Zoey Deutch is America’s most hated girl – well, at least in the teaser for her new movie ‘Not Okay’. But that’s because she told a very big lie after a terrorist attack.

The sequence is preceded by a disclaimer: “This film contains an unlikable female protagonist. Aimed at an informed audience.” So what exactly makes her so unlikable? Well, she gained notoriety and attention for surviving a terrorist attack in Paris, except she wasn’t there. wasn’t really.

“Have you ever wanted to be noticed so badly, you didn’t even care what it was?” Deutch’s character, Danni Sanders, says in voiceover. We then see the process she goes through to photograph herself in Parisian settings, while claiming that she “nearly died” in the attacks she was far from.

As the footage continues, we get snippets of the gruesome titles Sanders has won since, including “All-American liar” and “#1 Idiot.” At one point, a host dubbed her “the worst person we’ve ever covered on this show.” Even Paris Hilton is seen wearing a shirt that says “Cancel Danni Sanders.”

According to Searchlight Pictures’ official synopsis, Deutch’s character is really just “an aspiring writer with no goals, no friends, no romantic prospects and, even worse, no followers.”

Her photos were simply part of a fake vacation designed to try to gain followers, not knowing what would happen in the City of Light while she was “there”.

Alongside Deutch are Mia Isaac as Rowan, a survivor of the school shooting dedicated to societal change, and Dylan O’Brien, who plays Colin, Danni’s man of dreams.

You can watch the full teaser for “Not Okay” in the video here and above. Written and directed by Quinn Shephard (“Blame”), the film will premiere on Hulu on July 29.