License picture” alt=”Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (left), Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres (center) and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1994. Israeli Government Press Office file photo | License picture“/>

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (left), Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres (center) and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1994. File photo from the Israeli government press office | License picture

Today is Friday, October 14, the 287th day of 2022 with 78 to go.

The moon is waning. The morning stars are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Venus. Evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus.

People born on this date are under the sign of Libra. They include King James II of England in 1633; William Penn, the English Quaker who founded Pennsylvania in 1644; Dwight D. Eisenhower, World War II military leader/34th President of the United States, in 1890; the poet EE Cummings in 1894; Baseball Hall of Famer Oscar Charleston in 1896; Nobel Peace Prize laureate Le Duc Tho in 1911; former American Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop in 1916; actor Roger Moore in 1927; Watergate figure/author/lecturer John Dean in 1938 (84); fashion designer Ralph Lauren in 1939 (83 years old); British pop singer Cliff Richard in 1940 (82); actor Harry Anderson in 1952; actor Greg Evigan in 1953 (age 69); Golf Hall of Famer Beth Daniel in 1956 (age 66); musician Thomas Dolby in 1958 (age 64); sports talk show host Jim Rome in 1964 (age 58); actor Steve Coogan in 1965 (age 57); actor Jon Seda in 1970 (age 52); country music singer Natalie Maines in 1974 (age 48); singer/actor Usher Raymond IV in 1978 (age 44); wrestler Stacy Keibler in 1979 (age 43); actor Ben Whishaw in 1980 (age 42); actor/comedian Jay Pharoah in 1987 (age 35); the actor Max Thieriot in 1988 (34 years old); actor Ariela Barer in 1998 (age 24); actor Rowan Blanchard in 2001 (21 years old).

On this historical date:

In 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, better known as William the Conqueror, led his invading army to victory over King Harold of England at Hastings.

In 1322, Scotsman Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward II of England at Old Byland, forcing Edward to accept Scottish independence.

In 1884, George Eastman received his first “film” patent No. US306594 A for negative paper. Although it was paper film, not the transparent film that many who took photos before the advent of the iPhone might remember, it didn’t meet with much success. It was, however, an important step in the development process and its improved versions were incorporated into Kodak’s first camera which was introduced in 1888.

In 1908, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers, 2-0, winning the World Series.

In 1912, former US President Theodore Roosevelt, campaigning for a return to power, was shot dead in Milwaukee. He refused to have the wound treated until he finished his speech. Speaking later to his surgeon, Roosevelt joked, “They’ll have to use bigger caliber lead if they want to catch me. It would take a howitzer to kill a bull moose.

In 1926, A. A. Milne Winnie the Pooh has been published.

In 1933, Nazi Germany, angry and preparing for all consequences, announced its withdrawal from the League of Nations and the World Disarmament Conference.

In 1947, 24-year-old US Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager, at the controls of a Bell X-1, became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound.

In 1964, American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., 35, became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He accepted the award on behalf of “all men who love peace and brotherhood.

In 1964, Nikita Khrushchev was ousted as Prime Minister of the Soviet Union and leader of the Soviet Communist Party.

In 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Oakland A’s, 4 games to 2, to win the American League pennant and become the first Canadian team to compete in the World Series.

In 1994, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to two Israelis, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

In 2012, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner became the first person to break the sound barrier without the protection or propulsion of a vehicle.

In 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a curfew for major cities to combat COVID-19 infections.

A thought of the day: “If you want to reach the other shore enough, except in an impossible situation, you will do it.” — American long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad