

Some predictions for who (should) win th...

This Nobel season, six white Swedes (with undoubtedly excellent taste, albeit a limited comfort zone) will decide which obscure writer (or not-so-obscure writer, if some of the recent wins are any indication) will be read by millions. readers who otherwise might not care to know their Krasznahorkai from their Knausgaard. It can be quite disconcerting […]

Bustle Daily Newsletter: September 29, 2...

A version of this content appeared in Bustle’s daily newsletter on September 29, 2022. If you like what you see, sign up to get it delivered to your inbox here. Lily Collins has shaggy curtain bangs for Emily in Paris Season 3 Collins has been teasing new bangs since mid-September, but it wasn’t clear if […]

28 Days Later director does a Matrix-ins...

Keanu Reeves does his signature bullet-dodge move that will almost certainly find its way into this show’s choreography The matrix maybe he was right all along; maybe we really live in a simulation. The proof? A new immersive hip-hop dance adaptation of the Wachowski sisters’ 1999 sci-fi classic, directed by 28 days later director Danny […]

How UVA Becomes a Launch Pad for Women i...

Her first course, Sports Journalism, had 24 students, including Emily Hybl, then a third-year pre-law student. Flash before August 2022 and Hybl is the producer of a sports program for an affiliate of ESPN Radio in Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest media market. Among the interns at his station last summer was Khuyen Dinh, a […]

Academic translates 19th-century German ...

Mathew John K., who teaches at EFLU, has published an anthology of selected poems by 19th century German poet Wilhelm Busch in Malayalam Mathew John K., who teaches at EFLU, has published an anthology of selected poems by 19th century German poet Wilhelm Busch in Malayalam Translating poetry without losing its essence is hard work. […]

Faster Than Sound: A Late Introduction O...

Consecutive the Chronicle music editors Raoul Hernandez, Kevin Curtin and Rachel Rascoe (photo by John Anderson) Daughter of a teacher, I have always measured time in school levels. Four years of high school to really get into music and drive from my hometown of San Antonio to Austin for shows as often as possible. four […]

Mill Valley teachers hired as first dist...

French teacher Michelle McRay and social studies teacher Melissa Weber coach seventh grade football at Monticello Trails Middle School MIll Valley teachers Melissa Weber and Michelle McRay both coach the Grade 7 boys football team at Monticello Trails Middle School. Both have overcome gender barriers and coach in a male-dominated sport. Coach Melisa Weber stands […]

Subhash wins ACT Book of the Year.

Subhash Jaireth receives a Critics’ Circle Award in 2020. Photo: Peter Hislop VETERAN Canberra poet and essayist Subhash Jaireth was announced today (September 29) as the winner of the $10,000 2021 ACT Book of the Year for his collection of essays, ‘Spinoza’s Overcoat’. Her award-winning book uses the essay form to explore the lives of […]

Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 Continues DC

Constantine 2 takes place at Warner Bros. with Keanu Reeves reprising his role as John Constantine, and it puts the future of JJ Abrams Justice League Dark universe under control. Taking many by surprise, a sequel to 2005 Constantine was reportedly in the works, with Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman returning as director and screenwriter, […]

The most horrific accusations against Ca...

Catherine de’ Medici inspired disdain in many of her subjects and even in some of her children. Leonie Frieda, the author of a biography of the Queen, notes: “To many, she is the very embodiment of evil.” Of course, portraying evil meant doing things a little differently than other royal ladies. Instead of docile activities […]

Mondo Studio Films offers the story of S...

Journalist and former escort Amanda Goff – formerly known as Samantha X – has had her story optioned by Mondo Studio Films, who are developing it into an eight-part comedy-drama. A ‘shamelessly feminist’ tale of love, sex and empowerment, the series aims to examine escorting through a female lens. The story will be largely fictionalized, […]

Umrao Jaan no longer lives here

Umrao Jan Ada is a novel published in 1899 by Mirza Hadi Ruswa. It is the first novel in Urdu. Ruswa writes about a courtesan and poet called Umrao Jan who lived in Lucknow in the 19th century. Or did she? The story told by Ruswa is so spellbinding that people still wonder if Umrao […]

Boston Premier of We Move in Color

BOSTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/September 27, 2022/ We Move in Color Manager, presents We Move in Color Musical Revue, premiering at Boston’s Historic Strand Theater on Thursday, October 6e 2022 at 7 p.m. We Move in Color (WMIC) is a musical revue that seeks to capture the African American narrative through music, poetry, dance, and immersive visual art. […]

Why Tom Perrotta Revisited Tracy Flick

In the 1999 dark comedy Election, overachieving student Tracy Flick, played by a rising Reese Witherspoon, dreams of political dominance, starting with running for class president at her suburban high school. For years, viewers have remembered Tracy as “abrasive” and “unpleasant,” in the words of her creator, author Tom Perrotta. Her name has become shorthand […]

Dowager Marchioness of Bath, actress and...

