According to Netflix Geeked Week, Kevin Smith is set to return to executive produce a potential follow-up to 2021’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

On Thursday, IGN reported that during Netflix Geeked Week, Kevin Smith is set to take over executive production on a new He-Man project called Masters of the Universe: Revolution. It’s apparently a potential sequel to the 2021 one. Masters of the Universe: Revelation which debuted on the streaming giant.

What is Masters of the Universe: Revolution?

Although there weren’t many other announcements such as the voice cast, producers, crew, and talent, although it’s expected that all should be revealed in the coming months. It is not confirmed if the same cast of MOTU: Revelation will reprise their roles or if they will be joined by the same animation studio Powerhouse Animation. The synopsis from IGN is as follows:

“Presented as an all-new story set in the Battle of Eternia, Revolution will pit He-Man and his allies against the infamous Skeletor once-over while picking up where the previous series left off.”

So, depending on the video game and medium, this should be a direct sequel to MOTU: Revelation rather than a soft reboot, itself a spiritual successor to the mid-’80s Filmation. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. What is certain is that MOTU: Revolution will be distributed by Netflix’s Ted Biaselli and Mattel TV is most likely involved.

How has the previous He-Man series been received?

The reception of the series, MOTU: Revelation parts 1 and 2 were generally positive from critics. On rotten tomatoesboth parts received a Certified Fresh rating of 92%, but with a Poultry Audience Score close to 40s.

By general consensus, many praised the incredible voice acting of Mark Hamill, Chris Wood, Liam Cunningham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Lena Headey, in addition to the more visceral, kinetic, and movie-inspired animation style and backdrop. anime. .

However, some fans and critics criticized the direction, the characterization of some of the supporting actors, and the disproportionate male/female anatomical design, as well as the narrative choices, particularly with He-Man himself. No one was ever clearer than what Variety declared.

Be sure to look for further updates on MOTU: Revolution and this writer at Bam Smack Pow will be sure to be one of the first to rewatch some of the episodes when it comes out.

What are your thoughts on Masters of the Universe: Revelation? Any plans to watch its sequel Masters of the Universe: Revolution when it debuts on Netflix? Or are you sick of the He-Man hype in the media lately? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!