Since April 17, Turkey has carried out attacks on areas of southern Kurdistan following a visit by the president of the government of southern Kurdistan, Masrour Barzani to Turkey, in addition to simultaneous attacks on the north and the south. east of Syria.

Turkish massacres continue

In this regard, Jordanian journalist and writer Raddad Al-Qallab said that “the Turkish state, despite its different regimes, has been committing massacres for more than a hundred years against peoples, including Armenians. He continues to pursue these practices against the Kurdish people, with dubious international complicity.”

In an exclusive interview with our agency, Al-Qallab confirmed that “Turkey continues to repeat genocide and massacres against (Turkish) female fighters and practices the most heinous crimes against humanity. It imprisons politicians, people old and children in notorious black clothes”. the jails.”

Al-Qallab pointed out that “together with the Turkish crimes, the international community is still silent on these heinous violations of state sovereignty, as is the case in Iraq and Syria, in exchange for absolute pragmatism , so she practices double standards”.

The Arab State is required to take a stand against Turkey’s violation of its sovereignty

Al-Qallab added: “Arab countries are still unable to stop the violations of Turkish aggression against the Kurdish people in Iraq after the Turkish state launched attacks with various weapons and with all its technical military capabilities, military and economic he obtained. NATO, the Western system and some countries in the region for liquidating the Kurds with iron and fire to prepare the ground and the conditions for Turkey’s expansion at the expense of the Arab countries and their surroundings, and their annexation by force to Turkey and in various forms and tools, especially since this attack violates the sanctity of Ramadan blessed in defiance of the Islamic and Arab nation and kills innocent Muslims, civilians and Kurds. »

The peoples of the region must remain united in the face of the Turkish massacres

Al-Qallab stressed that “the peoples of the region, including Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and others, must stand united in the face of Turkish arrogance and stop the massacres and genocide against the defenseless Kurdish people and punish Turkey for its grave violations against humanity.