In scenes more typically associated with celebrity weddings that have been bought up by supermarket tabloids, the Queen will be animated in the church holding her late husband’s memorial service next week using a helicopter, a secret back entrance and a plastic tunnel to prevent images of its fragile air from emerging and scaring the nation.

Claims of a “military-style plan” in the British newspaper The Sun, have emerged amid an upsurge in talk about the 95-year-old Queen’s health, which has raised concerns that she may not be able to attend some key elements of her Platinum Jubilee celebration this summer.

MailOnline also claims that Her Majesty, who turns 96 next month, is “haunted” by images of his sister, Princess Margaret, in a wheelchair in the last years of her life.

the Sun says the Queen, who was recently filmed admitting mobility issues, joking to defense chiefs, ‘I can’t move’ and showing her feet, opposes the use of a wheelchair to enter Westminster Abbey for Philip’s memorial service next Monday. However, a source told the Sun that if she needed a wheelchair, it would only be used out of sight of the cameras, either behind screens or once inside the Abbey, which she would enter through a side door in an area called Poets’ Corner.

The Queen, who lives at Windsor Castle, will be flown to London by helicopter, taking a 15-minute trip to Buckingham Palace, which is just a short drive from Westminster Abbey. She may also be seated before the other guests arrive, rather than entering last according to royal tradition.

The new plans emerged after the Queen, who recently caught coronavirus, did not attend the annual Commonwealth ceremony last week due to health concerns. A source told the Sun her aides “couldn’t take her all that distance because it’s very uncomfortable in all that traffic”.

the sun the source said the Queen’s mobility ‘varies’, saying; “Some days she can walk around easily. Other days, she can’t. It varies from day to day… She can get out of the car in private with her cane and we try to keep the photographers away. But if she needs the wheelchair, it must be done behind screens or once she is in the side entrance.

The Daily Beast understands from sources that there is now considerable concern among the Queen’s inner circle over whether or not she will be able to attend many of the major public settings planned for her jubilee, including a church service and a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace in June.

The Jubilee build-up risks being overshadowed by ongoing speculation about his failing health and questions about whether Prince Harry will snub the events by not attending.

Harry said he won’t be attending the memorial next week and his daughter, Lilibet, has yet to meet the grandmother she is named after.

Harry told a UK court, where he was fighting for police protection to be restored in the UK, that he did not feel safe in the UK and it had hampered his ability to bring his wife and children children in his native country.

However, cover-up charges have been brought against Harry as it is understood security concerns won’t prevent him from traveling to the Netherlands next month to support the Invictus Games, which are being filmed by Netflix, with whom Harry and Meghan have signed a valuable production contract. , and several European royals said they would attend Philip’s memorial.