The horror genre has experienced a thrilling renaissance in recent years, to the delight of moviegoers. Lots of modern classics that have arrived come from Blumhouse Productionssuch as get out, The invisible Manand 2018 Halloween. The studio continued that trend with Peacock’s new slasher flick They they, which takes place in a gay conversion therapy camp. And They they Actress Anna Lore recently spoke to CinemaBlend about bringing the “pain” of being locked up to life.

They they (opens in a new tab) breaks new ground for the horror genre with its inclusive cast and narrative that tells a variety of LGBTQ+ stories. I had the privilege of speaking with cast and director/writer John Logan ahead of its streaming release about the process of bringing Whistler Camp to life on the big screen. As you can see in the video above, I asked Anna Lore what it was like to play her character Kim who struggles with her same-sex attraction. She said,

I really wanted to represent the pain of being locked up, because I don’t think there is such pain on Earth. I think you’re trying to escape who you are and it’s just not possible. The only option is to love each other. And for Kim, that’s her journey, and that’s why she’s at Whistler camp in the first place, is that she really hopes conversion camp works. And I think in real life, that happens a lot. People really believe it can work for them.

They they is a unique project because it really has everything to please: there are bloody murders, a surprising amount of comedic beats and a truly moving story. Anna Lore’s performance as Kim was just one example of the latter, with John Logan’s screenplay providing audiences with insight into most of the camper’s experiences as queer people. And that includes those who really hope that conversion therapy will succeed.

As seen in They theythe teaser, Kevin Bacon’s character, Owen, is all smiles when the film’s young cast arrives at Camp Whistler for the first time. But once the “treatments” begin, things quickly turn bad. Throughout the film’s runtime, we are shown that words can be as violent as actions, even when compared to the horror violence that occurs thanks to the mysterious masked killer.

Anna Lore in group therapy in They/Them

(Image credit: Blumhouse/Peacock)

Later in our same conversation, Anna Lore explained in more detail the importance of They they‘s message regarding real-life conversion camps. While the new horror movie is obviously fictional and includes a slasher villain, there’s some truth to the pain these kinds of controversial settings are causing. Like she said,

But the truth is that people who go through conversion camps have almost double the rate of suicide attempts. I mean, really dark stuff. They are vulnerable and lost and they are prayed to by these people who tell them a lie. And I think that’s reflected in Kim’s story in the film.

While the cast of They they dealing with a potentially triggering subject, filmmaker John Logan went to great lengths to ensure the set was a safe space. What else, Kevin Bacon became an LGBTQ+ ally and helps shut down real-life conversion therapy camps.

They they is streaming on Peacock. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.