Filmmaker, Poet and Musician Fella Cederbaum Receives IndieFEST Humanitarian Award

Fella Cederbaum does it again:

IndieFEST Film Awards Humanitarian Award of Distinction cites Fella Cederbaum’s short film A Test

Several prestigious awards celebrate the genre-defying filmmaker’s timely work,
poet and musician Fella Cederbaum

An array of honors highlights Cederbaum’s prodigious talents and unique understanding of our increasingly complex world

Sometimes a passionate and talented artist has exactly the right voice for a specific moment in time. This is the case of Fella Cederbaum. Through her art, the filmmaker, poet and musician communicates a magical blend of wisdom and comfort, providing a healing balm in this troubling and often confusing time.

Multimedia artist Cederbaum is the author and director of nearly twenty short films featuring her alter egos MahnoDahno and MahniDahni, characters she invented. The films share a lifetime of ideas on how to transcend disruption and thrive. The shorts have screened – winning coveted awards – at numerous festivals around the world, including the IndieFEST Film Awards, which recently presented Cederbaum with a Humanitarian Distinction Award for Screening.

The organization notes that all of its winners are “committed to making a difference in the world,” which describes Cederbaum as a T. With its annual humanitarian awards, the IndieFEST Film Awards aims to “honor filmmakers who raise awareness of issues of ecology, politics, social justice and equality, health and welfare, animals, wildlife, conservation and spiritual significance and combining that with quality film work.” Other IndieFEST winners include Liam Neeson, Jeff Bridges, Will McCormack and Michael Govier For more, visit

The Humanitarian Award is far from the only award Cederbaum has won for A Test. It also received Film of the Month honors from Cult Critic magazine (, which describes the short as “a clever piece that will keep you thinking about its main message long after you’ve finished watching it.” The Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (LBMA) gave A Test top honors for Best Film Score and Best Short Film. Other Cederbaum films, including Thud and Destiny, have also won high-profile LBMA awards. (

Who? Cares, another Cederbaum short, received critical acclaim. During its annual Golden Fox Awards, the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) admired it so much that the organization not only awarded it the best music video of the year, but also created a special award for him and honored Cederbaum with the title Baron in Motion. Pictures. “Fella’s work was one notable exception among many and created a lasting impression in the arena of independent filmmaking,” the organization notes. Who? Cares is also a Cult Critic’s Film of the Month selection, cited for its skillful questioning of all aspects of life, and asking who we are and what we stand for.

The coming months should prove equally exciting for this widely admired Renaissance woman. Cederbaum has just learned that his film Fear is on the recently announced New York Independent Film Festival’s Official Selections list for this year’s festival. The multi-talented artist has made more than a dozen appearances at NYCIFF, where she won top honors in her category in 2021.

Not all of his acclaimed artistic pursuits are film-related. Truth And Destiny, the debut recording of artistic polymath Fella Cederbaum, continues to garner rave reviews, most recently from O’s Place Jazz Magazine. Inspired by the isolation of the covid confinement, the author recites a dozen of her poems while performing her original compositions on piano and keyboards. Embracing the past, cherishing the present, and facing the future with optimism are some of the themes she explores in Truth And Destiny. “Fella does a great job of pushing us to accept ourselves and embrace reality,” D. Oscar Groomes says in O’s Place. “The next chapter should celebrate the results of listening to his advice!”

Fella Cederbaum also looks forward to publishing her third book of poetry, More Other Such Matters, in the coming year. Her previous poetry collections, the well-reviewed Of Life And Other Such Matters, Volumes 1 and 2, came out in 2018 and 2019.

Cederbaum has built an enthusiastic worldwide following for her poetry as a regular guest on WABC radio, which airs in the New York tri-state area. She was regularly featured in the station’s weekly Poetry Corner segment, as well as on widely available international streams and podcasts, creating a burgeoning social media presence and earning accolades from the likes of coaching guru Tony J. Selimi.

Many readers have found his uplifting poetry to be a welcome guide through difficult times and finding opportunities for self-discovery, challenging us to look at ourselves – and others – with acceptance and kindness.

Cederbaum’s delightfully distinct music has won him numerous international film music awards. While the raw power of his music provides an emotional backbone to his poetry, his calm, measured tones invite the listener into a guided meditation on the path of introspection and reflection, celebrating the essence of the spirit. human. The poetry reveals a deep empathy for the universality of life’s experiences, as the poet considers ways to navigate the world, both micro and macro, addressing what dwells in the heart as well as the corridors of power.

When you consider her journey, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Cederbaum has proven herself so adept at sharing the wisdom gained over a lifetime of pondering life’s tough questions: What is the meaning of life ; what is truth, what is fate, what is happiness?

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Cederbaum grew up in post-World War II Germany. As a teenager, she moved to England and then to Israel, where she revealed her wide range of interests by not only earning a degree in psychology, but also becoming assistant director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra. After moving to Boston, where she is still based, Cederbaum earned her graduate degree and enjoyed a successful career as a psychotherapist. As if that were not enough, she also started painting. His paintings have been featured in exhibitions at the Münchner Stadtmuseum in Germany and at a Holocaust Memorial event in Boston and they continue to be creatively brought to life in his award-winning films.

As for the answers to life’s tough questions, Cederbaum summed up his worldview during an interview with WABC’s Yola Nash: “All questions lead to love, to the heart, to our own compass,” revealed the poet.

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