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Batman Wouldn’t Exist Without These Film

Chinese district The obvious starting point is the one Reeves mentioned the most in the press: Roman Polanski and Robert Towne. Chinese district (1974). Perhaps classic neo-noir – with Polanski and Towne returning to the very formula established by the widely recognized first entry into the original film noir movement, John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon […]

The Era of Hip-Hop Comedy Remembers the ...

If you need to turn off the world and laugh until your cheeks hurt, Phat Tuesdays: The Age of Hip-Hop Comedy is the perfect documentary to binge-watch this winter. The three-part documentary series tells the story behind the groundbreaking all-black showcase comedy created, hosted and produced by comedian-writer-host-actor-producer Guy Torry (American History X, Life) and […]

The Greek painter who changed the art wo...

El Greco’s “Portrait of an Old Man”, believed to be a self-portrait, 1595. Credit: public domain The Greek painter El Greco is one of the best-known artists in the entire history of Western art, as his unique, romantic and awe-inspiring works have influenced a large number of painters over the past five centuries. Although his […]

Divine Diversions: Western Books – C&I M

Lose yourself in the pages of these western books recommended by the THIS crew. Here has THIS, we take reading seriously. Take a peek inside each office at our head office and you‘You’ll find a shelf (or two) lined with literary wonders. So putting together our favorite Western books for our January 2022 issue was […]

The best novels by female authors

Literature, especially in the English language, has traditionally been dominated by men. Over time, women writers emerged, which changed our view of English literature. During the Victorian era in English, women novelists like Jane Austen became a sensation and queues lined up to read her books. The fame and glory she enjoyed inspired other female […]

About Roberta Metsola: Why a female lead...

The ink had barely dried on the nomination, with the first 24 hours having barely passed before the Maltese centre-right politician was already “grilled” over her stance on abortion rights. It would be naïve to think that Metsola wouldn’t have seen it coming. Her anti-abortion voting history has made her a controversial candidate. But why […]

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Gets New ‘Making B

PBS and WETA announced today Making America Black: Through the Vine, a four-part series from executive producer, host, and writer Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., will premiere in fall 2022 on PBS stations nationwide. In this latest series from the acclaimed Harvard researcher and documentarian, Gates and director Stacey L. Holman chronicle the vast social […]


Metaphors are invented to negotiate the weird, weird, and weird emotional situations that each of us has to deal with, repeatedly or sporadically, in our personal and sociopolitical lives. The title of Harris Khalique’s latest Urdu poetry anthology, Hairaan Sar-i-Bazaar [Amazed/Confounded in the Marketplace] is one of those complex metaphors. It seems logical to think […]

NJ Arts Community Celebrates National Ra...

New Jersey Theater Alliance and ArtPride New Jersey’s The Creating Change Network have partnered with the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center at Rutgers University-Newark to host arts events statewide to celebrate National Racial Healing Day. The day is a nationwide program coordinated by the WK Kellogg Foundation and is set for Tuesday, January 18, […]

Meet these women who won the prestigious...

Sahitya Akademi recently announced the Sahitya Akademi Awards 2021. Awards were presented in 20 Indian languages, with winners in Gujarati, Maithili, Manipuri and Urdu to be revealed later. The Sahitya Akademi Awards 2021 were awarded to seven books of poetry, two novels, five short stories, two plays, and one book each of biography, autobiography, review […]

15 of the Seattle area’s most anticipate

With the end of the year already here in one way or another and a new approach, many of us are eagerly awaiting what 2022 might bring (or at least trying to). One thing is for sure: the start of 2022 is packed with excellent literary events in Seattle. Most of them are virtual or […]

50 years of the best of female writing

During the 1970s, despite an industry dominated by men, women writers began to occupy a central place in literature. Today, we can say that women writers and editors dominate publishing, such has been the strength of this movement. Indeed, a recent Sunday Times article questioned whether young male novelists were being left out and whether […]

Every Adam McKay Movie Ranked Worst To B...

This is a comprehensive list of all feature films directed by Adam McKay ranked from worst to best, including his new Netflix movie Don’t Look Up. Here is a complete list of all movies directed by Adam mckay ranked from worst to best. The filmmaker has been releasing feature films for almost 20 years, achieving […]

non-fiction works to watch in 2022 | Bo...

