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Today’s question is: Who’s Worn the Most Hats on Broadway – Director, Producer, Writer, Actor, etc. ?

Here are a few people who might hold a record for the “number of hats” they’ve worn on Broadway shows.

The first part included those who have worn four or five hats in Broadway shows and the second part includes those who have held even more positions than that!

Six Hats Club


Number of hats: 6
Actor, Composer, lyricist, Producer, Theater owner, writer

One of the most abundant contributors to the Great American Songbook, Berlin was an impresario who for a time even owned the Music Box Theater.

Eubie Blake

Number of hats: 6
Actor, Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Producer, Production Supervisor

Of the four shuffle along creators, Blake has worked on Broadway for the longest period of time. He was there to celebrate when a musical review of his work, Eubie! opened in 1978, when he was 91 years old.

Jason Robert Brown

Number of hats: 6
Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Musical director, musician, orchestrator

The multi-hyphenated Jason Robert Brown has held up to six different roles in his musicals, including Songs for a New World, Parade, The Last Five Years, 13 Years, Bridges of Madison County, Vegas Honeymoonand Mr Saturday night.

George M. Cohan

Number of hats: 6
Actor, composer, director, lyricist, producer, writer

The “Father of American Musical Comedy”, Cohan hailed Broadway by working on more than 100 productions in various capacities.

Bob Cole

Number of hats: 6
Actor, composer, director, lyricist, producer, writer

Cole was the highly regarded and influential co-creator of A trip to Coontown, the first Broadway musical entirely written and owned by black performers. He worked on over 25 Broadway shows as a writer in his lifetime.

Cy Coleman

Number of hats: 6
Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Musician, Producer

A noted jazz club pianist, Coleman has had a singular career, composing great Broadway musicals for four decades. Influenced by his roots in jazz and popular music, Coleman wrote Little Me, Sweet Charity, Seesaw, I Love My Wife, Twentieth Century, Barnum, City of Angels, The Will Rogers Folliesand Life.

Cowardly Christmas

Number of hats: 6
Actor, composer, director, lyricist, producer, writer

An influencer from the 1920s, Coward was as famous for his multi-faceted work as he was for his taste, wit and style.

Elsie Janis

Number of hats: 6
Actor, Composer, Director, Lyricist, producer, writer

While her official Broadway hat count might be six, Janis has played many more roles when you include other media, from radio announcer (the first woman to hold the position on NBC) to production manager. cinematographic. Janis was an iconic Broadway personality whose work included several self-titled shows that she directed, wrote, and starred in.

David Strong

Number of hats: 6
Actor, arranger, Composer, Music Director, Music Supervisor, Musician

The famous musical director of shows from Ragtime at Drapes also appeared on stage in productions such as We ride happily and Master class.

Who has worn the most hats on Broadway?  Part 2Lin-Manuel Miranda

Number of hats: 6
Actor, arrangerComposer, Lyricist, Producer, Writer

The quintessential multi-hyphen of his generation, Miranda has worn many hats long before hamiltonof his work with Freestyle Love Supreme to its creation of web series and content.

Elizabeth Swados

Number of hats: 6
Choreographer, Composer, director, Lyricist, musician, writer

Swados has the particularity of having occupied six different roles on the same production: his masterpiece Runawaysfor which she wrote a book, music and lyrics, directed, choreographed and played guitar, all at the age of 27.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Number of hats: 6
Arranger, composer, general manager, orchestrator, producer, writer

The impresario in charge of composing The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sunset Boulevardand more also controls its own properties as a producer.

Seven+ Club Hats

Avian Bob

Number of hats: 7
Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Choreographer, Director, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Supervisor

Michael Bennett’s right-hand man, Avian has attended, co-choreographed or produced all of his shows, from A chorus line at dream girls, and continued to recreate her choreography after Bennett’s death.

Who has worn the most hats on Broadway?  Part 2Tom Kitt

Number of hats: 7
Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Music Supervisor, Musician, Orchestrator

Represented on Broadway this season by almost knownKitt, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is known for writing his own Broadway musicals (High fidelity, close to normal, turn it on, if/then, flying over the sunset) and create original orchestrations and arrangements for performances composed of pop music (American Idiot, SpongeBob SquarePants, Head Over Heels, Jagged Little Pill).

Marc Shaiman

Number of hats: 7
Actor, Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Music Director, Lyricist, Orchestrator

The multi-talented Shaiman (Hairspray, Smash, Charlie and the Chocolate Factorythe next Some like it hot) impressed audiences from a young age, wearing seven different hats in Broadway shows and even more in cabaret, film, television and recorded music.

Noble Sissle

Number of hats: 7
Actor, director, lyricist, producer, production supervisor, set designer, writer

In addition to his multifaceted work on shuffle alongand his career writing, performing, and more on Broadway, Sissle was also a bandleader, singer, musician, and disc jockey.

David Belasco

Number of hats: 8
Actordirector, stage manager, producer, production supervisor, stage manager, theater owner, writer

The namesake of Broadway’s Belasco Theater was a famously tempestuous impresario who presided over hundreds of productions as a writer, producer and more between 1884 and 1930.

Who has worn the most hats on Broadway?  Part 2Julie Taylor

Number of hats: 9
Composer, costume designer, Director, playwright, lyricist, Mask Designer, Puppet Designer, Scenographer, writer

With nine different positions held on Broadway productions, and up to six at a time on productions including The Lion KingTaymor tops the list when it comes to multiple hyphens.


-Book authors, designers, playwrights, translators, etc. all arouse the term “Writer”.

-Assistant and Associate credits only count as a separate hat if the person has never held another position in that field.

-The musician is separated from the musical director only when there are productions where the individual has occupied only the role of musician.

-There are full production credits that are not listed online, including stagehands, musicians, and assistant positions in various departments. These lists are therefore not exempt from inadvertent omissions.