According to Time, her “career received a boost” when she married Gilbert Pineau, a French film director, in 1963. Despite her marriage, Anna remained in contact with Thynne (who later legally removed the “e” from the end of his last name so that it rhymes with ‘pine’ and not ‘pine’) throughout his twenties. In 1969, […]

Book Recommendations by Yiyun Li

Welcome to Lifetime, The books section of, in which the authors share their most memorable reads. Whether you’re looking for a book to console you, move you deeply, or make you laugh, consider a recommendation from the writers in our series, who, like you (because you’re here), love books. Maybe one of their favorite […]

Review: TUTS’ ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ at the

Ashley Tamar Davis and David LaMarr in Theater Under the Stars’ “Ain’t Misbehavin’” Photo: Melissa Taylor Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Harlem’s great Renaissance nightclubs such as the Cotton Club and the Savoy Ballroom. “Ain’t Misbehavin’” is as close as it gets, though it (almost) misses the clouds of cigar and […]

Women Who Made Headlines – Billboard

Rihanna is about to join an exclusive club: the women who headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. By that, we mean they were the only headliner (or they co-starred with another female solo star – J.Lo and Shakira have to be in there). We’re not counting women who were part of a halftime set – […]

Q&A with Alice Faye Duncan

By Patricia J. Murphy | As a lifelong teaching librarian, Alice Faye Duncan sowed the seeds of lifelong learning and a love of reading. As a children’s author/poet, she plants stories that aren’t often told or talked about in children’s picture books. His books for young readers include Opal Lee and what it means to […]

John David Washington became obsessed wi...

Washington refers to the “double victory,” also known as the Double V campaign, which saw black soldiers fighting for democracy overseas during World War II while simultaneously fighting for equality on the home front. The campaign takes its name from the “V for Victory” gesture that became a rallying cry for freedom during the war. […]

The creation of Van Dyck

The detailed investigation begins with literary responses from contemporaries, drawing on plays (such as James Shirley’s The Lady of Pleasure of 1637) and poetry (including Ben Jonson’s Euphemius) that place the experience of sitting for a painter like Van Dyck as an intimate, cosmopolitan luxury. The processes he employed with wit, speed and finishing become […]

Stacey D’Erasmo on Embracing Discomfort

The story of our own complicity with malevolent forces is difficult to tell, in general, at this time. It’s unpopular, even dangerous, to have mixed allegiances, tangled motivations, dirty hands. And yet, given the highly complicated nature of things like power, money, and cultural capital in this world, to name a few, who can claim […]

Gloria Anzaldúa, label each piece with a

Gloria Anzaldúa, scholar, author and poet, born September 26, 1942, grew up on the Mexico-Texas border. Living in what she called the borderlands, Gloria invested in her own conflicting and intertwined identities to address the intersections of race, heritage, religion, sexuality and language. Gloria’s father worked as a sharecropper after the loss of the family […]

To attend ‘The Tonnerre of the Present’:

On a stage sparkling with the magic of the talents of composer, poet and performer united in one voice, a solitary soprano sang: “the pause between the lightning and the thunderclap / is the time we have for read / ‘the thunder of the present.’” This moment of Francisco del Pino’s musical exploration of Victoria […]

Tyler Perry responds to Spike Lee’s crit

Tyler Perry has given more context to his trademark character, Madea, who has appeared in at least 10 of his films. In a new episode of Who talks to Chris Wallace, by TMZ, Perry discussed the inspiration behind the character, in response to Wallace asking the filmmaker about a previous comment Spike Lee made about […]

‘Avatar’ Reissues King of the World With

Refresh for latest…: There was extra punch to the international ticket office this weekend during Disney’s re-release of 20th Century Studios Avatar enlarged $20.5M of 50 offshore markets for one $30.5 million global launch. The remastered 4K HDR version of the greatest movie of all time was catnip to fans with #1s in multiple markets […]

