Stephenie Meyer has no plans to add novels to the Twilight mythos anytime soon, but why doesn’t she want to revisit the profitable franchise?

Despite the dusk big-money films worldwide, fans are unlikely to see a new novel set in the franchise’s fictional universe anytime soon. When author Stephenie Meyer started writing the dusk novels, it is unlikely that the writer had any idea of ​​the magnitude of a saga to which it gave rise. Although the hysteria surrounding the series has died down since the last film was released in 2012, at the height of its fame, the dusk franchise was a pop culture juggernaut.

The series was so huge that even superstar Vanessa Hudgens missed out on a role in a dusk sequel, and the enduring popularity of franchise stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson proves that dusk had a greater cultural impact than many critics give it credit for. However, despite the popularity of dusk series, Meyers is unlikely to add any new novels to the franchise in the coming years. Speaking after the release of dusk to tell about Midnight Sun (whose success was proof that the franchise remains popular to this day), Meyers made it clear that writing more dusk is not on the cards in the near future.


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Although the best-selling author said she has at least two more novels planned in the world of dusk frankness, she added.I’m not ready to do it now. I want to do something brand new. For me, a lot of the joy of writing comes from creating, and I really want to create a new world, new rules, and new mythology.“It is understandable that Meyers is reluctant to add to the dusk series, as the author created an immersive and deeply detailed fictional universe for the novels and provided long backstories for major and minor characters. As Denali Coven’s in-depth history proves, the construction Dusk’s Mythology was an ambitious undertaking and one that the author naturally wanted to step away from after his success.

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After Midnight Sunsuccess, some were surprised to discover that the author did not find it fun to return to the world of dusk. However, Meyers wasn’t shy about how difficult it was to write the narrative. She said every word of the novel was a struggle for her, and even compared the writing process Midnight Sun to life behind »prison bars.” As such, it’s fair to guess that it will be a while before readers return to Forks with Meyers, and they’re unlikely to do so from Edward’s perspective.

Luckily, the franchise has plenty of smaller characters, from dusk the villainous Marcus to the lonely female shapeshifter Leah Clearwater, who could anchor some interesting new additions to the mythos. the dusk The franchise’s many minor characters mean that Meyers could return to the world of the show never to see Bella, Edward, Jacob and company again, though whether fans would want that is up for debate. Only time will tell if this is the route the dusk the author will choose to take.

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