It was another one of those experiences where I knew next to nothing about this show. Now, this might be one of my new favorite musicals. This production was absolutely amazing. From the cast, to the pit, to the set designers, costumers, choreographer and everyone else, this whole show was fun, entertaining, hilarious and more.

It was a perfect recipe for talent. A pinch of Drake, a pinch of Ethan, a pinch of Olivia, a pinch of Maia and then what the hell let’s add Logan to top it off. Add to that an incredible director in Rebecca Saari and producer Kerry Horst and nothing will stop them from putting together a top notch musical theater production.

The story of the Bottom Brothers, Shakespeare’s greatest competition for best writer.

I started smiling from the opening number and didn’t stop until I got home. I hope everyone will have the chance to go see this show. When I watch a show I put stars next to songs that really stand out, I think that’s the most 3 stars I’ve seen in a while. I even got one with 4 stars.

Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN in West Fargo SheyenneThinking back to 2018 and the West Fargo production of The Secret Garden, I remember seeing two young freshmen who blew my mind. I knew I was going to spend years being entertained by both. When I saw the cast list for this show, I was so excited to see both names listed once again as two of the leads.

Ethan Saari as Nick was perfection again. My readers know that I’ve been a fan of his since 2018 and look forward to any show he’s on. His range is so impressive and his comedic timing is perfect. I loved his voice on “God, I Hate Shakespeare”, “A Musical”, “The Black Death”, “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top”, “It’s Eggs!” and “To Thine Own Self (reprise)”, and of course “Something Rotten! / Make an Omelet” to name but a few… His scenes with Ethan Saari, Drake, Olivia, Logan and Ethan Suriano were all so memorable.

Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN in West Fargo SheyenneDrake Aasen as Nigel another perfect choice. Drake has also been impressing me since I first saw him in 2018. Another young actor with an incredible range and so much talent. In every scene where he suddenly spoke and mumbled something in a low voice, I laughed out loud every time. Its physical comedy on wonderful. His scenes with Ethan, Portia and Logan were all amazing. Some of my favorite vocals were on “I Love The Way”, “God, I Hate Shakespeare”, “The Black Death”, “We See The Light”, “To Thine Own Self”. Nigel’s line “I finished too soon” nearly knocked me out of my chair.Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN in West Fargo SheyenneOlivia Jahner as Bea, Nick’s wife, was fabulous. Bea has an incredible stage presence and a voice to match. She has some great scenes, and her voice on “Right Hand Man” was one of the loudest cheers in the first act.

Maia Rudolph as Portia was another joy to watch on stage. His scenes with Drake were some of my favorites. Her vocals on “I Love the Way” and “We See The Light” were wonderful.

Logan Lang had to use his talents to bring william shakespeare to life and boy did it. His exaggerated portrayal was so funny. From the first time he goes on stage, you will laugh. Logan can show off his vocal prowess on “Willand “Hard to Be the Bard”.

Ethan Suriano as Nostradamus is one of the funniest characters on the show. He has hilarious scenes with Ethan/Nick. His great voice and comedic timing on “A Musical” bring non-stop laughs.

Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN in West Fargo SheyenneA few others who had standout moments were Xander Dutton as minstrel Robin Starvling. His voice on “Welcome to the Renaissance” was fabulous and he’s definitely a scene stealer in the scenes during rehearsals.

Jaden Dahlin as Brother Jeremiah was such a great character. He had some great scenes with Drake. We hear his voice on “We See The Light” but certainly not enough. I still remember her voice from the WF Sheyenne production of Songs For a New World.

I must also mention the excellent performances of Isabelle Haugen as Lady Chapman and Jack Libner as Shylock.

This cast is stacked top to bottom. So much talent and so wonderful to watch.

A HUGE congratulations to Rebecca Saari, we are delighted to have decided to do summer theater again! You are such a talented director and I always look forward to the shows you are on.

Special thanks to: Sandy Thiel (costumer), Eric Saari (music director), Amanda Perlenfein (choreographer), Jason Carlson (orchestral director), Kerry Horst (producer and lighting designer) and EVERYONE else involved in this show.

I’ll try to go there one more time, and I hope everyone reading this does too.

*** Photo credit to Renegade Photography