By Lilian Ndilwa

One of the upcoming young talents in the world of poetry and public speaking is Namara Lwansa.

Namara, who is a fourth-grade student at Feza Girl Secondary School, started writing poems when she was just 10 years old after an English teacher tasked the whole class with writing a poem.

The 15-year-old first wrote the poem as homework, but while she was doing it, Namara realized that it was fun and beautiful to express ideas by lining the words up in such a way. particular.

“Since then, I have been writing poems. I come up with ideas and write poems based on the things I want to talk about publicly,” Namara explains.

When writing poems, Namara does not have a specific genre that surrounds her artwork.

“I like to write poems in various ways. I write about things across different topics in different fields. It depends on what interests me at the time,” she says.


Her poetry composition has led Namara to participate in about five competitions in the country. Of all the competitions, she was able to win third place in the poetry competition for peace

With poetry and participated in five poetry competitions, I won third place in the 2018 Peace Poetry Competition organized by the United States Embassy.

In addition to poetry, Namara is also a lecturer. Her journey into public speaking began when she noticed how good she felt when expressing her ideas in front of the class. Her classmates first told her she was talkative, so she decided to take it positively.

“Whenever I had the opportunity to voice concerns or ideas in class, I felt that push within me to participate in addressing the class. Over time, I realized how much I continued to be confident and expressive,” she says.

“I might have taken offense when I was told I was talkative, but it helped me think about how I can make the world a better place by addressing myself differently,” Namara says.

“My favorite subject is empowerment. I have observed that people become motivated to live and do things that bring them joy after I stand in front of them and talk to them about these subjects.

Such an impact inspires me to continue also because I know then that what I do is not in vain”, details Namara.