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A guide to eating in the countryside

JToday, the cultural signifiers for the average American are now local beers and over-processed fast food. How did unhealthy foods become more American? Clare Brock, assistant professor of political science at Texas Woman’s University, links this change to post-World War II America. Government propaganda married the idea of ​​Americanism to the purchase of mass-produced, shelf-stable […]

Writer Gwendoline Riley talks about her ...

my ghosts and First love come out on September 13. Photo: Nadav Kander. Hair and makeup by Rachel Singer Clark. On a very hot afternoon in London, writer Gwendoline Riley and I visited the Tate Modern. As we entered the expansive lobby, which usually contains large art installations but contained nothing that day, Riley gestured […]

Everyone hails the revival of romance, t...

No longer confined to the half-empty bins of second-hand bookstores, their dog-eared pages yellowing with age, the covers bearing linen-haired heroes on horseback, their buxom protagonist hanging limply in his bulging arms, romance novels are more popular than ever – and it’s even the app we love to hate. TikTok has launched a thousand micro-communities. […]

Local Author’s “Bulletproof Manifesto”,

TEXARKANA — Local writer Kevin Foreman has released his first book, a horror novel titled “Bulletproof Manifesto.” The action-packed book is set in the fictional town of Wayne’s Port, Arkansas, a Foreman location loosely based on Hot Springs, where a string of tragic deaths has scarred the town for decades. “I thought, ‘What if Hot […]

Mable John, first female solo act signed...

Mable John, who was the first female solo act signed by Motown founder Berry Gordy, dies at 91 in Los Angeles By Paul Chavez for Published: 8:21 p.m. EDT, August 28, 2022 | Updated: 8:21 p.m. EDT, August 28, 2022 Mable John, who was the first female solo artist signed by Motown Records founder […]

Lake City’s Anna Underwood helped open t

In 1896, the Great Minnesota Get-Together had only one ladies’ washroom—”rough and shabby”, according to one writer—reflecting what was then a male-dominated state fair. “Although much was done for the education, profit and amusement of men, there was little to entice women and children out of the gallery,” according to this 1910 history book. “There […]

How does a woman in power really make yo...

Brian Friel got his wives dancing: There’s the five unmarried Mundy sisters of Dancing at Lughnasa and there’s the clinically blind Molly of Molly Sweeney. None of these women had any dancing to do; they were neither eligible young girls nor a great cause to celebrate, but they were dancing. It has the five women […]

Women are under attack but can learn fro...

Censors are shrewd critics: their sleuthing instincts have sniffed out works that resonate lastingly in all dictatorships. Fifty years ago they rendered this involuntary service to Portuguese readers, when the regime of Marcelo Caetano banned a striking and unclassifiable work, New Portuguese Letters. The authors, Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da […]

Writer of “Reservation Dogs” in the show

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you haven’t watched “Wide Net,” Season 2 Episode 5 of FX’s “Reservation Dogs,” now streaming on Hulu. FX’s “Reservation Dogs” continues to be one of the funniest shows on TV, breaking new ground in storytelling with its largely Indigenous cast and crew. It’s a depiction that Native Americans and non-Natives […]

It’s like MeToo never happened

Recently I was trying to plan the evening with a friend who told me she couldn’t because she had to pick up her daughter from the airport. Just tell him to take an Uber or an Ola right out front, I suggested. We have a rule, she said, no taxis at night, adding that if […]

TIFF Announces In Conversation With… Tal

TIFF has announced the In Conversation With… series and the talent development programs and participants. Participants in the conversation on stage include Eddie Redmayne, Viola Davis and Lee Jung-jae, while Sarah Gadon is announced as TIFF residency Micki Moore. The festival also unveiled the list of 10 acquisition titles selected by the industry. TIFF runs […]

Pantami hosts young female authors, hail...

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Professor Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, commended Image Merchants Promotion Limited, publishers of PRNigeria, Economic Confidential, Tech Digest and other titles, for their focus on responsible journalism and of investigation based on facts, objectivity, fairness and balance. Pantami spoke in his office in Abuja on Monday when he received […]

‘The Sandman’ Season 1, Episode 11 Recap

The sand man The dream of a thousand cats / Calliope Season 1 Episode 11 Editor’s Note 3 stars *** Photo: LAURENCE CENDROWICZ/NETFLIX Y’all remember when this guy leaked evidence that an AI might have become more sentient? Much of the conversation was that the AI, LaMDA, wanted to be treated with dignity and not […]

