The first Shining Vale trailer, featuring Courteney Cox as an author writing a novel in a haunted mansion in the horror-comedy series, has been released by Starz. Cox plays Patricia “Pat” Phelps, a bawdy female empowerment novelist who moves her struggling family to a huge mansion in a small town after she is found cheating on her husband.

Pat soon finds herself confronted with her sobriety, a sense of dissatisfaction, and an eerie ghost that haunts the house with a horrific story. Shining Vale also stars Greg Kinnear, Sherilyn Fenn, Gus Birney, Dylan Gage, Mira Sorvino, Merrin Dungey, Judith Light and Alysia Reiner. Starz has released the official Shining Vale trailer, with less than a month until its debut. Courteney Cox’s Pat Phelps struggles to write her next novel in a haunted mansion with the help of the ghost who resides there in the trailer. Check out the weird and humorous trailer below:

However, The Shining Vale’s first teaser gives a good look at the film’s blending of horror and comic book genres, as well as its influences for the former, especially Stephen King’s The Shining. Between Cox’s lead author character Pat and his struggles with sobriety, writer’s block, and interactions with a spirit in a house, there are a number of parallels to be drawn between Pat and Jack. Jack Nicholson’s Torrance, especially when both begin to see their writing collide with paranormal influences. Unlike Stanley Kubrick’s film, however, the Shining Vale teaser suggests its female lead is determined to solve the mystery that has engulfed her in her new home rather than passively submit to its effects.

Meanwhile, The Shining Vale teaser follows Courteney Cox’s return to the horror genre with this year’s Scream. Only time will tell how Shining Vale will be received by the star’s fans when it debuts on March 6.

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