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  • Books

    The Revelations of Thom Gunn’s Letters

    The late poet’s letters are an introduction not only to literature but to the man himself.
  • Books

    When Barbara Pym could not be published

    Portrait of Barbara Pym.
    The English novelist was reaching her peak when publishers decided she was outdated. But some of his contemporaries knew better.
  • Books

    Briefly noted

    The cover of "Continuous creation" by Les Murray on a yellow background.
    “Creation continues”, “The story of a sister”, “The last days of Roger Federer” and “Life on the rocks”.
  • Musical events

    Malcolm X and Hamlet take over the opera stage

    Portrait of Malcolm X in front of a red curtain.
    Anthony Davis’ ‘X’ makes a memorable return to the Detroit Opera, while Brett Dean’s ‘Hamlet’ comes to the Met.
  • Theater

    Daddy issues in a pair of coins

    Portrait of Marcel Spears in the play "Fatty ham."
    James Ijames’ Pulitzer Prize-winning “Fat Ham” to the audience and Édouard Louis’ “Who Killed My Father” at St. Ann’s Warehouse both feature queer protagonists who are questioning and haunted by their fathers.

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The talk of the town

Jelani Cobb on gun politics; the last phone booths standing; cooking for Coachella; in memory of Roger Angell (1920-2022).

  • Comment

    The Atrocity of American Gun Culture

    Ted Cruz watches Greg Abbott speak at a press conference at Uvalde High School.
    After mass shootings like those in Uvalde and Buffalo, pro-gun officials say they don’t want to politicize the tragedy. But the circumstances that allow the mass murder of children are inherently political.
  • Endangered Species Department

    Reports of the death of the payphone are greatly exaggerated

    two people talking on the phone.
    Days after the city bade farewell to its “last payphone” with much hype, a detective reported several remaining phone booths – making calls from said phone booths.
  • With the band

    Haute cuisine group takes on the music festival circuit

    Portrait of Gaggan Anand.
    At Coachella, Gaggan Anand, the star chef turned purveyor of festival feasts, serves up slow-cooked duck and cedar-grilled barramundi before seeing Fatboy Slim.
  • Post Scriptum

    Remembering Roger Angell, Hall of Famer

    Roger Angell wears a baseball cap.
    In a well-lived century, he established himself as the most exacting of editors, the most agile of stylists, a mentor to generations of writers, and the best columnist in baseball.

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