She-Hulk Boss comments on the show’s mos

Jessica Gao, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s head writer, thinks the majority of female writers have added an important dimension to the new Marvel show. She-Hulk: Lawyer had a mostly female writers room, and head writer Jessica Gao thinks that aspect added a lot to the series. “We all had these experiences, everyone had a different […]

“Emily” and creative freedom in literary

For nearly 200 years, readers have been drawn into the world of The Wuthering Heights (1847) and the story of the Brontë sisters, literary geniuses ahead of their time, publishing captivating and romantic gothic literature under pseudonyms at a time when women writers were frowned upon. On August 11, 2022, the trailer for Emilya historical […]

The sequel to the “Ally McBeal” series i

Ally McBealThe TV status of is no longer over. ABC is developing a sequel series to the quirky 90s legal comedy-drama, with a black woman taking over as lead character from Calista Flockhartour sister site reports Deadline. The new take on Ally McBeal will focus on a young black woman who joins the current incarnation […]

‘House of the Dragon’ will not ‘depict s

“Game of Thrones” has sometimes been criticized for the way it portrayed sex, nudity and sexual violence. There were really a few different issues at play. In the early seasons, the big issue was that the show treated female nudity as entertainment, trotting out body parts to titillate or distract. The most famous example is […]

Facebook ads and patient data; Also, Co...

InnovationRx is your weekly healthcare news digest. To receive it in your inbox, subscribe here. A study published this week in the journal data science Grounds suggests that some digital health companies could funnel sensitive patient data to Facebook to help target ads. Forbes Senior Writer Alexandra Levine reports that while the scale of the […]

Kerala court grants bail to Civic Chandr...

The Kozhikode Court of Sessions expressed disbelief that 74-year-old physically disabled Civic Chandran, a defendant in the case, could force the plaintiff onto her knees and press her breasts. Kozhikode Sessions Court grants bail to author and social activist Civic Chandran in sexual harassment case. Thiruvananthapuram: The Kozhikode Magistrate’s Court observed on Wednesday that sexual […]

Constance Wu and Drew Comins to Produce ...

EXCLUSIVE: In a very competitive situation, eOne won the rights to Natural beauty, the first novel by writer and concert violinist Ling Ling Huang, to be developed for television. The series will be produced by Constance Wu, through her Tempo Wubato Productions, and yellow jackets executive producer Drew Comins, through his Creative Engine Entertainment, as […]

‘A Tour De Force’: Joan McPartlin Mahone

Joan McPartlin Mahoney ’49, Harvard Crimson’s first female reporter, loved working in the newspaper’s newsroom at 14 Plympton St. But there was one thing she despised about the job: leaving. Mahoney was forced to leave The Crimson at 9 p.m. because men and women were not allowed to be together without a chaperone past that […]

The left bank organizes a meeting with t...

BELFAST – Left Bank Books, 109 Church St., invites the public to meet writer Alice Elliott Dark as she signs copies of her recently published and highly acclaimed novel, ‘Fellowship Point’, Monday, August 29, from noon at 14 hours. This is a free event; reservations are not necessary for this signature “Meet-and-Greet”. “Fellowship Point” is […]

Asked if the one who has a female partne...

Asked if the one who has a female partner in Schneider mode identifies as an excellent lesbian, she said: “The public comes from within a beneficial lesbian relationship. Schneider’s long-standing winning streak – the latest regularly lets you know that winners retire shortly after four wins, but now lets them stick around as long as […]

Modern Romance Novels Offer Authentic Ch...

When I told my 75-year-old colleague that I wanted to write romance novels for a living, he gave me a knowing smile. “So one day there will be books with scantily clad people on the cover and your name underneath?” Yes, he actually used the words “sparsely clad”. To make matters worse, I thought it […]

Endangered rock ptarmigan airlifted to A...

Once believed to be extinct in Japan’s central Alps, rock ptarmigans hatched in a zoo were transported to a mountain in Nagano Prefecture to eventually be released into the wild. This will be the first attempt to release captive-born chicks into the natural setting of Japan’s central Alps. On August 10, Environment Ministry officials airlifted […]

Serena’s Legacy: Lots of wins, lots of s

By HOWARD FENDRICH AP Tennis WriterDays before Serena Williams won the 22nd of her 23 Grand Slam singles titles at Wimbledon in 2016, she was asked what she thought when people called her one of the greatest female athletes in the world. story.Her response: She prefers to be characterized as “one of the greatest athletes […]

Alberta Minister for Women apologizes fo...

