While he’s also a member of Lord Vox, Nahum Reyes says his new six-song EP, Searcher, was a very personal album, and its release strategy was simply to send the half-dozen songs out into the world. And that’s how he was born, at 2:22 p.m. on February 22, 2022.

Under his Ages the Poet recording moniker, Reyes says that “I went the less formal route of releasing that. I debated it and thought about building anticipation, releasing a single here, a single there. Although it was exciting work for me, I didn’t want to deal with all that. It gives me anxiety to create a hype about something, so I opted for the less traditional way I pulled it out of nowhere my friends didn’t I even know it just dropped It was a bit of a relief to do that I did the promotion work [in the past]and it can take away the magic.”

What Reyes served up for Ages the Poet is an impressive set of six songs, sung in English and Spanish; originally from Mexico City, the Salt Lake City resident moved to the United States when he was 15 years old. They are made up of scripts and scraps that lurk in various forms on computers and recording equipment, some dating back a dozen years. . Saying that “some were more developed than others”, Reyes began to take the project seriously as he learned personal audio recording tools.

“I would say the most comfortable parts were recording the melodies, key and harmony vocals,” he says. “It’s pretty easy for me to come up with melodies. The hard part for me is the mixing, the production, the technical side of things. I’m not an engineer or a producer by any means, but after a while, I found that level (of production) works. I was just learning and experimenting, really. I did everything in Garageband. With my other band, I went to some really good studios, I took the traditional approach to a music project. I threw it all out the window. It’s very DIY.”

For Searcher, Reyes not only scratched an itch by releasing tracks that were lying around on his to-do list, he also created a truly unique set of tracks. Some are dancing and electronic, others melancholic. The mix of English and Spanish lyrics adds a unique component. While there’s a mix of styles, it doesn’t suffer from a major lack of cohesion either. It’s just a cool mix of ideas, put together in a sequence that’s “a very personal journey.”

“I’ve included songs in English and Spanish with very deep meaning to me,” Reyes said. “What’s interesting is that everyone I spoke to pointed me to a different song that is their favorite. I thought ‘Dreams’ would be a bit more popular, being in a post-punk vein. But to be honest, the returns have gone all over the place.”

As for the ideal outcome, Reyes says that “it would be to be heard in faraway places. I want my audience to be on the internet, not just in real life. The connectivity of the internet and social media allows for that. Obviously, I’ll be a name to represent Salt Lake City. The local music scene is starting to open up to diversity and minority acts and I want to fly that flag, wave that flag for the local scene. I have so many friends here, and my heart with them.”

Searcher is available for both purchase and streaming on Bandcamp through Ages the Poet.