“Detained Under Houthis” won platinum for Best Documentary Short at the Independent Shorts Awards (ISA) in Los Angeles in August.

Filmmaker Eric Trometer’s documentary sheds light on three Yemeni women who were detained by the Iran-backed Houthi militias but survived their imprisonment.

They chose to be part of the documentary to tell of their torture at the hands of the militias.

Bardis Al-Sayaghi, a Yemeni poet and human rights activist, told Asharq Al-Awsat that she is proud to be featured in the documentary because it is a “victory for around 3,000 women who are unjustly detained in Houthi prisons. “.

She told how the torture she endured by Houthi jailers, the “Zeinabeyyat”, in a Sanaa prison in 2018 cost her her eyesight.

The brutality she survived motivates her to tell her story until all inmates are released, she added.

She said, “During my detention, I suffered all forms of torture and terror. I was beaten with electric rods in the face and head until I lost sight in my right eye.

“My hands were cut with knives and I still have scars to this day,” she revealed.

In a written statement to Asharq Al-Awsat, Trometer said the award was a testament to all the suffering of Yemenis in the country.

He said the lack of media coverage of Yemen prompted the team to produce a modern film about the many tragedies in Yemen.

He wanted the voices of the women who suffered in Yemen to stay in the minds of viewers so they could research and learn more about what is happening.