CALGARY — Alberta’s Associate Minister for the Status of Women has apologized for her role in awarding third prize in an essay contest to an entry that argued women are “not exactly equal” to men and who worried about the children being replaced by “outsiders”. The competition, which was aimed at young women interested in […]

OzAsia Festival Announces 2022 Schedule

Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia festival proudly presents three fabulous weeks of the best contemporary Asian and Asian Australian performances, art, literature, cuisine and culture in the 2022 event’s return, taking place from 20 October to 6 November. This year’s program features over 500 community, national and international artists from over 8 countries, and includes 10 […]

woman first

August 8, 2022 For the first time in its 41-year history, all four recipients of the Alumni Tribute Awards are women. The awards recognize graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields, are committed to their foster mother and have made outstanding contributions to their communities. The awards are Memorial University’s highest honor given […]

The sandman comes for you

The Letter Pages are the secret history of the comics: a contemporary snapshot that is almost never reprinted. When Neil Gaiman is The sand man launched in November 1988, it immediately attracted ardent fans who wrote poems, theorized, discussed literary references (Marlowe, Aeschylus, Milton, Keats) and very often pointed out that they normally read comic […]

INTERVIEW | “Literature as hope for the

Last of 2 partsRead part 1: INTERVIEW | Hideo Furukawa: Beyond the Dystopia of “Soundtrack” Author Hideo Furukawa is best known for his dystopian novels and enchanting stories. But, as an eclectic artist, the novelist has ideas for connecting with the younger generation. In 2021 Netflix animated series Heike’s story was based on his modern […]

On My Radar: Claire-Louise Bennett’s Cul

VSlaire-Louise Bennett grew up in Wiltshire and studied literature and theater at Roehampton University before moving to Galway, where she worked in theater for several years. His essays and short fiction have appeared in several publications, including the irish time and the prickly flyand in 2013 she won first prize Mock exam news price. In […]

Batgirl Star Ivory Aquino Thanks Fans Fo...

Ivory Aquino played Barbara Gordon’s best friend, Alysia Yeoh, in the film that will apparently never be released. Ivory Aquino/Instagram The new surprise that bat girl wouldn’t get a release is still shocking to those involved, as the film had already been shot and was in full post-production. Had it been released, the film would […]

Jodi Picoult and the Behind the Lines te...

When bestselling author Jodi Picoult set out to adapt her novel YA Between the lines in a musical, she was trying to locate two unicorns. At least that’s how she described her search to find a female songwriting team. She soon learned that such teams are still relatively rare in the theater world. (To date, […]

A poet finds his home in a patch of nett...

Thunderstone: A True Story of Losing One Home and Discovering Another Nancy Campbell Elliot and Thompsonp. 223£14.99 Towards the end of a long relationship – “resolved to have a conversation about the future, which meant breaking up” – Nancy Campbell’s partner suffered a stroke. Campbell’s life then became a hell of hospital visits, supporting and […]

House of the Dragon author says show won...

A writer and executive producer of the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House Of The Dragon has said the series will not “depict sexual violence” against women despite a showrunner recently saying otherwise. “I would like to clarify that we don’t portray sexual violence on the show,” writer and executive producer Sara Hess told Vanity […]

Freddie Prinze Jr. on what Kevin Dunn is...

In the latest ‘Wrestling with Freddie’ podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. explained why he’s in love with female wrestlers who are physical specimens, praising Jade Cargill, Nicole Bass, Chyna and Beth Phoenix . “That’s why I love this Jade Cargill in AEW,” Prinze Jr said. “She’s like a Greek god. That’s what they […]

International Armenian Literary Alliance...

The International Armenian Literary Alliance (IALA) has launched two $2,500 grants, one for Armenian to English translation and the other for contemporary creative writing. Applications for both grants will be accepted September 1-30, 2022. The IALA Translation Grant will award $2,500 to a translator working from Armenian source texts into English. In 2022, the scholarship […]

The Famous Seinfeld Line A Compound Audi...

“The Junior Mint” (Season 4, Episode 20) has the titular candy at the center of its story, and it’s one of the most interwoven “Seinfeld” episodes out there. Jerry’s (Jerry Seinfeld) subplot is the most detached from the main story, which revolves around him dating a woman whose name he doesn’t know. Naturally, George is […]

A Simpsons Writer Still Defends This Inf...

