Most comic book fans have a clear idea of ​​what they’re going to buy each week when they walk down to their local comic book store. That said, there’s still plenty of fun to be had a look at what’s new this week and take a chance on a book that looks promising, funny, scary, etc. That’s where covers come in. A fantastic image can be the difference between trying something new or saying, “No, not this week.”

With that in mind, here are the covers that caught our attention this week, featuring entries from comic book editor Chris Coplan. That’s judging by the cover.

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DC vs. Vampires: Hunters #1

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

I think, maybe like a lot of people, Damian Wayne rubbed me the wrong way when he was introduced about 15 years ago. He was pompous and overbearing – just like dearest dad in the worst possible way. But, as many have discovered over the years, Damian is so much more complicated than that, and he’s undergone a kind of evolution-transformation into someone really good and caring (but also still pompous and bossy) . The last chance to see this fuller Robin comes with this one-shoot of the ongoing bins, excellent dc the vampire slayer. Without spoiling too much, the show was a way to not only further humanize Damian in interesting ways, but also give him some motivation to become the badass hero he’s always imagined. And that truth is front and center on the cover, with the story and context informing a truly formidable image of Damian as a stoic badass ready to turn vamp flesh and pose as a true savior type. It’s been a journey, but this cover feels like a real “it happened” moment for The Son of the Bat.

Blood stained teeth #2

Cover by Christian Ward

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

I’ve spoken a lot in the past about Christian Ward’s perspective and prowess. Whether on projects like black bolt or unseen realm, he always succeeded in creating completely bizarre and otherworldly landscapes that always imbue a sense of intense, almost gritty emotion. And that was true even with just one number blood stained teeth, the story of an enterprising vampire who clashes with powerful people. (There’s a reason he’s been described as a “100 balls-crime saga style with fangs.”) Even Ward’s covers, like that of issue 2, are bursting with depth in color, tone, intent, etc. Few other artists can do something quite so simple – albeit a vampire boxer/caged fighter named Duke Ellis – and yet create something so deeply visceral and yet magical I’m both scared and somehow thrilled, and Ward’s work really excels at fostering this kind of awesome dissonance. Read this book or receive a reaper from an immortal monster.

Pearl III #1

Michael Gaydos cover

Judging by the cover

We get to preview a lot of great covers here, but this one from Pearl III #1 seemed like an extra cool “achievement”. For one thing, it has a lot to do with the story, as we get another chapter in “the romantic odyssey of tattoo artist, Yakuza assassin.” But most of all, it’s the deeply stunning, completely hand-painted art of Michael Gaydos. It’s the way Gaydos creates the human form – something that feels as indebted to the grit and glamor of modern comics as it does to, say, a kind of Renaissance painting. Or maybe it’s the composition, which screams ’40s pulp but with so much more depth and magic involved. Maybe it’s just this deeply gorgeous pink choice that’s so appealing. Either way, this blanket should draw you in and waste precious hours of work enjoying its many gorgeous layers. If your boss has a problem, tell him to talk to us.

Punisher #3

Cover of Jesus Saiz

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

You don’t expect a ton of metaphors or symbolism when dealing with Punisher. No, Frank Castle tends to deal with harsher, more brutal realities and truths than a truncheon used to beat a bum. But that’s what makes this blanket Punisher #3 so damn compelling. As we build this final chapter of Castle – in which he transforms The Hand into his personal peacekeeping army – we delve into the story of Frank’s first murder as a kind of deeper insight into the self- saying “Way of the Punisher”. “This kid is clearly Frank (right?!), and to see such rage and emotional isolation at such a young age is both hugely scarring and yet still heartbreaking. But seeing a touch of childlike wonder with Captain America’s mask makes this tale even more heartbreaking and informative. Writer Jason Aaron will likely bring it home with the actual narrative, but this cover (from series artist Jesus Saiz) is a snapshot that says a lot about Punisher’s weird and multifaceted canon.

