The horror genre as a whole is enjoying something of a golden renaissance. Among A24’s arty offerings, such as Bodies, bodies, bodies — to the rebirth of one of the greatest slasher franchises of all time — Scream – there seems to be a spooky offering for every adult-oriented taste. While on the streaming and TV side, weird releases like Epix’s Of or Paramount+ Bad have created immersive and frightening experiences for adult audiences. But what about young adult horror?

If perennial 90s favorites like Goose bumps and Are you scared of the dark? are any indication there’s an intriguing craving for horror for young adults. And although Nickelodeon’s reboot of Are you scared of the dark? produced a quality narration, he did not make too much noise. So The Midnight Cluba young adult Netflix offering from modern horror master Mike Flanagan, might be just what the genre needs.

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Based on Christopher Pike’s iconic and enduring young series, The Midnight Club centers on a group of terminally ill teenagers who live out their days under the supervision of a creepy doctor in a hospice. There they form an improved Midnight Society and, rather than meeting after dark to tell ghost stories around a fire in the woods, they meet at midnight in the hospital to tell the tales. of their ghost. But there is a big addition: they make a pact that whoever is the first to die will do whatever they can to contact the remaining teenagers from beyond the grave.

“To those before, to those after, to us now and to those beyond – seen or unseen, here but not here.” So goes the macabre mantra of a chant sung by the teenagers in the recently released trailer for The Midnight Club. A scan is expected of the premise and the disturbing trailer, one of their group dies soon. However, they get more than they bargained for from just a visit from the dead when stranger and more ominous happenings start happening all around the living teenagers.

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Knowing both movies and miniseries, writer and director Mike Flanagan has yet to take a misstep in the horror genre. he adapted Gerald’s game, a novel by Stephen King long considered impossible to recreate on screen, with great success. But his miniseries for Netflix consistently hit all the spookiest notes. Scary but just as gloomy The Haunting of Hill House to the slow study of the character and the exceptional terror of Midnight Massthe episodic formats really allowed his scary stories to be fully fleshed out, with complex characters and unsettling terrors.

So a Flanagan young adult horror is exactly what the genre needs. The Midnight Club will take the best aspects of classic “campfire scary story” energy and combine that with elevated storytelling for something unique and special. By placing teenagers at the center of something more supernatural than just slasher, it will create accessible horror for young adults that feels like an adventure.

The Midnight Club will premiere on Netflix on October 7, 2022.