‘The Woman King’ inspires this Nigerian

General Nanisca, played by Viola Davis, is the star of The Woman King. When a man opposes her influence, she retorts: “If the king respects me, it is because I have deserved it. Ilze Kitshoff/Sony Pictures hide caption toggle caption Ilze Kitshoff/Sony Pictures General Nanisca, played by Viola Davis, is the star of The Woman […]

10 Comics That Should Have Been Hits But...

Comics can be a fickle mistress. Companies like Marvel, DC Comics, Image, and Dark Horse have all been publishing stellar comics for decades, with visionary creators doing work fans love. The hottest books are loved by fans and critics alike, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only major comics to come out at some point. […]

Social media star ‘Doric Dad’ among thos

Paul Hourston, who uses the name Doric Dad on social media, has been named Scots Media Person of the Year at the Scots Language Awards. Teachers, writers, performers and schools have all won awards at the Scots Language Awards in Dundee. The awards ceremony, which first took place in 2019, was broadcast live worldwide from […]

Joséphine Tey: the best novelist you’ve

Mention the name Elizabeth MacKintosh at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, for example, or Bloody Scotland – or, indeed, any other event where noir fans gather to talk twists and big reveals – and you’re likely to be greeted with stares. blank and puzzled looks. And this despite the fact that she is arguably the […]

Can Cambridge decolonize? | The Specta...

The news that the University of Cambridge is to commission an art installation to adorn one of its old buildings rarely deserves headlines. But when higher education is in thrall to the cult of decolonization, we know it will be no ordinary sculpture. Forget about beauty, craftsmanship or originality. This new installation is not a […]

Talulah Riley: ‘The scrutiny for being m

Talulah Riley (England, 36) hadn’t yet given herself time to apprehend acting stardom when it came to her out of the blue for her private life. Coming from a good family, educated in British schools for young girls, if she wanted to be anything, she was always a writer, acting came from school acting lessons […]

UK: Poem by Simon Armitage on the death ...

The death of Queen Elizabeth II says a lot about the state of the institutions of the British bourgeoisie. She also highlighted their impact on cultural life. Artists have adored the late monarch in an uncritical way that speaks ill of the general artistic climate. It says something that new Irish pop siblings Jedward have […]

Can Cambridge decolonize? | The specta...

The news that the University of Cambridge is to commission an art installation to adorn one of its old buildings rarely deserves headlines. But when higher education is in thrall to the cult of decolonization, we know it will be no ordinary sculpture. Forget about beauty, craftsmanship or originality. This new installation is not a […]

Meg Elison’s number one fan rewrites mis

One of the most chilling and unforgettable moments of number one fanMeg Elison’s gender-swapped update to Stephen King’s horror classic Misery, happens in the front pages: Urban fantasy author Eli Gray has just joined a carpool with a male driver, only to receive a notification that his female driver has canceled her ride. Rather than […]

🌱Roseville coach indicted + possible inc

Hello everyone! It’s Friday in Roseville and I’m back in your inbox to update you on the most important things happening in the community today. In today’s issue, you will discover… There will be night work on Washington Blvd until October 7. Choose a different route if you’re not a fan of bumper-to-bumper traffic. You’ll […]

Gloucester connection of poet TS Eliot

Eliot’s father had a house built at Eastern Point. In one of the letters included in the museum exhibit “Eliot’s Gloucester”, the poet’s older brother describes it as “a house on the top of the hill behind the old Beachcroft Hotel”. The TS Eliot Foundation, its current owner, now uses the house as a writer’s […]

Alyssa Monks’ SLOMA Retrospective Featur

From a distance, Alyssa Monks’ large-scale images look like photographs. Get closer and it’s soon clear that those shimmering surfaces, wisps of hair, and luminous skin are created by brushstrokes and paint, which is why the Brooklyn-based artist draws a distinction between his work and the photorealism. “Photorealism is tedious,” she explained in an email […]

Poems for Christians – in a nice but lim

The Saint Mary’s Book of Christian Verse Chosen and introduced by Edward Short, with a preface by Dana Gioia (Gracewing, £20.00/€23.50) Edward Short is a writer and teacher who lives in New York and is already well known for his books relating to St John Henry Newman. This book sees itself as the successor to […]

Island Shluchim Gather for Kinus in Canc...

