Constantine 2 takes place at Warner Bros. with Keanu Reeves reprising his role as John Constantine, and it puts the future of JJ Abrams Justice League Dark universe under control. Taking many by surprise, a sequel to 2005 Constantine was reportedly in the works, with Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman returning as director and screenwriter, respectively. The Constantine 2 the news comes as JJ Abrams Constantine The HBO Max show has reportedly already been in the casting process, and it adds to a string of recent DCEU shakeups.


Constantine (2005) was originally envisioned as a Tarsem Singh film starring Nicolas Cage as Constantine. Tarsem Singh eventually left the film due to creative differences, which led to Nicolas Cage leaving the DC film as well. By the time Francis Lawrence signed on, Keanu Reeves had already been cast as the first live-action iteration of John Constantine.

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While not as accurate as recent DC movies and shows, Constantine (2005) is remembered as an entertaining take on the character. However, Constantine (2005) only grossed $230.9 million at the box office on a budget of $100 million – which is why it never received an immediate sequel. Still, as part of the “Keanu Reeves revival,” many wanted the actor to reprise his role for a Constantine 2 movie, similar to how he came back for Bill and Ted face the music and The Matrix Resurrections. However, the idea of Constantine 2 it seemed impossible because JJ Abrams was already working on a Justice League Dark universe for HBO Max – one that would involve John Constantine. Keanu Reeves announcement Constantine 2 and the future of JJ Abrams dark universe project are intrinsically linked, and it looks like a Justice League Dark the movie or show is no longer a priority for Warner Bros.

Is The DCEU’s Constantine Show Still Happening?

John Constantine, one of DC’s most important characters when it comes to the supernatural side of this world, was to be the main pillar of the Justice League Dark universe created by JJ Abrams. Abrams’ Bad Robot was developing a Constantine CC TV show for HBO Max, and although no official casting was ever announced, the show was reportedly eyeing Sope Dirisu for the role of Constantine. It had previously been reported that one of the reasons why Legends of tomorrow could no longer use Constantine, who in the Arrowverse was played by Matt Ryan, is that Warner Bros. had plans for the character – most likely the JJ Abrams TV show. The fact that Johanna Constantine appeared in Netflix Sand seller instead of John Constantine was also awarded to Warner Bros. having plans for the character.

However, following the announcement of Keanu Reeves Constantine 2 event, Variety reported that JJ Abrams Constantine the show will no longer advance on HBO Max. JJ Abrams’ Mrs X The show, which would have centered on DC Comics witch Madame Xanadu, was also canceled by HBO Max. always according to VarietyWarner Bros. and JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot believe that Constantine and Mrs X could be picked up by other networks at the same time. This is similar to what happened with Batman: Crusader Capedwhich is also a JJ Abrams production that was canceled by HBO Max and is currently being bought on other networks.

What Constantine 2 Means For JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark Universe

Even if the Constantine and Mrs X the shows could still be picked up by other networks, the fact that HBO Max passed on both productions and that WB gives the green light to Keanu Reeves Constantine 2 out of trouble for JJ Abrams Justice League Dark universe. The most promising thing about Abrams Justice League Dark Universe is that it would connect different movies and shows using HBO Max as its base platform. With Constantine and Mrs X does not go to HBO Max, which has so far been home to DCEU-related productions such as The Suicide Squad and Peacemakerthen it is difficult to imagine how a Justice League Dark the universe can be built.

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If the idea was to extend this universe to the big screen, as Bad Robot’s suggests Zatanna movie, then it would never make sense for WB to connect DCEU movies with shows that audiences couldn’t find on HBO Max. Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 does not appear to share any links with JJ Abrams Justice League Dark universe other than the fact that it is also produced by Bad Robot, and although Constantine 2 might fit into the DCEU, it seems like a legacy sequel rather than the start of a cross-platform franchise. Had the Justice League Dark project of universe already become reality, then Constantine 2 probably wouldn’t happen.

JJ Abrams’ Dark Universe Limbo Rehearses DC’s Justice League’s Dark Struggle

The JJ Abrams Perspective dark universe The Project Doesn’t Happen continues DC’s 9-year struggle to make a Justice League Dark film. This journey began in 2013 when Guillermo Del Toro said he was working on a dark universe film. by Del Toro dark universe the film began development when Warner Bros. was setting up what would become the DCEU with movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and suicide squad. While Del Toro initially said his project would not be tied to Steel man and other DC movies, he later admitted that dark universe could possibly be part of the DCEU.

At Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark the film ultimately never happened, but the filmmaker remained an executive producer on the project which later took on Doug Liman (Edge of tomorrow) as a director. Doug Liman entered the project in 2016, with the latest version of the script still based on Del Toro’s original treatment. However, in March 2017, Doug Liman left the dark universe project. A search for a new Justice League Dark director began, but no further updates followed until the arrival of JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot. JJ Abrams was therefore the last hope of a Justice League Dark project.

Will there still be a Justice League Dark in the DCEU?

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a Justice League Dark universe was the fact that the DCEU never became an established universe itself. There’s currently a lot of uncertainty surrounding the DCEU as a franchise, including whether Henry Cavill is still Superman or who Batman will be in the future. The DCEU has undergone several course corrections, with the most recent occurring after the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. HBO Max’s future as a streaming service for original scripted content is also up in the air, meaning a universe of movies and shows on HBO Max like JJ Abrams envisioned probably won’t happen. . A Justice League Dark the movie could still happen, but that depends on what the DCEU will be like in the next few years. Yet it is safe to say that the Justice League Dark the film will continue in limbo for the foreseeable future – especially now that Constantine 2 is being done.

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