Rangers lifted the SWPL1 trophy for the first time, stopping Scottish women’s football giants Glasgow City after a monumental 14 winning seasons.

Only time will tell which is more important: Rangers writing their own history or the end of City’s dominance.

Either way, it could dramatically change the landscape of gambling in Scotland.

It’s a historic change that has been on the cards for some time and credit goes to Rangers for their steel and nerves to pull it off.

Rangers lift the SWPL1 trophy

They have been perched at the top of the table for most of the season, going unbeaten with one game to spare.

Invincible they could become, which is remarkable at all levels of the game.

Their investment has been substantial and without the silverware this season it could have been a disaster.

Rangers narrowly missed out on a tight title race last season. Similar to this, head-to-head matches with City have been decided.

In the end, Malky Thomson remained at the helm and, together with his team behind the scenes, they delivered what could be a transcendent title not just for Rangers, but for Scottish women’s football as well.

Credit must go to Amy McDonald, Rangers’ head of women’s and women’s football who was at the forefront of their progress, but even with her wealth of experience in the game, she must have felt the pressure.

Viewing, resources, and viewership have increased dramatically in recent seasons, our game’s exposure is improving dramatically, and this season could be the change needed to accelerate progress.

Rangers are SWPL1 champions and their men’s side have a Europa League final to play for. Scottish football might raise some eyebrows across the continent this year.

As for Glasgow City, it hurts to see them fall from favor, but with the people they have in charge, they will step back, reflect and come back stronger.

This is a club with solid foundations, a club that has championed women’s and women’s football since 1998 and that line in the sand won’t change that.

And their season can still end in style with a Scottish Cup date with Celtic coming up on May 29. Celtic will have other ideas, of course, after beating City in the League Cup final earlier this season.

The Glasgow trio hold the top three spots in SWPL1 and set the standard for clubs in their own city, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and the North East.

The league is more competitive than ever and hopefully there will now be more investment to bolster as it comes under the SPFL banner.

But for now, Rangers are set to enjoy their moment and the prospect of women’s football in the Champions League for the first time later this year.

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