“The Principal and the Pauper” was the final episode of “The Simpsons” Keeler wrote; afterward, he jumped ship for creator Matt Groening’s next series, “Futurama.” One of the first “Futurama” episodes he wrote, “When Aliens Attack”, contains meta commentary similar to “The Principal and the Pauper”. Chunks of the episode are a simple send-off of […]

Hala Finley on the film’s dark nature an

| Hala Finley is always looking for new challenges to take on, light sitcoms like CBS Man with a plan at most serious with dark subjects like human trafficking as his latest film Paradise Highway. Finley plays Leila, a girl who unwillingly participates in a smuggling operation, and befriends a reluctant truck driver, Sally (Juliette […]

UFC 277 Predictions – Julianna Pena vs.

On Saturday night, Julianna Pena gets her chance to prove that lightning can strike twice when she defends her women’s bantamweight championship against Amanda Nunes in the main event of UFC 277 from the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Pena shocked the MMA world at UFC 269, submitting Nunes to win the championship. Prior to […]

Should we still study Shakespeare? An e...

This content contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Should we still study Shakespeare? There is no simple answer. On the one hand, it depends on what is meant by “study” – perhaps a better question, at least as far as accountability is concerned, should we always […]

Season 3 of “Miss Scarlet and the Duke”

TL; DR: PBS renewed Miss Scarlet and Duke for season 3, which will air in January 2023. News of the renewal comes ahead of the show’s Season 2 premiere in October 2022. The second season begins a few months after the Season 1 finale and sees Eliza Scarlet continue to establish herself as a private […]

Statue of Amelia Earhart unveiled at the...

Comment this story Comment After a torturous journey, Amelia Earhart has finally landed in a place where everyone can find her. Her statue now resides in the National Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol, following a ceremony on Wednesday that focused on her role as a pioneer for women’s rights rather than the lingering […]

Nelly Karim: Empowering Women – EgyptTod

Faten Amal Harby is a social drama series that revolves around the plight of Faten (Nelly Karim), a divorced woman with two daughters. The series sheds light on burning societal issues including domestic violence, divorce, as well as the injustice and difficulties Egyptian women face when opting for divorce, including […]

Sue Bird’s Farewell Tour arrives at Mohe

When Sue Bird’s farewell tour as WNBA superstar and Team USA flies to Connecticut on Thursday, a celebration will erupt in a matchup between two playoff-bound teams. I have fond memories of taking my daughter and two of her friends to the Pepsi Arena in 2003 to see Bird – after his rookie season with […]

Trolls told me to kill myself because of...

As an Ofcom report on UK internet habits says tech companies must do more to protect women online, writer and host Amy Nickell, 32, from Hertfordshire, shares her experience facing to a buildup of social media. Leaving the Good Morning Britain studio, after a heated on-air debate about gender roles, I felt satisfied with how […]

‘It’s not a comfortable crime – I’m tack

‘It’s not a comfortable crime – I’m tackling serious issues,’ says former Fife writer Claire MacLeary at new book launch Calendar An icon of a desktop calendar. to cancel An icon of a circle with a diagonal line across it. Caret A right-pointing solid arrow icon. E-mail An icon of a paper envelope. Facebook An […]

‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 3: Everything We K

The K-drama finale Yumi’s Cells Season 2 ended with another breakup but a hopeful future. Fans saw that Yu-mi’s heart and love for Babi wasn’t meant to be. But the ending teased fans with the long-awaited introduction of a male character that fans were eager to meet. In the original webtoon, Yu-mi has a last […]

The case of being touched

“Can I come?” It was a simple text. One I probably shouldn’t have felt so anxious to have sent as I drove to Matt’s house in West Los Angeles after a late night at the office. But for a Muslim woman in her twenties who had lived her entire life ruled by the social rules […]

James Bond star Ana de Armas doesn’t wan

no time to dieAna de Armas doesn’t like swapping the role of 007. The star, who played badass CIA agent Paloma in last year’s 25th Bond film, spoke to The sun on the ubiquitous question: who should replace Daniel Craig? For years names like Idris Elba, James Norton, Richard Madden, Henry Golding, Regé-Jean Page, Michael […]

NHL makes great strides for women in hoc...

Kate Madigan blushed and she couldn’t help smiling. When it was time at the New Jersey Devils development camp for her to show up with her title, Madigan got the chance to say she was an assistant general manager. She is only the sixth woman in the history of the National Hockey League to hold […]

What’s up with Marvel treating their fem

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heroines have received villainous treatment. After the famous alleged workplace stalker and reported creep, Joss Whedon included a forced hysterectomy in Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow’s backstory in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a movie in which Romanoff has described herself as a “monster” because of this, the MCU’s poor portrayal of their […]

Ottumwa native writes historical fiction...

