• Beth Kelly Reilly actress is very different from her aggressive and rude persona
  • Yellowstone fans vary in their opinions of Beth
  • Kelly Reilly explains why Beth resonates with many fans

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Yellowstone aired its Season 4 finale in January, and now fans are eagerly awaiting Season 5. John Dutton’s only daughter, Beth, has been an important member of the show since day one. However, to this day, fans have mixed feelings about her. Some viewers love Beth while others can’t stand her. Some don’t even know how they feel about her after all this time.

Kelly Reilly Is Quite Different From Her ‘Yellowstone’ Character

In Yellowstone, Beth Dutton is the only child of John and Evelyn Dutton. Beth is fiercely loyal to her father, but she has some serious issues herself. She drinks excessively and is emotionally unstable. This is likely due to her witnessing her own mother’s death and taking responsibility for it. Beth also had an abortion and was unknowingly sterilized during the procedure.

Beth Kelly Reilly actor is a little different from her Yellowstone character. “I remember sitting down and doing rehearsals and I’m definitely more shy than Beth and it definitely took me a while to find my own path to owning that confidence,” Reilly Entertainment Tonight said. “I just remember thinking, ‘Okay, I’ll take a ride here.’ And it’s been so much fun.” src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen >

What do fans think of Beth Dutton’s ‘Yellowstone’?

It certainly seems like Beth is one of the most polarizing characters in the game. Yellowstone universe. Some fans love her, some hate her, and some still don’t know what to think of her after four long seasons. “I will never know how I feel about Beth until the day I die,” one Reddit user wrote.

Beth’s attitude earns her the disdain of some fans. “I don’t have anything nice to say about Beth. I honestly believe its “flaws” stem from a male writer imposing his own ideas of what a badass woman looks like. It is not a true representation. It’s trashy, mean and hateful 90% of the time,” one fan wrote on Reddit. Others echoed the sentiment.

Still, there are a host of die-hard Beth fans. “She’s the best character on the show. I don’t know if it’s Kelly Reilly’s writing or acting, but I can’t get enough of Beth,” one Reddit user said. “If it wasn’t for Beth (or just a mild-mannered Beth), the show wouldn’t be from the same period,” wrote another.

Kelly Reilly explains why Beth resonates with some fans

There are Yellowstone viewers who are die-hard fans of Beth, despite her over-the-top personality. Reilly explained in an interview with Esquire why she thinks her character resonates strongly with some fans. “There’s something that I think people react to, where we’re supposed to be nice all the time, especially women. Law?”

“I’m not talking about female empowerment, but there’s this, where women are empowered by her. With women, you’re supposed to be the Virgin Mary, or you’re the whore. It’s like this area gray in-between, where all women – or all human beings – live, which is the truth. Somewhere in there, there’s a primary thing that Beth kind of touches on, and I think that’s which makes her such a unique character. I love that kind of stuff.

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