DeKALB – To help the people of Ukraine, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is hosting a Ukrainian poetry reading by local poets.

The event, “Sunflower Seeds: Poetry for Ukraine,” will take place April 1 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 900 Normal Road in DeKalb. The event will also be streamed on YouTube and Zoom.

The entrance fee is a voluntary offer to benefit Doctors Without Borders, which focuses on helping Ukrainians fleeing destruction in their country.

The poems, in English translation, are contemporary works written by Ukrainians in urgent response to the war in Ukraine. The evening’s readers are poets Bonnie Amesquita, Riccardo Amesquita, John Bradley, Marilyn Cleland, Becky Parfitt, Joseph Gastiger and Susan Azar Porterfield.

A reception will follow the program. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend.

In a press release, poet John Bradley said his participation in the event was his response to help those in need.

“I can’t offer much, but what I can do is offer poetry, in this case poems by Ukrainian authors, to emphasize this increasingly serious situation that only poetry can bring,” Bradley said. “And with this reading to raise funds, however small, that will offer aid to those fleeing the invasion. I feel it is my responsibility as a human being.

“As a fellow writer, as someone who struggles to shape words, who struggles with words to express my thoughts, my images, I know their words have gone through fire, bullets and bombs,” said said poet and St. Paul member Marilyn Cleland. in a press release. “In this way, they are true words about this war even if the words may be inadequate. And I will speak their words.

For more information about the event or St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, call 815-756-4888 or visit