Mary Armstrong’s phone rings at 4:15 a.m. every morning. Her mother, Midge, is always on the other end, waiting to hear what her daughter wrote the night before. Armstrong, originally from Ottumwa, is the author of historical novels. His name graces the covers of three books and a one-act play – “The Mesilla – The […]

A (light) defense of Netflix’s “persuasi

Watch the latest adaptation of Persuasion getting roasted by Jane Austen fans online was deeply fun. As an enlightened major, I find it fascinating every time a new Austen-inspired thing comes out because it’s still divider. sandit has been criticized for not being a good continuation of the unfinished novel, and the 2020 Emma was […]

The gender gap

This year’s World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report places Pakistan second to last out of 146 countries in terms of gender parity. According to the report, based on the progress made in closing the gender gap in South Asia, it will take another 197 years to achieve gender parity. Pakistan is consistently ranked at […]

Ask a bookseller: Little Rabbit is a ste...

Bookseller Jason Hong didn’t expect to love Alyssa Songsiridej’s “Little Rabbit” so much, and now he’s a fan. When recommending the novel at Yu and Me Books in New York, he tells people that the novel is “ultimately about sex, power and female desire”. “Little Rabbit” by Alyssa Songsiridej Bloomsbury Publishing, New York The main […]

“Female authors do not ask themselves th

‘I’m sorry I’m late’, a troubled but charming Cathy Kelly, the wildly successful recent author Dancing with the stars alum, bleats on Zoom. “I didn’t realize it was a video call I needed, so I was just doing a dry shampoo.” It’s a typical Wednesday in the calendar for the Belfast-born, Enniskerry-based woman – it’s […]

5 Historical Legends of Nigerian Culture...

Here are 5 historical legends that have had a huge impact on this country: She was Chief Medical Adviser born October 27, 1956 and died August 19, 2014. In 2014, when Ebola disease broke out, Adadevoh put the brakes on what could have been a game of tragic events; placing Patrick Sawyerthe first Ebola patient […]

Moorefield and Montoliu Lobo named SAC W...

History links ROCK HILL, South Carolina ( – The South Atlantic Conference announced Thursday, July 14, its awards for Woman and Man of the Year 2021-22. Graduate student in softball from Lenoir-Rhyne Savannah Moorefield was named SAC Woman of the Year, while student female basketball athlete Coker, Raya Coley was named SAC […]

Lawrence Saint-Victor’s Age, Relationshi

Laurent Saint-Victor is one of Love glory and beauty‘s handsome leading men. Since 2013, he has played Carter Walton in the CBS soap opera. Thanks to Carter’s storyline with Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), the actor is getting a lot of attention. Let’s recall some key facts about Saint-Victor. The Bold and the Beautiful star Lawrence […]

Quinta Brunson Makes History With Three ...

Quinta BrunsonPhoto: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images) Abbott Elementary School fans have a lot to celebrate today, but Quinta Brunsonmake history Emmy Nominations are a particularly special achievement. The ABC sitcom writer, creator and star became the first black woman to earn three Emmy nominations in the comedy category in the same year. Brunson is nominated […]

Asian Genre Filmmakers Explain Why They ...

Asian filmmakers are struggling to gain recognition in the horror and thriller genres, but not at South Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan, July 7-17). Bifan has a long history of supporting emerging and established genre filmmakers and 26e edition of the festival is no different, with works by eight female filmmakers in the […]

Houston’s ‘Sad Girls’ Exhibit Offers a L

A week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, “Sad Girls” by Jasmine Zelaya, at Art League Houston struck a timely chord with me. Zelaya presents bold new works that respond to the fears and anxieties of the COVID-19 pandemic and other socio-political crises of the past two years. For me, these pieces have […]

Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everyth...

The female king is an upcoming action-drama directed by Gina Prince Bythewood (The old guard). Prince-Bythewood co-wrote the screenplay with Dana Stevens (Paternity) based on a scenario of Maria Bello (A history of violence). Oscar winner Viola Davis (Fences) in a role we’ve never seen her in before, this film is based on the epic […]

Mystery surrounds identity of whiskey lo...

