Cleddau’s charming village of Llangwm kicks off its fifth annual festival in August (12-14) with a visit from ‘Putin’s People’ best-selling author Catherine Belton.

Catherine worked as a correspondent in Moscow for the FinancialTimes for years and spent seven years writing the book that became a Sunday time Top 10 bestsellers and one Schedules, Sunday schedules and Telegraph Book of the year!

But soon after the book was published, Catherine faced a so-called SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participants) from Roman Abramovich and other oligarchs. Unfazed, Catherine fought back (as did her publisher HarperCollins, who incurred £1.5million in legal fees in the process). As a result, the lawsuits against Catherine were either settled or withdrawn.

As the dust settles and Catherine prepares for her first visit to the Llangwm litfest, guests can expect the inside track on the revival of the KGB, Putin’s rise to power, the influence of black money from Russia on the world and what we can do about it!

But in keeping with Llangwm’s resolution of no shade without sun, there’s plenty more to entertain. Local girl Jane Reynolds will talk about how she became a food writer and there will be plenty of opportunities to sample the delicious fusion of Pembrokeshire and international cuisine. Irish writer Nuala O’Connor comes to share her delicate and tender book on Nora Barnacle, love, wife and muse of James Joyce, and much more.

For the kids, Gill Lewis is preparing to introduce Willow Wildthing to festival-goers with dragon egg stories, a creative workshop on the swamp monster and a wildflower walk by orchid hunter and wildflower lover, Leif Bersweden.

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