Here is an overview of what happened this day may 26, throughout history. We remember news, events and people who have influenced the course of history forever.


2008 | Severe flooding has started in eastern and southern China, killing 148 people and forcing the evacuation of 1.3 million people.

2004 | US Army veteran Terry Nichols has been convicted of 161 state murder charges for aiding and abetting the Oklahoma City bombing.

2002 | The tugboat Robert Y. Love collided with an Interstate 40 support pier on the Arkansas River near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, 14 dead and 11 injured were recorded.

1998 | The United States Supreme Court has ruled that Ellis Island, the historic gateway for millions of immigrants, is primarily in the state of New Jersey, not New York.

1998 | The first “National Pole Day” was held in Australia, and reconciliation ceremonies took place nationwide and brought together more than a million people.

1993 | Tahar Djaout, Algerian journalist and writer, was assassinated by Islamists and died in hospital on June 2, 1993.

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1954 | English novelist, poet, short story writer and translator, Alan Hollinghurst.

1963 | English golfer, Jamie Spence.

1968 | Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik.

1985 | English footballer, Ashley Vincent.

1983 | Australian rugby league player, Nathan Merritt.


2009 | Canadian ice hockey and soccer player, Peter Zezel, 44 years old.

2012 | Japanese politician, Hiroshi Miyazawa, 91 years old.

1979 | Irish-American actor, George Brent, 75.

2010 | English air marshal and pilot, Chris Moran, 54 years old.

2015 | American soldier and politician, Dayton Waller, 90 years old.


1984 | That day, Leicester City’s Gary Lineker made his first England appearance as a 72nd-minute substitute for Tony Woodcock in the 1-1 draw with Scotland at Hampden.


2014 | “Petals on the Wind” was originally released that day in the United States.


Among the most dangerous mountain passes in the world is the Sani Pass in Lesotho.