MYSTERY surrounds the identity of a female whiskey lover who spent £16million on a single cask of 47-year-old single malt at auction. The world record drink, known as Cask No. 3, was produced in 1975 by Scotland’s Ardbeg distillery on the island of Islay. 1 A mystery surrounds the identity of a whiskey lover who […]

2 California teachers attacked for LGBTQ...

Two California teachers whose careers were threatened last year because of their leadership of an LGBTQ student club during a period of conservative backlash have been cleared of wrongdoing in an independent investigation. The teachers, Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki, did not mislead parents or their school — Buena Vista Middle School in the conservative […]

Justine Smith’s long road to Taskmaster

Performing in the new season of Taskmaster NZ is a dream gig for the veteran comedian, but the path was far from smooth. She tells Sam Brooks the highs and lows of a 25-year career. “Butter knife. Butter knife. Butter knife. Meat fork. Knife. Ice cream scoop. Dessert spoon. Soup spoon. Dessert spoon. Butter knife. […]

Black Superhero | Washington Examiner

Aabout once a month a package of comics arrives in my dad’s mailbox. We’ve been reading comics together for The Death of Superman, the high-profile 1992 story in which the iconic hero perished in an all-out battle against the monster Doomsday. (He got better.) The comic has sold over 6 million copies, including one to […]

Natalie Portman’s Thor arms and the chec

NOTAtalia Portman Arms. It is now impossible to say these three words in a normal voice. Since the first images of the star appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder, no one really knows what to do. Everyone is bewitched. Here is an example of a response set from Twitter: “Filling out passport documents. Religion: Natalie […]

Devils appoint Kate Madigan as assistant...

NEWARK, New Jersey The New Jersey Devils have named their first assistant general manager, making Kate Madigan the sixth woman to hold the NHL title. General manager Tom Fitzgerald announced the promotion Wednesday, the day before the NHL Draft. “Kate has been an incredibly valuable resource not just to me, but to all of our […]

Glasgow celebrates the life of Scottish ...

She was born into a life of immense wealth and privilege, but reveled in issues of which her peers were “ignorant or afraid”. Scottish novelist and playwright Naomi Mitchison wrote over 80 books and her work is hailed for being ahead of its time, exploring themes of self-determination and equality between gender, race and class. […]

At 13, Ritaj Hussain Alhazmi is the youn...

It takes years for people to publish their first book, but Ritaj Hussain Alhazmi has published not one but three of his books. With three novels in print, 13-year-old Alhazmi has been named “the youngest person in the world to publish a book series (female)” by Guinness World Records. In a conversation with Guinness World […]

Blues pianist Marcia Ball performs at Ac...

THREE OAKS — Blues pianist, songwriter and singer Marcia Ball performs at 8 p.m. July 7 at The Acorn, 107 Generations Drive. The Texas-born, Louisiana-raised ball is known for its Texas boogies, New Orleans swamp ballads and Gulf Coast blues. Born in 1949 to a family whose female members all played the piano, Ball moved […]

The true-crime podcasts that inspired Li...

Growing up, Moriarty wanted to be a writer but at some point she “lost that dream”. It was her sister Jaci, also a writer, who encouraged her to return to the keyboard. Another sister, Nicola, is also a writer. When they were little, their father tasked the five siblings – four girls and a boy […]

Marvel Comics finally reveals the true p...

Jessica Jones encounters a multitude of variants of herself in The Variants #1, extending the concept as a metaphor for the complexities of being a survivor. Warning: spoilers for The Variants #1 are ahead. Content Warning: This article contains descriptions of psychological and emotional abuse. Variants are more popular than ever in Marvel Comics, but […]

Julia Tutwiler Hall on the University of...

Here’s a look at the history of Julia Tutwiler Hall on the University of Alabama campus and the woman who inspired the building’s name: • August 15, 1841: Julia Tutwiler is born in Tuscaloosa, the third of eleven children. She would grow up to be a writer, educator, prison reformer and a strong supporter of […]

Lisa McGee: Derry Girls writer stunned a...

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee was “stunned, shocked and very honoured” after councilors voted unanimously to award her freedom of the city, making her the first woman to receive the honour. DLP councilor Martin Reilly tabled the motion to bestow the city’s highest honor on Ms McGee in recognition of the ‘huge positive global impact’ […]

2022 Governors Awards Profile: Euzhan Pa...

Just four years ago, Cicely Tyson made history as the first black woman to receive an honorary Oscar, given in recognition of her immeasurably influential six decades of acting. Now, the academy’s board has demonstrated its commitment to continuing to show appreciation for black women in film by announcing Eujan Palcy as one of this […]

‘I’ll stream while you cook for me,’ say

Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos, a controversial variety streamer with over 1.5 million subscribers, was banned from Twitch today following a stream that included a sexist rant about the role of women in his life . While it’s not entirely clear what prompted the ban, Antonatos said on Twitter (opens in a new tab) that it had […]

4-game season focuses on women’s lives t

The new plays being developed in July at the Cape Cod Theater Project in Falmouth are all written by women and directed by female directors. All four shows feature only one male lead. Art director Hal Brooks says he didn’t go into his reading and choosing scripts for this first season in person in three […]

Day of activities inspired by a Civil Wa...

