IN 2020, Eddie Izzard announced a desire “to now be based in girl mode”, claiming the pronouns “she” and “her”. Now a storm is brewing over the political projects of the actor, writer and comedian.

The English comic last month announced his hope of standing as the Labor candidate for Sheffield in the next general election, having been a strong supporter of the party for decades; previously named on lists of Labour’s biggest private donors, as well as on party political broadcasts.


Although no selection process has yet officially started for the seat of Sheffield Central – which will be vacated by Labor MP Paul Blomfield, who has said he will stand down at the next election – Izzard has expressed a wish “to throw my hat in the ring,” adding, “It’s an amazing seat to be able to stand, if the people of Sheffield Central want to have me there, I’ll be there.”

Is it an old playground?

Izzard studied accounting and financial management with mathematics at the University of Sheffield in the 1980s, adding: “I wish I was here because my whole creative career started from here, to Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden and approximately 45 countries worldwide.”


UK online newspaper PinkNews, which covers issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, reported this week that Canterbury Labor MP Rosie Duffield allegedly threatened to quit the party if Izzard was selected from a list. restricted to women. Political news website Guido Fawkes later uploaded a clip of Duffield speaking to a Labor Women’s Declaration group at Monday’s conference, in which she said: ‘I will not be a hypocrite and I won’t lie and I won’t say a man is a woman Eddie Izzard is not a woman… I am absolutely not the only Labor MP who will quit the party if Eddie Izzard gets a place on a shortlist entirely feminine.

Are shortlists still happening?

Earlier this year it was suggested Labor would scrap all shortlists of women to select candidates for the next general election, amid fears they could be ‘illegal’ as the majority of Labor MPs are women, in a decision that drew complaints from some party members.

As for Izzard?

Speaking to Simon Thomas on the Life, Interrupted podcast last year, Izzard said: “Your biological body [can give] different cues as to how it’s in the brain, but I feel gender fluid – I have boy genetics and girl genetics, so I call it boy mode and girl mode. They may not be great sentences, but I can’t think of better words. Male mode and female mode don’t sound good so I’m going with those for now, but the language may change over the years. I’m gender fluid, I seem like a mix, but I’m now girl-based as a trans woman. And now that the pronouns are out [it] It looks like a promotion, I’m very happy with it.