Trish Stratus is an absolute WWE legend. Alongside Lita, she took the women’s division to a different level. During her career, Stratus was injured several times between games. However, she held back the pain and finished most of them as well. Recently a similar thing happened to her where she tolerated the pain for more than a day, but it was not due to the struggle.


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Trish Stratus shared a post on her social media regarding her surgery to remove her appendix last week. She wrote, “A reminder that if you ever have stabbing pain in your lower right quadrant – go to the ER…”


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Additionally, the WWE Hall of Famer wrote a long, detailed caption. “The Stratusphere” reported on a 10-hour travel day with cramps on Monday and she worked with the pain on Tuesday.

Further, she writes, “I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so when what I thought was cramping but ended up getting pretty bad, I went to the ER and it turned out my appendix was on the point of bursting – which can be really bad if that happens and like causing death and stuff, so I’m really glad I went to check it out, you know to avoid this whole death thing.

The diva of the decade posted about her surgery a week later. Additionally, his former wrestling colleagues and fans shared their support for his speedy recovery.

Renée Paquette wrote: “Holy shit!!! I’m so glad you came in when you did! Sending you lots of love!”

Sending love!!! ❤️❤️❤️,” Brie Bella expressed her support.

Cassy Lee wrote, “Speedy recovery! 💕”

Chavo Guerrero recalled the time he faced the same thing. He wrote, “Yes, the same thing happened to me. 🤕”

Stratus’ arch-rival in WWE, Mickie James, also shared her support, “Oh my God! I’m glad you’re okay!!! Sending you lots of love and healing.

Torrie Wilson wrote, “So glad you went tough girl!”

Additionally, Lance Storm shared his support on Twitter.

At the end of her Instagram post, Trish Stratus explained how she Googled the symptoms. She shared some basic information about the appendix in her caption to give knowledge about it.


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The WWE fandom extended its support for Trish Stratus

Along with all of her WWE colleagues, the former 7-time Women’s Champion has also received love from her fans.

Some fans have shown their love and support on Twitter. The WWE Hall of Fame was surely overwhelmed with all the support she received.

A few fans remember the time they faced the same situation.


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This fan hopes to see Trish Stratus back in the ring soon.


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Additionally, the WWE legend recounted receiving three new stitches to his body and one less organ after the surgery. The recovery is ongoing and she feels better now.

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