An inspiring female character from history is being celebrated with a day of free activities for all ages at the National Civil War Center in Newark next month. 17th century writer and Civil War spy Aphra Behn will star in family fun shows on Saturday, July 2. Visitors will also have the option of choosing […]

Frank Moorhouse, Australian author and e...

Frank Moorhouse, the acclaimed Australian author and essayist best known for the Edith trilogy, has died aged 83. His publisher, Penguin Random House, confirmed on Sunday that he died that morning in a hospital in Sydney. The author of 18 books, in addition to screenplays and essays, Moorhouse has explored Australian identity through the career […]

ON THE BOOKS: Did a man write the Ferran...

“Relationships between women don’t have solid rules like those between men.” — Elena Ferrante at Vogue magazine in 2014 Nobody knows who Elena Ferrante really is – the identity of the author is a secret. Normally, when I hear something like that, my reaction is silent. I understand why a writer might not want to […]

The Invisible Woman Almost Became a Priv...

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out how the Invisible Woman came close to becoming a private detective in the 1970s. Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the eight hundred and forty-fifth episode where we examine three comic book legends and determine if they are true or false. As usual, there […]

12 books to read after the Supreme Court...

Beacon, NYU Press, WW Norton, Counterpoint For the supporters of choice. Friday’s Supreme Court ruling overturns Roe vs. Wade was devastating. For those who have actively fought for women’s rights over the years, even decades, it feels like a huge shift, a loss, a huge defeat, even though we saw it coming. And that is […]

30% of 3rd year middle school students h...

Nearly 30 percent of third-year junior high students have eyesight below 0.3 on the Japanese acuity scale, the Ministry of Education said in a study released on June 23. “I think a major factor in students’ declining eyesight is the habit they have developed from a young age of watching cartoons or playing games on […]

The ‘transparent’ musical leads the Mark

A musical based on “Transparent” will make its world premiere in Los Angeles in 2023, almost a decade after the groundbreaking television show debuted. The new adaptation of the Amazon title – which premiered in 2014 and became the first scripted series to focus on a transitioning transgender character – comes from its creator Joey […]

3 questions for writer/performer Quinn F...

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s Pride Month. And yes, there is glitter to wear and fun to have, but it’s also important to remember to take the time to listen to meaningful stories of discovery and belonging while learning about the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community. We sat down with Quinn […]

Zoey Deutch Is an “Unlikable Female Prot

Zoey Deutch is America’s most hated girl – well, at least in the teaser for her new movie ‘Not Okay’. But that’s because she told a very big lie after a terrorist attack. The sequence is preceded by a disclaimer: “This film contains an unlikable female protagonist. Aimed at an informed audience.” So what exactly […]

Asian female journalists harassed in cam...

Washington— Threats of violence and rape. Accused of being a traitor. Insults regarding appearance. Asian journalists who cover politics or human rights in China, especially women, risk a barrage of attacks online every time they publish. According to a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), Asian women face the worst vitriol. The think […]

Reviews | Transgender women in the spor...

For the editor: Regarding “Lots of debate but little dialogue about transgender female athletes” (front page, May 29): Efforts to exclude transgender people from sport are harmful to all women and girls. Athletes are more than bodies, hormones and a sex assigned at birth. Proximity to coaches, facilities, and parents who have money and time […]

DC Pride 2022 marked a major milestone f...

Today we look at how DC Pride 2022 contained a major milestone of the Legion of Super-Heroes within its pages. This is “Provide Answers”, which is a feature where long unresolved plot points are eventually resolved. This one’s a little tricky, because by “unresolved” I really mean “unconfirmed”, but whatever, you’ll see what I mean […]

The Women’s Country Club Champion wrote

The Women’s Country Club Champion wrote the book on golf BROOKLINE, Mass. (AP) — The winner of the first major held at the storied golf course hosting this week’s US Open served up many solid lessons that still hold true today. Her name: Geneviève Hecker. Hecker’s victory in the US Women’s Amateur in 1902 made […]

WWII All-Female 6888th Postal Battalion ...

