I feel compelled to respond to the author of the Life is Better letter in the August 28 edition of the Republican Eagle.

The writer must first have the facts correct. It was said: ‘We don’t know what this group of candidates for city council – all from the same church as the fired police chief – would do in office, I have never seen a candidate elected on a flat – form of retaliation succeed in the difficult daily task of serving the people.

The Citizens for Responsible Government candidates and former police chief Roger Pohlman belong to different churches.

What difference would it have made if they had been? Each candidate has their individual platform.

Is life at Red Wing better than four years ago? Do we have a vibrant local economy? Why are businesses struggling or closing and need employees? Taxpayers and seniors need to ask themselves, can they afford the “renaissance that’s happening at Red Wing?”

Please clarify “He was our guide through misinformation to the truth?

“Powerful leaders create conflict, exploit division, have personal agendas and seek to control the people.”

It’s the current board that doesn’t follow through on the statement of intent before every meeting. We are committed to treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect. We will listen to all sides of an issue, encourage participation, support each other, act with honor and responsibility, and inspire pride in our community.

They failed to listen to citizens, launched into public name-calling, ignored those present, and failed to endorse or endorse the mayor’s appointment to boards and commissions.

Twenty years of leadership in Dean’s service is enough. We don’t need career council members at Red Wing.

—Georges Hintz, red wing