Letters to the Editor

THE EDITOR: Congratulations to all of the UWI Law School graduates who were called to the bar on November 11-12.

Among them was Sasha-Ann Moses, TT’s first female Calypsonian to enter the legal profession.

To truly understand her accomplishments, we have to place her alongside the few male lawyer Calypsonians.

Former President Anthony Carmona sang as the Prophet of Sisyphus at the CDC Calypso tent while a law student at the UWI Cave Hill campus. He reached the calypso national semi-finals.

Rondell Donawa, who reached the national semi-finals, is also a lawyer. The same goes for national finalist Wayne Hayde, The Watchman.

Sasha-Ann, whose stage name is simply Sasha, impressed me threefold.

First, she has a passion for music nurtured from an early age. At age 12, under the guidance of her mother Noeline Brown, Sasha began performing while attending Mt Lambert RC Primary School.

She has won the Emancipation Calypso Competition three times, three Regional Calypso Competitions, the National Schools Soca Monarch, and the NWAC Calypso Queen Competition.

In 2015, she was the newest and youngest cast member of the Kaiso Karavan tent. In 2018, she joined the Kalypso Revue tent.

Secondly, Sasha-Ann is also very balanced. She graduated from San Juan South Secondary with nine CXC passes, then enrolled at UWI’s open campus where she continued her education in business management and technology. She later joined the Law School at UWI’s St Augustine Campus

Third, I like his choices for calypso. Its writer is Larry Harewood. His tracks The Essence of Building and A Matter of Trust were ranked among the top 20 calypsoes of 2015 and 2016 respectively.

I will always remember a letter to the editor lamenting how Sasha’s song, Letter of Restraint, was eliminated from the Calypso Monarch 2020 contest finalists.

The writer noted TTT color commentators Marcia Miranda and Gregory Ballantyne, found her performance hair-raising and wondered aloud why Ms Moses had been left out of the final list of 11 candidates.

That Sasha continues steadily, as a calypsonian and a lawyer.


Mount Lambert