The shluchim who lead emerging Jewish communities across Mexico and the Caribbean region traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a Kinus Hashluchim. Whole story For many, the city of Cancun evokes an image of sand, sea and good weather. What is not as well known is that Cancún is home to a thriving Chabad center headed […]

1 in 3 Southeast Asian Muslims are more ...

According to a survey, the resurgence of religious faith and Western-style consumerism are transforming the consumption habits of Muslims in the region. One in three Muslims in Southeast Asia consider themselves more religious than their parents were at their age, with their faith influencing decisions about personal spending, fashion, banking, travel and education, according to […]

4 students win Gilman scholarships to st...

Maria Teresa Reynel With the heart of an artist, Maria Teresa “Maite” Reynel, 41, has only one goal: to become an art educator. Reynel is a full-time working single mother who decided to go back to school and graduate. She is currently part of the accelerated Masters in Arts Education program, working toward a Bachelor’s […]

Crackdown in Iran after Mahsa Amini’s de

Security forces cracked down on protesters demonstrating across Iran following the death of a young woman in the custody of its so-called vice squad, which reportedly left five people dead. The death of Mahsa Amini, 22, a Kurdish woman from western Iran, during a visit to the capital last week sparked outrage over the government’s […]

Writer-in-Residence Brings a New Dimensi...

September 20, 2022September 20, 2022 The English Department at Clemson University began the year by welcoming a new member to a brand new faculty position: Writer-in-Residence. The first person to occupy this role is the poet Desiree C. Bailey. “As the 2020 Yale Younger Prize winner and National Book Award finalist, Desiree C. Bailey […]

Rona Munro on James IV: “I’m interested

Rona Munro in rehearsal for James IV PIC: Mihaela Bodlovic A royal procession meandering the Royal Mile, all the splendor of the monarchy on display, reverent silence or cheers as the show passes, and a few dissenters shouting abuse. It is a drama that has unfolded over the centuries, in the heart of the Scottish […]

Accelerating Targeted Healthcare Innovat...

Presented by Keysight Technologies ARTWORK: Keysight Technologies By Tobi Elkin and Brad Jolly, Keysight Technologies As the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) evolves, the health sector is experiencing a digital renaissance that is improving the experience for patients and practitioners. Remote care facilitated by the IoMT results in better patient outcomes and improves the healthcare […]

Women’s entrepreneurship in the spotligh

women in business announced Ella Mills as one of the main speakers of his island Conference of Women Entrepreneurs taking place in October. On Tuesday 11 October, the award-winning food writer and businesswoman will be joined by over 400 attendees, who for the first time will take place between live audiences across the island, connecting […]

Constance Alexander: Books may be banned...

Reading can unite us, but there are a growing number of people who think that literature is dangerous and that books should be banned, which I guess is a good reason to observe banned books week at the mid-September each year. A case in my own story occurred during my first job out of college, […]

‘So Glad You Came In A Tough Girl,’ ‘Spe

Trish Stratus is an absolute WWE legend. Alongside Lita, she took the women’s division to a different level. During her career, Stratus was injured several times between games. However, she held back the pain and finished most of them as well. Recently a similar thing happened to her where she tolerated the pain for more […]

‘It’s a slippery slope’: How young men f

Reid Brown remembers the first time he was sucked into the algorithm – he was just 13 and watching videos after school when YouTube started pushing him towards controversial content. Over time, the videos got more and more extreme, says Brown, now 21. “It started out pretty benign,” he recalls. “You watch something about teenage […]

“The Poetic Cosmos of Sudeep Sen”: A tre

This literary event mixed with moving poetry, music and interaction will also see the launch of ‘Converse: Contemporary English Poetry by Indians edited by Sudeep Sen’ also to be released on September 20 This literary event mixed with moving poetry, music and interaction will also see the launch of ‘Converse: Contemporary English Poetry by Indians […]

How renaissance man Pádraig Harrington i

It was here, at the Alfred Dunhill Championship a year ago, that Pádraig Harrington began the rest of his life. former Ryder Cup captain. A rusty 75 in Carnoustie. Raw. Bruised. But not quite scarred. Heavy Ryder Cup defeats can be traumatic events for losing captains who have dedicated two – in Harrington’s case, three […]

Washington Middle School officially rena...