IIt’s getting pretty hard to ignore the fact that publishers are increasingly looking for packs, apparently more driven by trends than taste. Next year’s non-fiction lists are dominated to an almost ludicrous degree by books about identity and, perhaps more surprisingly, collections of essays, and the result, seen from afar. , is both repetitive and […]

Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies of 2022

2022 will be an exciting year for science fiction fans. The movie release schedule is busy and the people who may return to theaters to see movies on the big screen only adds to the excitement for many of these upcoming titles. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is possible that these movie releases will […]

I’m Irish and always will be, says the w

In 1938, the Chicago Youth Council of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP, wrote a letter of admiration to an Irish woman for her stand against racism. Kathleen Simon (née Harvey), to whom the letter was addressed, was well known as a leading opponent of slavery and also spoke out against […]

Valerie Bertinelli, Brian Cox, Bob Odenk...

Like many people, your feelings about 2021 are probably complicated at best. But your feelings about this year’s books shouldn’t be: they were better than ever. While a lot of things let us down (we’re watching you, pandemic), our favorite authors didn’t. Last year saw the release of killer literary titles like “Beautiful World, Where […]

9 Christmas Readings You Can Easily Add ...

So, it’s Christmas: you’ll soon be curled up by a fire, under a blanket, sleepy after a morning of overeating, and ready to enjoy a good book on your new or old Amazon Kindle. Well, whether it’s your standard Christmas Day or not, since you clicked on the headline above, you are clearly the center […]

New translation of Arabian Nights to eli...

From the “formidable” Princess Budur to Delilah the Sneaky, a “mistress of tricks and snowshoes” who could “attract a snake from her lair”, the female protagonists of Thousand and One Nights finally have their due thanks to a new major translation . by Yasmine Seale, the first by a woman in English. Released this month, […]

What to read (and gift) now: Capitol Hil...

“Churchill: Walking With Fate” by Andrew Roberts. “This is the best biography I have ever read,” Moran said. Robert Creamer, partner at Democracy Partners “Fiber Fueled” by Will Bulsiewicz. “The book makes a case for it, as the cover says,“ The plan-based gut health program to lose weight, restore your health, and optimize your microbiome, […]

The Contemporary Urdu Novel and Javed Si...

KARACHI: The second day of the 14th International Urdu Conference organized by the Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi began on Friday with a session on contemporary novel in Urdu. It was moderated by Syed Kashif Raza and chaired by Khalid Fateh Mohammad and Anwer Sen Roy. Asim Butt was the first speaker for the day. Emphasizing […]

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr: reinventing Africa...

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr is the first author from sub-Saharan Africa to receive France’s most important literary prize, the Prix Goncourt. The literary thriller of the 31-year-old Senegalese author The most secret memory of houses (The most secret memory of men) tells the story of a young Senegalese writer who discovers a legendary book from 1938 […]

How the editor of the Daily Telegraph in...

Few deserve more than Sir Edwin Arnold the Laurel as the most accomplished, but most neglected, mathematician of the Victorian era. Educator, author, poet and journalist – editor of the Daily Telegraph from 1873 to 1888 – Arnold spoke 19 languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Persian, and wrote books on education and a two-volume […]

The Three Musketeers 2011 Cast & Charact

Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers has been adapted several times for the cinema, and here is a guide to the cast and characters of Three Musketeers 2011. Here is a guide for The three Musketeers Actors and main characters of 2011. Work of 1844 by the writer Alexandre Dumas The three Musketeers is one of […]

18-year-old wins BBC Hausa women’s short

Aishatu Dalil’s ‘Hakkina’ (‘My Right’) story won this year’s award BBC Women’s Hausa News Contest. Aishatu, 18, a 100-level student in English and French, said she started writing in 2018 and has a passion for writing about women’s issues. Her story ‘Hakkina’ tells the story of a young woman, Fatima, who is raped by her […]


Perhaps the world needs another John Milton for our “age of anxiety” to explain the fall of man from grace, or another “poet from the East” to justify the ways of. God to man. But with luminaries of the stature of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Milton, the story is particularly thrifty. In their epics Shikwa […]