Tyler Perry has given more context to his trademark character, Madea, who has appeared in at least 10 of his films.

In a new episode of Who talks to Chris Wallace, by TMZ, Perry discussed the inspiration behind the character, in response to Wallace asking the filmmaker about a previous comment Spike Lee made about Madea, calling the character “coonery anticsin a 2009 interview.

“There’s a certain part of our society, especially black people in the culture that…they look down on certain things within the culture,” Perry told Wallace. “For me, I love the movies that I’ve done because it’s the people that I grew up with that I represent and they, like, my mom used to take me on the projects with her on the weekends, she was playing cards with these women.”

Perry continued: “So when someone says, you go back to a time in our lives that we don’t want to talk about or that we don’t want the world to see – you’re dismissing the stories of millions and millions of black people and that’s why I think it was such a hit because it resonates with a lot of us who know these women.

Perry also pointed to the Harlem Renaissance, saying this conversation dates back to before his time. “What is important to me is that I honor the people who have come, taught me and made me who I am. Their stories are also worth telling,” Perry added. 2009, Perry responded to Lee’s criticism, telling him he could “go to hell”, although it seems the two buried the hatchet in 2019 when Lee gave a tour of Lee’s movie studio. Perry in Georgia.

Perry is gearing up for the release of her next Netflix pic, The blues of a jazzmanfor which he is a writer and director, and stars Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer.