“The World According to Garp”

Willie Williams plays a writer whose mother (Oscar nominee Glenn Close) rises to cultural notoriety and whose wife (Mary Beth Hurt) is having an affair.

‘The birdcage’

To meet the right-wing parents of their son’s fiancee, Williams, the owner of a gay drag club, and his drag queen partner Nathan Lane pretend to be straight.

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“One Hour Photo”

Williams takes on a more sinister role as an image developer who becomes obsessively attracted to a middle-class family and then murders them.

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“The Fisher King”

Williams returns to ‘Monty Python’ alum Terry Gilliam for his second collaboration, this time as a homeless man who enlists a former radio DJ to help him overcome the shame he feels after having made a major mistake (Jeff Bridges). In this performance, Williams was nominated for his third Best Actor award.

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“Dead Again”

Branagh, Thompson, Garcia and Jacobi were all in the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s film, which also included Williams as Dr. Cozy Carisle. It follows a private detective as he helps a lady who has lost her memory uncover more than she bargained for throughout their investigation.

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Dead Poets Society

Williams received his second Oscar nomination for his role as everyone’s favorite on-screen instructor, John Keating, in this now classic film. His passionate teaching skills motivate a group of high school students to aspire for bigger and better.

“Moscow on the Hudson”

During his tour of the United States, Williams plays a Russian musician who chooses to rebel against the Soviet Union. However, he finds it difficult to adapt to the daily routines of the United States.

‘The World’s Best Dad’

Many people are surprised to learn that this movie isn’t just a cheesy comedy, despite the title. As a parent who fakes his son’s suicide note in order to protect his son’s integrity, Williams shows off his darkly humorous acting abilities in the film.


While Robert De Niro was nominated for an Oscar for his role in that film, Williams still shines as a dedicated doctor trying to help victims of the encephalitis epidemic years later.

‘Good Morning Vietnam’

As with “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Dead Poets Society” and “Good Will Hunting,” this is another Williams film filled with memorable lines and monologues.

During the Vietnam War in 1987, Williams received his first-ever Academy Award nomination (for Best Actor) for his role as a radio DJ who was deployed to work with the United States Armed Forces.

“The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”

The Moon King, Williams’ role in this movie, is as weird as it gets. Williams co-operated with Terry Gilliam for the first time in this film. It continues the protagonist’s exploits in the 18th century and against the Ottoman Empire, which are shown in this film.

‘Insomnia’ (2002)

A riveting tale about a detective trying to uncover the murder of a teenager in a village where the sun never sets is still Christopher Nolan’s best work to date, but ‘Insomnia’ isn’t quite up to par. height of his other great films like “Interstellar” and “Creation.” This cat-and-mouse flick casts Robin Williams as a creepy villain.


William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has a small but notable role for Williams. As Osric, Williams portrays Claudius’ Elsinore courtier who invites Hamlet and Laertes to a fight. Kenneth Branagh is back as an actor and director.


Both Will Smith’s Genie Live and Michael James Scott’s Broadway performance were excellent, but Williams will always be remembered as the best Genie of all time. Williams’ improvisations, humor and impersonation were so outstanding that the directors ended up creating the whole role around him. Thus was born a truly recognizable character.

‘Good Will Hunt’

Williams finally won an Oscar in 1998, when he was nominated for the fourth time and won Best Supporting Actor for his role as a psychiatrist who helps math whiz Will Hunting (Matt Damon). Williams’ dramatic acting skills are on display in the well-known “It’s Not Your Fault” sequence, and his performance is the heart and soul of the film. It’s a well-deserved first place.