Land of the Living Gods #4

Cover art by Santtos

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

The first issue of Land of the Living Gods caught my attention in February. This first cover was quite exciting, and once I read this moving and spiritually poignant dystopian tale (as uplifting as it is downright depressing), I saw that it sure could be remarkable. Until I made a big silly mistake and forgot to read issues 2 and 3. But luckily the cover of issue 4 is there to remind me what’s going on, and it’s a place so perfect to get back into the fold. Because that single image demonstrates so much of what’s great about this book. Whether it’s the DIY cyberpunk aesthetic of machines; the mystery and intense imagery at the beating heart of the series; or how vivid it all seems with color and linework, this blanket sinks into your heart. Once it’s there, you can skip it, but it probably makes more sense to read the actual story (and not be a giant-sized dum-dum like yours really).

Spectro #1

Cover of Juan Doe

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

I understand that a company like Vault is known for innovating in horror comics. But you can’t forget the contributions of AfterShock Comics, which includes titles like god of tremors, Rabbit Hideand I breathed a body. Now this scary list includes Spectro, a unique collection of four tales by artist-writer Juan Doe. Somehow, in an issue with stories about sentient technology, a cabal of planets, and madness at the International Space Station, I’m very excited about Doe’s own cover. Could it apply to almost all of these stories? Of course, it’s brilliant and scary. Does it give me real vibes from The twilight zone (if you watched while taking mescaline?) Oh yeah. Am I scared for my life and once again deeply invested in what this image ultimately means? You know! Call any editor you want The New Overlords of Horror; I’ll be here shaking and glistening with terror in the middle of 100 degree days.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3

Variant cover by Sean Murphy

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

I can’t speak for everyone, but so far I’ve enjoyed it Batman: Beyond the White Knight. The first series, from 2017-2018, was a great twist on the usual Bat-family story/dynamic. And even Batman: Curse of the White Knight was entertaining and another powerful way to recontextualize familiar characters. Much of the same ideas can be found in the first two issues of Beyond, and by the time we get to issue #3, we’re looking for a big payoff, especially when it comes to Terry McGinnis and his hunt for the truth. But while the story gets a lot of attention (both good and bad), I think it’s easy to agree that Sean Murphy’s art is generally top-notch. That includes this variant cover starring Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon – where else can you get such powerful character development (as well as a reminder of Babs’ essential goodness) in a singular image? Plus, it says a lot about the look of the book in general, and how humor and heart are at the center of the whole “Murphyverse.”

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #1

Ryan Stegman cover

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

I’m old enough to remember the kind of rush of goodness that accompanied the set 2099 double. Was it a way to explore the essence of these characters outside of their standard narrative framework and cultural context? Sure. Did it also end up being a super dope way to scratch an itch for truly 90s sci-fi? Oh damn yes. So I’m glad we’re expanding the list with the introduction of 2099’s The Winter Soldier. Does I think he looks like Jonothon “Chamber” Starsmore’s love child, a gimp, a clown, and the OG Winter Solider? Sure, but I mean that in the best possible way. Because these stories are all about getting a little weird and wild with the character designs, backstories, general motivations, etc. – and the simple look of WS2099 ticks all those boxes. And if you really need a standard 2099 quality hit, just look at the extra crisp Spider-Man 2099, with a more balanced color design. The future is here, folks, and it’s crazy.

Ice Cream Man #30

Cover by Martin Morazzo

Judging by the cover - 05/25/22 new

The last 29 issues of ice cream man were deeply terrifying. But hear me out loud: this might be the most terrifying cover of them all. Yes, there have been covers featuring human-cockroach hybrids; demonic advent calendars; a ghost teaching guide (?); psychedelic monsters; and, yes, the perpetually unsettling smile of the incumbent catering worker. But this one has none of the obvious sources of pure terror, and we basically have to fill in the blanks on our own. Does the shape of the labyrinth mean anything? Is this white mouse really the Ice Cream Man? What exactly is the “price” for solving the maze (if that feat is possible, that is)? And does that logo mean that Image Comics actually conducts animal testing in any way? There are no answers, of course, and all there is to do is a giant millstone of terror, anxiety and general unease. Enjoy.

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