A dentist named Nick (Zachary Quinto) meets a hitman Francine Driver (Carla Gugino) and asks her to kill his wife Karen (Lauren Lee Smith). She asks for $20,000 upfront, so he leaves to see if his mob patient Aldo (Danny DeVito) can lend her the money. Meanwhile, a photographer named Henry (Aaron Tveit) steals Francine’s wallet which had a recording device, as Francine is actually an undercover cop. Under the watchful eye of her supervisor Sam Salazar (Josh Hartnett), Francine searches from bar to bar, bumping into a myriad of colorful characters, ranging from a hat girl to an adult ping pong club (Rosario Dawson ), a bone-con obsessed ex (Robert Forster) and ex-husband to Francine (Gil Bellows).

Originally distributed by YouTube as an Internet-only release, 2011’s “Girl Walks Into a Bar” features a wide range of subplots, some of which work better than others. The solid cast helps smooth out the roughest patches and its multiple scenarios mean that if you’re not into the current one, another is coming soon. However, some reviewers have complained about its ultimately unsatisfactory ending.

An interesting attempt to disrupt the distribution system, “Girl Walks Into a Bar” is a fun film even if it lacks a solid punchline.