The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced they are sending their three children to Lambbrook School near Windsor.

Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, must be registered for this Lambbrook describes itself as “a leading coeducational preparatory school for 615 boys and girls aged 3–13”. It is a short distance from Adelaide Cottage, the family’s new residence near Windsor Castle.

In a statement, a royal source said William and Kate’s decision was “made to give their children the ‘most normal’ start possible”. Their former home at Kensington Palace “can be a bit of a fishbowl,” the source said, so “they wanted to be able to give George, Charlotte and Louis a bit more freedom than they have in the center of London”. Sky News reported.

Lambbrook History

Founded in 1860 as a tutoring school for courtiers at Windsor Castle, Lambrook was initially a boys’ boarding school, but began to admit day pupils in 1992, followed shortly thereafter by girls.

Pupils are divided into four houses, named Alexander, Athlone, Dewar and Goodhart after four donors who funded Haileybury, a sister school to Lambrook, said The temperature.

“Although he is not as well known to the public for his royal links as Eton, Gordonstoun, Wetherby or Ludgrove, where Prince William and Prince Harry learned, he has historical links through Queen Victoria,” said The telegraph.

He counts two of his grandsons, Prince Christian Victor and Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, among the first pupils and it is believed that Queen Victoria visited the school to watch them perform in plays and participate at cricket matches.

Other famous graduates

In addition to his royal connections, former students also include Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, the poet best known as Oscar Wilde’s lover, and two sons of former Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

The installations

Set in a white stucco country house on 52 acres of land, the school has a 25 meter swimming pool, synthetic turf pitches, tennis courts and a performing arts studio, as well as an orchard, a wood and even a nine-hole golf course.

Extracurricular activities offered include scuba diving, cooking classes, songwriting, sewing, fencing, and tap dancing.


According to The Times, tuition fees at the Berkshire school rise with the age of the child, so the annual bill will be £13,167 for Prince Louis, £19,344 for Charlotte and £20,997 for George.

It costs an additional £4,443 to board from the age of seven. The newspaper added that the school “tends to educate the children of wealthy corporate executives”.

Fit for the royal family

According The telegraph, the Christian private school “makes a particular virtue of ‘compassion’, ‘family values’ and asks children to be ‘outward-looking, using their gifts for the benefit of others'”. It therefore “fits in with the Duke and Duchess’ own parenting philosophy, in which they encourage their three children to play outdoors, talk about their feelings and take care of the environment”.

Nina Dempsey, also in The telegraph, said that, among Berkshire’s prep school circle, Lambrook is considered “very respectable but not one of the poshest”. It is therefore similar to Thomas’s Battersea, in which George and Charlotte participated and “which was considered an off-track choice for the Cambridges”. Nearby Ludgrove has probably been ruled out as he only takes boys.

It is believed that William and Kate’s decision to move to the Windsor Estate will ‘not only prepare Prince George for the next stage of his schooling, but also provide the whole family with the kind of country life they love so much’ , reported People.

However, while they retain homes at Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall in Norfolk, their decision to use another property, Adelaide Cottage, during the current cost of living crisis “could draw criticism from those who question the funding of the royal family,” Sky News said.