Although the popular British science fiction series Doctor Who works on the theme of time travel, it shares similarities with the real world. And he also likes to use real historical figures. The Doctor has the power to travel not only into the future but also through time. As a result, various regenerations of the Doctor have encountered several historical figures.

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Some of them turned out to be his friends, others weren’t so keen on the Time Lord. But despite the fact that Doctor Whohas already featured several historical characters, there are still some that haven’t been on the show that fans would love to see one day.

5 Edgar Allan Poe

As one of the first great horror and crime writers, Edgar Allan Poe set the tone for many future writers to come. He also led an interesting, if not always easy, life. Considering the general atmosphere of his literary work, especially Poe in Doctor Who would most likely make for a memorable horror episode.

Plus, it wouldn’t be the Doctor’s first time working with a famous writer, as he met Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie, to name just two, and helped them solve mysteries. There would be another advantage to doing an episode on Edgar Allan Poe. It would allow the show to bring back the creepy crows that were responsible for Clara’s death (sort of)…because the name of Poe’s most famous work is The crow.

4 Leonardo DeVinci

Meeting Leonardo da Vinci would give the Doctor the opportunity to measure his intelligence against one of the most brilliant artists and inventors of all time. Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci lived in Italy and France during the early Renaissance, which could make for some impressive settings.

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As for the plot, the Doctor and da Vinci could, for example, work together to help the Doctor escape this time period after the Doctor was stuck there. If any historical figure could build a time machine, it’s Leonardo da Vinci. Meeting the Doctor would also help explain how da Vinci was ahead of his time…simply because he encountered a time-traveling alien and realized that anything was possible. Sure, the Fourth Doctor has met Leonardo da Vinci before, but it’s been a while, so Leonardo da Vinci could very well make a comeback.

3 Georges Méliès

The history of cinema is not as long as the history of literature, but there are still some remarkable figures who could bring something new to Doctor Who. Georges Méliès was the first major science fiction and horror director to have created dozens of films belonging to this genre, including his most emblematic work, A trip to the moon (1902). If Méliès and the Doctor met, the Doctor could very well be amazed by the director’s imagination.

The pleasant visit could turn into something more adventurous, for example, if the characters from Méliès’ films suddenly became real or if he and the Doctor were trapped in one of Méliès’ films and had to find their way. Besides, who is to say that Méliès couldn’t have gotten the idea for his space adventures from the Doctor. Méliès has already appeared in an audio story Deleted scenes, but he has yet to make a live appearance.

2 JRR Tolkien

Doctor Who likes to give space to the biggest names in British literature. And when it comes to the fantasy genre, there’s no one greater than JRR Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien was a well-educated and intelligent man, which he and the Doctor share. Given his importance to fantasy and literature in general, it’s only a matter of time before Tolkien appears in some form in Doctor Why.

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The Doctor might have a hard time dealing with something truly magical and Tolkien would be the perfect person to help since his books are full of magic and creatures that aren’t supposed to exist. It’s a description that also fits the Doctor, in a way. And if Tolkien and the Doctor encountered a talking dragon in their mutual episode, that was even better.

1 Alan Turing

The show likes to highlight the impact of people who have been misjudged by the world or even persecuted. Alan Turing belongs to the second category, and if he appeared in Doctor Who, it would not be the first episode centered on the Second World War. Turing helped break the Enigma code which gave the Allies an advantage and most likely shortened the war. Doctor Who could feature an episode in which someone breaks time and the Doctor must go back in time and save Turing or the war will continue. It could also address the fact that despite Turing’s war work, he was persecuted because of his sexual orientation (he was gay), which led to his untimely death.

What could make Turing’s appearance even more extraordinary would be if Benedict Cumberbatch took the role! Cumberbatch had previously played Turing once in the Oscar-winning filmThe imitation game (2014) and before he rose to fame in Hollywood and was cast in the MCU as Doctor Strange, he was no stranger to appearing on British TV shows. Plus, fans have already been pushing Cumberbatch to become the new Doctor, so his presence on the show would no doubt please many of them, even for one or two episodes!

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