Science fiction has long been one of the most important genres in the geek community. From the pulp novels of yesteryear to TV shows like star trek and Battlestar Galactica for star warsscience fiction is a huge buffet with a multitude of dishes for all to enjoy.

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Comics and science fiction have been linked for years. Many of the best comics used science fiction elements to bring out their superhero adventures, or were science fiction stories entirely. Over the years, Marvel, DC, and Image Comics have released some incredible sci-fi comics — sometimes with superheroes and sometimes without — that all fans of the genre should check out.

ten Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Are Classic Sci-Fi Superheroes

The Fantastic Four have always been Marvel’s premier family of sci-fi heroes and it started right from their debut. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original run on The Fantastic Four – one hundred and two regular and six annual issues – is the pinnacle of Silver Age superhero sci-fi, with Kirby’s massive ideas and incredible art combining with Lee’s scripts in beautiful ways.

Superheroes and sci-fi had been a good taste that went well together even before this book came out, but Lee and Kirby redefined it. Despite the animosity that Lee’s treatment of Kirby would later generate between the two, their work together on The Fantastic Four changed comics forever.

9 Powers Of X Lets Hickman Play With The Sci-Fi Aspects Of His X-Men Reboot

Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men reboot started with two books: House of X and Powers of X. HoX was the most superhero title, setting up the reboot’s big shot. Smallpox, written by Hickman with art by RB Silva, often felt more extra but laid the sci-fi foundation of what Hickman was building in HoX. Taking place over four periods, it did a lot of heavy lifting.

Fans got to see the dystopian post-human futures, the foundation for much of Krakoa’s technology, and extensive exploration of the Phalanx. Hickman is a master of science fiction comics, and Smallpox I saw him flex those muscles, supported by Silva’s deft pencils.

8 Nameless is cosmic horror at its best

Cosmic horror is a venerable branch of science fiction, playing on humanity’s fears of the unknown in the face of an unforgiving cosmos. Writer Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burnham Nameless plays brilliantly in this sci-fi sandbox. As a massive space object is on a collision course toward Earth, a coterie of billionaires pay occult con man Nameless to help, but nothing is as it seems.

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Morrison likes to add the occult to their stories in all sorts of ways and Nameless fits it beautifully into its cosmic horror tale. Burnham’s art is detailed and grotesque when it needs to be, bringing this jaw-dropping cosmic horror epic to life.

7 Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock Comics Are Trippy Sci-Fi Epics

Adam Warlock is about to break through with his role in GotG Vol. 3, and fans will want to hunt down his best stories. They need look no further than writer/artist Jim Starlin’s many Adam Warlock comics. Mainly taking place in strange tales, these formative adventures of Adam Warlock are psychedelic sci-fi masterpieces.

Starlin didn’t create Warlock, but he enhanced the character, pitting him against Thanos and his alternate future, the mage, all questioning the nature of life and the cosmos. Starlin made cosmic Marvel a force to be reckoned with, and it all started with his adventures with Adam Warlock.

6 Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Is Pure, Pure Kirby Sci-Fi

Jack Kirby was a sci-fi concept engine, as illustrated by his time plotting most of the The Fantastic Four. When he went to DC, he created one of the most radical sci-fi epics in comics: the Fourth World saga. Introducing readers to classic characters like Darkseid, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, and more, Kirby has created a sci-fi mythology that has never been matched.

Kirby’s explosive art and writing style are on full display in the Fourth World saga. The pages crackle with a creative energy rarely found in other books, combining sci-fi with mythological grandeur and superhero action like never before or since.

5 Annihilation brought the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe back to center stage

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby laid the foundation for cosmic Marvel, and Jim Starlin perfected it. After leaving the publisher, Cosmic Marvel mostly languishes beyond the X-Men and Fantastic Four comics. Starlin’s return to Marvel in the ’90s brought him back strong, but it didn’t last long. Before the late ’90s, cosmic Marvel was DOA again. Then, in the mid-2000s, Annihilation come.

The brainchild of writers Keith Giffen, Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning, Annihilation gone through several miniseries featuring cosmic Marvel heavyweights like Nova, Silver Surfer, Drax the Destroyer, and more. Pitting the universe’s heroes against the wave of annihilation, it’s one of Marvel’s finest cosmic stories and started a short renaissance for these characters.

4 Descender / Ascender was a family-centric sci-fi epic

Robots have played a big role in comic books, and robot apocalypse stories have always been popular. Descender and Blocker were a powerful sci-fi/fantasy punch from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dustin Nguyen. The stories take place in a galaxy ravaged by a mysterious event that saw the giant Harvester robots appear and slaughter millions of people before taking all the robots away.

There was one left — Tim-21 — and Descender follows his search for the human family of which he was a part. Digging into the origins of the conflict, it ended on a massive cliffhanger, which Blocker picks up – dropping readers years in the future and a galaxy very different from what came before. Family is a key theme in both stories, making Descender/Ascender an emotional sci-fi epic like few others.

3 Saga is one of the crown jewels of sci-fi comics

Saga, by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, is a masterpiece. Following the family of Marko, Alana and Hazel as they try to survive on both sides of a galactic war hunting down their mixed family is an epic like few others. As much about the character as the war, Vaughan and Staples created a memorable reading experience.

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No one is safe in Saga, as the stories surprise readers in many ways over the years. It’s the perfect comic for sci-fi fans of all persuasions, and it’s a book that can get anyone into comics. Saga is full of action, adventure, cool sci-fi, beautiful art, and breathtaking emotions.

2 East Of West is a western/sci-fi epic

Jonathan Hickman is one of the most beloved voices in comics, which has fans wondering what he’s going to do next. There’s a treasure trove of goodness Hickman from Image Comics and one of his greatest epics is the Western/sci-fi/alternate history/biblical tour de force East of the West. Hickman and artist Nick Dragotta present the United States where civil war has fractured the nation into six countries, united by an apocalyptic prophecy.

east of the west follows Apocalypse’s horseman of death as he attempts to avenge his lost family and becomes involved in the end of the prophecy. Meanwhile, the Six Nations and the other Three Horsemen prepare for what is to come and vie for power. It’s complicated and brilliant, unlike anything readers have ever experienced.

1 Green Lantern is the perfect sci-fi superhero epic

The Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe has always been a sweet spot for superhero sci-fi, with Hal Jordan starring in many epic stories. The best of them is green lantern, by writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharpe. Following Hal Jordan through a massive adventure of twenty-four issues, divided by the two issues black stars by Morrison and artist Xermanico, this is superhero sci-fi perfection.

Morrison and Sharpe are a perfect team for this book. Morrison’s work still has a lot of sci-fi in its DNA, and they indulge in it to the fullest. Sharpe’s art is never anything less than brilliant and changing styles throughout the book. The green lantern is a comic that every superhero and sci-fi fan should read.

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