Author Ibi Zoboi photographed in front of a mural (April 2022) [Photo courtesy Pasadena Unified School District] Dr Brian McDonald [Photo courtesy Pasadena Unified School District] Dr. Malone, Orduna, Tyron Hampton [Photo courtesy Pasadena Unified School District] Dr Shannon Malone [Photo courtesy Pasadena Unified School District] Noemi Orduna, Judy Chu [Photo courtesy Pasadena Unified School […]

Jack Kerouac’s musical side celebrated o

A Friday, September 16 concert at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan centered on Beat Generation writer/poet Jack Kerouac’s 100th birthday, but the most jaw-dropping number at hand that night was 65; it had been many years since one of the evening’s performers, David Amram, had pioneered improvised jazz poetry in an art gallery a few blocks […]

A history of the bombing and its roots i...

Misogyny is a culture of violence against women. Whether the woman is black or brown, queer or trans, or dresses a certain way, her body is at the center of the hate. This particular phenomenon is found in literary translations and on public access sites like Twitter and movie sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. […]

‘Bitter, sweet, funny’: Irish stars unit

Patrick Kavanagh is one of Ireland’s most revered poets – a genius from a rural backwater who made parochial universal. Yet his fame never really reached other shores. While William Butler Yeats and Seamus Heaney have won Nobel Prizes and been cited by US presidents, Kavanagh’s acclaim has remained largely confined to his homeland. Since […]

Mirza Ghalib’s poem on Benares is an ode

Benares is a palimpsest of India’s layers of devotion, history and culture; each layer separated by the faith and beliefs of devotees, residents and visitors. It is the city of Shiva and indeed called the spiritual capital of India. It is also a city of lamps and light, of life and death. It’s a town […]

Bader Ginsburg’s Face Adorns Winchester

Bader Ginsburg’s face adorns the Winchester building Posted at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2022 By Bill McCann Contributing author For more than a week, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg mural in downtown Winchester took shape on an outside wall of Micki’s Irish Bar. The image appears to be peeking around the corner from Wildcat […]

Maurice Martinez, poet, filmmaker and pr...

Dr. Maurice M. Martinez, a longtime professor at the Watson College of Education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington who was also a force on the port city’s cultural scene, died on Monday, September 12. He was 88 years old. Martinez was an educator by trade and an artist by temperament: a published […]

Lynn Steger Strong Takes Flight

Lynn Steger Strong hates this part. Waiting. The conversation. Waiting. She reads, browses social media, looks for anything to distract her from her complicated feelings around the publication of her next book, Flight (Mariner, Nov.). “I love writing, really — I’m not one of those writers who doesn’t like it,” she says via Zoom from […]

Deciding on public investments for the f...

Hardware store owner Eberly Baird built his warehouse on South Main Street in 1910 because that’s where the railroad was. The railroad and Baird’s Hardware are long gone. But the warehouse complex that Baird built is enjoying a renaissance. Renowned South Main Stationhe houses Heartwood Soundstage, two restaurants and a farmer’s market on Thursdays. There […]

President Mike Latham ’86 – Building a S

2022 Kickoff Speech by Mike Latham ’86 Aloha, everyone. It is such a joy to gather here tonight to celebrate the Punahou class of 2022. Students, you did it! You, extraordinary young people, have made the most of what Punahou has to offer, excelled in a stimulating academic environment, developed talents in music, art, theater, […]

Ellen Meeropol on Writing in the Gaps Le...

I grew up in a family that was reluctant to tell stories. Like about Elizabeth, my grandmother who left Russia and immigrated to Brooklyn. Did she really participate in the Menshevik revolution of 1905 as a young woman, as my mother claimed? Was she really exiled to Siberia and her husband (or brother or uncle) […]

Former Prime Minister Mulroney and forme...

OTTAWA — Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson are due to eulogize Queen Elizabeth at a memorial service Monday in Ottawa. OTTAWA — Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson are due to eulogize Queen Elizabeth at a memorial service Monday in Ottawa. Canadian artists Rufus […]

7 LGBTQ+ trailblazers who deserve to hav...

Biopics have always been a very popular film genre, but their popularity has exploded in recent years, with the current biopic boom leading to the creation of blockbuster films such as Me Tonya, Rocketman, Elvis, and the next Blond. Famous musicians, actors, athletes and celebrities of all shapes and sizes are immortalized through biopics, helping […]

Interview: Disney legend Jodi Benson sha...

What’s it like to be a literal Disney princess? Jodi Benson could tell you. She was the voice of Ariel in Disney’s 1989 hit The little Mermaid. After this film ushered in a renaissance for Disney animation, the young actress’ career was catapulted in a whole new direction. His new memoirs part of my worldwas […]

VSU Student Named Emerging Leader by Ohi...

