As the New Year dawns around the world, Indian women have woken up to yet another heartbreaking development. Some right-wing elements in India had created an app named Bulli Bai where they had auctioned a list of names of well-established, educated and strong Muslim women. It was humiliating not only for Muslim women but also for all women in India. In July of last year, elements on the right created a similar app called Sulli deals.

The first victims of right-wing hatred and propaganda antics are always women. The objectification of women has been a typical feature of right-wing politics. But this time, Muslim women have raised a loud voice against these humiliating and vulgar tactics.

The loud voice of protest that rose up on various platforms against this atrocious and misogynistic attempt included a touching poem by Moumita Alam. Moumita Alam is a poet, teacher and author who writes with a focus on the issues of the marginalized.

The poem “I am a Muslim woman” makes it clear in a deeply touching way that women, regardless of their religious identity, are the voice of humanity against oppression. They are not for sale:

i am a muslim woman

i am a muslim woman

And i am not for sale

I sacrifice my life for the fight for freedom

I am against British rule

I am Shaheen bagh

I’m the voice you’re afraid of

In Kashmir, in Manipur

I oppose oppression

I scream your name

To Jamia, To Aligarh

I am the story

You want to wipe

I am geography

You want to annihilate