Emma is originally from North Carolina. She got her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from UNCW and plans to get her master’s degree one day, hopefully before she dies. She is an avid reader and sometimes writer and loves all things spooky and/or classic. Emma is best known for being QRB’s biggest employee (with purple hair) and always talks about her fat cat. At any given time, she is reading four books at a time and has at least seventeen books on hold. Her October Take Ten is her favorite fall read!

I love a good historical read for the fall, and The portrait of marriage by Maggie O’Farrell exceeds all expectations. Prepare to be sucked into 1500s Renaissance Italy and obsessed with the story of Lucrezia. An intimate portrait of a young woman who must fight both to live and to survive.
Slewfoot: A History of Witchcraft by Brom is the cold weather witch reading. It’s spooky and atmospheric, and the epitome of a Good For Her book. There’s no better read to kick off the fall season.
The night circus by Erin Morganstern might just be the most beautiful book I have ever read. There is no book as effervescent or immersive as this, and I would love nothing more than to live in its pages forever.
I have a favorite Jane Austen book for every season, and there’s no better choice for fall than Persuasion. It’s nostalgic, bittersweet, melancholy, and always best read with a warm cup and a soft blanket.
If you’re going to read a scary book in October, let it be Pet sematary by Stephen King. I don’t scare very easily as an avid horror reader, but this one really kept me up at night and made me super suspicious of my cat for weeks after.
Monogamy by Sue Miller is the depressing fall read you’ve been waiting for. It deals with death, infidelity, love, family, all with grace, humor and heartbreaking honesty. Proof that ghosts aren’t always people – they can be guilt, grief, and possibility.
Build your house around my body by Violet Kupersmith is the scariest and most out of my comfort zone book I’ve read in a while. I love a good multi-generational Vietnamese ghost story, and this one is the best of the best. It’s heady, gothic and absolutely terrifying.
The fifth season by NK Jemisin is a must-read for all seasons, but something about doomsday sci-fi/fantasy screams fall to me. It’s confusing and complex and so unique – if you haven’t read NK Jemisin, you’re wrong about the best time.