September 14, 202222-132 Jessica PopeCommunications and Media Relations Coordinator The Ohio Library Board recently honored Taryn Mirabello, a student in the Department of Library and Information Studies at Valdosta State University, with the 2022 Diana Vescelius Emerging Leader Award. She plans to earn a Masters in Library and Information Science from VSU in May 2023. […]

Environmental Humanities Symposium on th...

Can art, human sciences and culture save the Great Salt Lake in danger? Our task is to bring new attention to the critical presence of the Great Salt Lake in our community and to include new voices in our discussion. Due to water policies and climate change, the Great Salt Lake is rapidly drying up, […]

Elizabeth, the world queen | Philstar.c...

BREAKTHROUGH – Elfren S. Cruz – The Filipina Star September 15, 2022 | 00:00 “Grief is the price we pay for love.” These are the words of Queen Elizabeth when terrorists deliberately crashed their plane into the World Trade Center in New York, resulting in countless deaths. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there […]

A love affair with Shakespeare leads to ...

Making her case that someone else wrote Shakespeare, charismatic Irish actress and lawyer Rose Loughlin is hosting the Irish debut of her solo show ‘A Rose by Any Other Name’ at the Glórach Theater in Abbeyfeale on September 23-24 At 20 o ‘clock. it shows Rose’s colorful journey of real-life experiences in her quest to […]

An impressive and shameless political no...

The course Author: AM houses ISBN-13: 978-1783785339 Editor: Granta Guide price: £20 Reading AM Homes’ new novel, The Unfolding, immediately brought to mind the work of another American author. With its state-of-the-nation tone and overtly political background — after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, a group of powerful white men plot a coup […]

The Pick Museum of Anthropology opens an...

Collaboration, harmony and revitalization are the principles that define “Radical Verses of Hmong Revitalization” by Tou SaiK Lee. On September 8, NIU’s Pick Museum of Anthropology, in partnership with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, opened its Performing of Southeast Asia exhibit with Lee’s presentation of this work. Lee is a hip-hop artist and spoken […]

Perspective on the long reign of a queen

Queen Elizabeth II died on August 8, 96, at her home in Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Elizabeth was crowned in 1953 when I was well into my high school years and I remember this momentous occasion vividly. Britain was still struggling to shake off the leftover effects of the Second World War and the sudden […]

Who was Catherine de Medici? The Serpen...

Last week, I was contacted by several friends and colleagues telling me that if you type #catherinedemedici on Twitter, a snake emoji automatically appears. Designed to sync with The Serpent Queen, the serpent now appears even with hashtags created in tweets years ago. This new Catherine is now the old Catherine. In a life lived […]

5 historic awards won at the 2022 Emmys

Another year of Emmys is in the books. As always, Monday night’s awards show featured upsets and rebuffs, predictable wins and powerful acceptance speeches. The 2022 Emmys also had a historic handful of wins, making it a huge night for stars like Zendaya, Quinta Brunson, Lee Jung-jae, and more. Here’s a breakdown of their big […]

Column: Ticket Sales, Auctions and NW Au...

The Library’s Fall Festival is just four weeks away, and library visitors can now purchase tickets for gift certificate raffles and make offers for hotel stays. The festival is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 1, at the library. Local merchants and restaurant owners have been incredibly generous, donating gift certificates […]

King Charles in Scotland, where Queen El...

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Long before you saw the hearse – and the English oak coffin, adorned with Scottish thistle and heather – you heard the sound of horses’ hooves on the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile. Edinburgh’s Old Town isn’t usually a quiet place – it’s noisy, touristy, often a bit unsteady on its […]

Annalibera opening for Pavement, their l...

I interviewed Anna Gebhardt of Annalibera at Greenwood Park in Des Moines during a hailstorm. Taking refuge in the outdoor shelter by the pond, we read the graffiti scrawled on its wooden posts. “Don’t get good at what you don’t like to do.” Our conversation that day focused on Terry Pratchett’s satirical fantasy series Discworld […]

Why Muriel’s Friendship in Marriage Is t

It was the small Australian film that could. In 1994, screenwriter-director PJ Hogan crafted an original dramedy about a lost soul with a rich fantasy life who escapes her sadly named seaside town, heads to the big city, and finds everything she didn’t know she wanted. Muriel’s wedding is that rare treasure that seemed to […]

Why Advanced Nuclear Reactors Benefit Co...

