The next feature from Sony Pictures Entertainment The invite is billed as a horror movie…and it certainly is. But the label doesn’t tell the whole story told by co-writer and director Jessica M. Thompson. Those who watch the film in theaters will discover an undercurrent of gothic romanticism, as game of thrones remarkable Nathalie Emmanuel embarks on a journey across the pond to attend a mysterious wedding and falls in love with the dashing Thomas Doherty.

I started to get an indication that The invite was looking for something out of the ordinary and beyond the hint of its packaging when Nathalie Emmanuel’s character, Evie, sported a t-shirt in an early scene of the very popular Starz program Foreign. Fans of this show – and more shows like this – know that this is largely a historical drama series, but it is also embrace time travel and science fiction fantasy, taking its storyline to new levels. So when the Foreign mention surfaced, I started waiting for another shoe to drop. And as Emmanuel told me during a recent press day, it was all intentional. So are the costume choices made throughout the film.

Evie evolves into a luxurious Renaissance portrait as the film progresses. Part of that could be grooming Thomas Doherty’s character, Walter. The rest involves Evie taking control of her situation, as Emmanuel tells us:

I think when we meet Evie, she has a very mismatched, artsy, colorful thrift store – you know, those are things that she acquired on her travels and was given to her by her mother. She is very creative in her fashion. And then even just having the cultural reference of Outlander on her t-shirt, it just gives her an idea of ​​who she is and the things she likes. It’s cool. It’s almost like a real expression of her personality, through her clothes.

The invite begins with Evie in New York, beginning to open a Pandora’s box involving her ancestry through a process similar to 23 and Me. The results of her genetic test point her to a family she didn’t know she had in the UK, and so she ventures to an arranged family wedding with her “parents” to get to know her family better.

Nathalie Emmanuel goes on to explain that as Evie’s journey progresses, and as she finds herself controlled by these new family members, the clothing choices made in The invite reflect this too. Emmanuel tells CinemaBlend:

Her look becomes much more uniform, much more appropriate and traditional, in a way. Conventional, for their universe, their traditions and their culture. It is received as this very generous gift. But it’s obviously to try to make her something that she’s not as well.

And that’s before you even get to the hook of The invite which, if you don’t already know, has nothing to do with time travel or gothic romance. So if you want to get into it intact, stop reading about it online and just head to theaters to check it out. If you are a big fan of Nathalie Emmanuel, either because of game of thrones Where his race in the fast furious moviesWe have a list of his upcoming films. And you know the invitation belongs to our list of upcoming horror movies landing in multiplexes this year, so bookmark it and stay updated.