A model of a small modular reactor facility that Rolls-Royce SMR hopes to have operational by … [+] the end of the decade is seen in this handout provided by Rolls-Royce SMR on Friday, September 9, 2022. A worldwide search for alternative sources to Russian power during the war in Ukraine has refocused attention on […]

The oldest school in Delhi is older than...

Firoz Bakht Ahmed Behind every book, there is a writer or writers. Are the books written for the personal gratification of the authors? Is the purpose utilitarian, educational, or to win public ovations? There are writers who publish books because they are inspired by a purely disinterested and impartial search for knowledge and to clarify […]

Kimmi Bitter’s Musical Journey – North C

Northern Pine Brewery beer is named after the artist’s van If you yearn for a fresh take on dreamy tunes reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, and female vocals that tug at the heartstrings, you don’t need Doc Brown’s time to travel Delorean. Instead, watch Oceanside’s Kimmi Bitter. “I try to bring freshness to old […]

4 COVID works of fiction – and what they

Pandemics force us to come to terms with our mortality, prompting deep questions about the meaning of life. It is therefore not surprising that since the days of medieval plague epidemics, infectious diseases have captured the imagination of novelists. These stories function as cautionary tales, holding humanity accountable. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the […]

Letter: Did not listen to citizens | Le...

I feel compelled to respond to the author of the Life is Better letter in the August 28 edition of the Republican Eagle. The writer must first have the facts correct. It was said: ‘We don’t know what this group of candidates for city council – all from the same church as the fired police […]

Verostko Center for the Arts will host a...

The Verostko Center for the Arts has announced its Fall 2022 exhibition: “East Meets West: Women Icon Makers of West Ukraine”. The exhibit opened September 8 with a public reception on the second floor of the Dale P. Latimer Library at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. Visitors can view the exhibit and explore selections from […]

Doctors recommend giving weight counseli...

To weigh or not to weigh. What is most likely to protect you against excess weight? Women tend to gain weight during their 40s, which increases the risk of obesity and related conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. That’s the reasoning behind new recommendations from a federally-backed group of OB-GYNs, family […]

Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics ...

A a student of philosophy attending a concert in the heart of Germany in the spring of 1797 could hardly believe the testimony of his eyes. Seated in a row were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the greatest writer of the age; Johann Gottlieb Fichte, the philosopher of the moment, whose lectures have attracted students from […]

Sunday with Rev Richard Coles: ‘I discov

Up early or late? When I was in my twenties and ran off to London nightclubs, I was an owl. Now that I’m older and my chances of passing a bouncer have diminished, I’ve become a lark. Sunday breakfast? After my ordination, the day of rest became a day of work. I woke up with […]

Bridge Across the Seas (When words make ...

Prominent scholar and poet, Professor Niyi Osundare, shares lessons from the complex and often confusing process of translating some of his poems into Korean. A new 240-page book containing the Korean translation of a selection of my poems arrived in my hands a few weeks ago – after waiting six months in the parcel locker […]

How William can defeat the Welsh

“The demands on a Prince of Wales have changed,” Charles, 20, said at his investiture at Caernarfon in 1969, with some trepidation. “But I am determined to serve and do my best to meet those demands, whatever they may be in a rather uncertain future.” Half a century later, that future is certain: William has […]

Anna’s Alexiad: Winning Your Audience in

When a writer puts pen to paper, they are encouraged to keep a specific audience in mind. Medieval scholars, a time when literacy was often limited to monastic communities in Europe, were especially indebted to their patrons for connecting with their target audiences. For instance, Bede Eighth-century histories glorified a golden age of Northumbrian England […]

Whiskey review: Balcones distills Big Ba...

Editor’s note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Balcones. This in no case, by our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. It should also be noted that by clicking the purchase link at the bottom of this review, our site receives a small referral payment which helps […]

Why Alicia From Student Sex Life Sounds ...

Midori Francis’ next big role, after “Dash & Lily,” was a supporting role in Netflix’s 2021 supernatural comedy film, “The Afterlife of the Party.” Written by Carrie Freedle and directed by Stephen Herek, the film centers on Cassie (Victoria Justice), who hasn’t outgrown her party habits, even though her longtime best friend Lisa (Francis) has. […]

The incredible story of The Savoy hotel ...

When I moved in, my Art Deco suite was so lavish that I never got up until noon. Would you when you were served breakfast in bed every morning by taut-muscled Adonis in pristine white jackets? The view proved equally inspiring. Fairy lights twinkled across the inky waters of the Thames from the fluted Houses […]

Translations that are not hindered by th...

Many moons ago I received Intimacies of Ghalib, a slim volume of translations of the timeless verse of the great 19th century poet Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. It took me a long time to read and savor Ghalib’s delicious rendition in English. Translating Ghalib into English, in my opinion, is the most difficult task for […]

The Irish Arts Center will present a wee...

Irish Arts Center will feature a week-long residency with The Guardian’s “most exciting indie rockers” of 2020, Pillow Queens. Spanning multiple mediums and including some of their local favorites and International artistsPillow Queens is hosting engagements including a film screening, a literary event, and two band concerts with special guests SOAK and Deanna Petcoff. The […]

Collection of plates by Edmund de Waal f...

“There is such a passionate and passionate revival of people making pots at the moment. It is a glorious and fabulous time,” says Edmund de Waal. The British ceramicist and writer sits in a glass-walled room in the ceramic galleries of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, gazing at rows of glass cabinets filled […]

Director Frances O’Connor on casting Emm

The famous actor O’Connor’s (Mansfield To park, Blessed) feature early directing stars Emma Mackey (Sex Education) as Wuthering Heights author Emily Bronte struggling to find her voice as a young woman. The film was financed through a UK distribution deal with Warner Bros for the UK and a series of pre-sales through Embankment Films. Ingenious […]

Thoughts on a sister-friend – Our Time P

“Her commitment to the black community and to all of humanity is unwavering. She gives us hope and reminds us that the power to transform ourselves lies within our minds and souls. By Brenda GreeneMy mentor, colleague and sister-friend, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, a woman warrior, poet, activist, educator and advocate for human rights and peace, […]

David A. Arnold, comedian and Netflix st...

On Wednesday night, comedy legend David A. Arnold died at age 54. Arnold was best known for appearing in two specials on Netflix. Announcing his death at his home, his family confirmed he died “of natural causes” after serving as showrunner and producer of Nickelodeon’s “That Girl Lay Lay,” as well as working on the […]

The Renaissance of Modern Nollywood | T...

The Nigerian film industry, or Nollywood, has gone through a few definite eras since its inception, but not all of them have enjoyed the same publicity and acceptance. The early days of Nollywood’s popularity date back to when Kenneth Okonkwo and Nnenna Nwabueze starred in the original. live in bondage (1992). Built on the premise […]

Conference on the occasion of Baitursyno...

LONDON. KAZINFORM The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom, with the support of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), organized a conference on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the statesman, scientist, educator, poet, publicist , reformer of national writing, founder of Kazakh Linguistics and literary critic, one of the leaders of the national […]

The 10 Best Cat-Themed Superheroes In Co...

Every good superhero adopts a theme, and for many of these heroes, their theme is animal-related. While some heroes like Spider-Man embrace the sensibilities of creepy critters, others like Vixen or Beast Boy tap into the entire animal kingdom. However, it takes a special hero to find inspiration in a pet. RELATED: 10 Things About […]

A queen fights to survive in Maggie O’Fa

wedding portrait, Maggie O’Farrell’s scintillating and propelling new novel could have been titled The beautiful and the damned (with apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald). Set in late Renaissance Italy, amid the opulence and intrigue of dynastic politics, the book chronicles the brief life and mysterious death of the aristocrat Lucrezia de’ Medici (1545-1561 ), third […]

Focus on female filmmakers: Adamma Ebo a...

Adama: We were shocked that not everyone knew about it, namely Sterling and Regina. Oh, they didn’t know that? Adana: Not before shooting. They nailed it. Adamma and Adane: They did it. Adama: They are pros. How did you find the balance between the part of the film which is the documentary and the part […]

8 fun and friendly nursery rhyme books

This content contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Nursery rhyme books are a staple of childhood reading for good reason – they’re short and simple to read and remember, but they also contain layers of storytelling that introduce very young children to the way stories , […]

Westmoreland County Jail inmate charged ...

Sept. 6 – A Westmoreland County Jail inmate is charged with attempting to improperly grab a nurse and attacking a prison guard on the same day last month, court documents show. Joe Paul Biller, 37, of Mt. Pleasant, is charged with aggravated assault, common assault and indecent assault. A nurse was delivering medicine at 8 […]