Placeholder while loading article actions The country is finally shining the spotlight on an unsung unit of WWII black women, with Congress bestowing on them its highest honor – and with a new musical on the way too to sing their amazing story. These were the 855 members of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion […]

The Short Film’ │ GMA News Online

NEW YORK — The Tribeca Film Festival, founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff after the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy, was created to spur the economic and cultural revitalization of lower Manhattan. It is a major festival that embraces LGBTQ+ as well as newbies, filmmakers and others. As such, even […]

Is James Patterson’s claim that white me

One of the world’s richest living writers, James Patterson, said in an interview with The Times on Sunday that white men like him face racism in the publishing, theater, film and television industries. . He described the alleged difficulty faced by the most privileged members of society as “just another form of racism… Can you […]

Comic anticlimax in Set Piece by Nat Ran...

Review: Set Piece, by Nat Randall and Anna Breckon, for Rising. Set Piece by Nat Randall and Anna Breckon explores female intimacy through the relationship between screen and stage, drawing inspiration from dinner party conversation, improvisation and lesbian pulp fiction. Its generic situation and looping repetition combine to stage a lesbian fantasy with a comedic […]

British writer Yrsa Daley-Ward – The Pat

Yrsa Daley-Ward is an English writer, model and actress. She is known for her first book, Bone, as well as for her spoken word poetry and for being an “Instagram poet”. His memoir, The Terrible, was published in 2018, and in 2019 it won the PEN/Ackerley Prize. She also co-wrote Black Is King, Beyoncé’s musical […]

UFC 275 predictions – Glover Teixeira vs

The UFC continues a crazy series of PPV events with another featuring multiple title fights. Last month, Charles Oliveira outclassed Justin Gaethje to retain the lightweight strap and Carla Esparza won the women’s strawweight championship from Rose Namajunas in Phoenix, Arizona. Now the promotion is heading to Asia for UFC 275 in Kallang, Singapore. The […]

Kevin Smith set to take over as helm of ...

According to Netflix Geeked Week, Kevin Smith is set to return to executive produce a potential follow-up to 2021’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation. On Thursday, IGN reported that during Netflix Geeked Week, Kevin Smith is set to take over executive production on a new He-Man project called Masters of the Universe: Revolution. It’s apparently […]

Murakami opens up about his latest trans...

As part of his life’s work to make F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books more accessible to Japanese readers, novelist Haruki Murakami translated and published Fitzgerald’s latest novel, “The Last Tycoon,” in Japanese. Although the book was never completed, as Fitzgerald’s life was cut short in 1940 when he suffered a heart attack at age 44, it […]

A unique ‘trilogy’ will unfold at a huge

The second Sunday in June usually attracts many boxing dignitaries to Canastota, New York. There’s a banquet, autograph card display, parade, lectures on the museum grounds and a ceremony that often allows fans of the sport to interact with some of its most legendary figures during its weekend. annual at the International Boxing Hall of […]

🌱 Riverhead Daily: $496,000 Science Ctr

Hello, neighbors. Diane Witek here with your new copy of the Riverhead Daily, filled with all the things you need to know about what’s happening locally. First, today’s weather forecast: Heavy rain and a thunderstorm. High: 75, low: 58. Here are the best stories in Riverhead today: The New York State Council of the Arts […]

Dolly Alderton on Turning Her Life Into ...

Dolly Alderton’s memoir of the madness of her 20s was a huge hit, and now it’s a streaming series. But she had to change history. Whisper Dolly Alderton’s name to a young woman and she’ll probably squeal with delight. The British writer, podcaster and journalist is a millennial superstar for his honest and fresh perspectives […]

Can journalists and grieving communities...

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Media Writer NEW YORK (AP) — As a group of reporters stood in front of a morgue to attend the funeral of a child killed in the Uvalde school massacre, some people passing by did not hide their anger. “You’re all the scum of the earth,” one woman said as she […]

Who Jurassic fans really want to see a m...

Redditor u/tonyinthetardis started a thread asking others if they think Bryce Dallas Howard would make a good director for any future “Jurassic” movies. After playing small roles in films directed by her father, Ron Howard, she would take on larger roles, such as in “Spider-Man 3” and “Pete’s Dragon”; she also plays the female lead […]

Real Civil War hero inspires LGBTQ+ nove...

As a young volunteer re-enactor at Naper Settlement, Michael Leali was comfortable identifying as a 19th-century boy. He was carrying his backpack, which contained essential tools of that time, such as a pewter mug and a writing slate. Leali had read all of the Little House on the Prairie books. He loved 1800s history. “I […]

How a Curious Guestbook for the Brontë P

There was a pleasing honesty. In the mud and blood of Wuthering Heights, and the visceral rawness of roaring grief and in the drama of his own darling Jane Eyre. Now, as the new Writer-in-Residence at Haworth’s Brontë Parsonage Museum, she’s determined to immerse herself in those same dramatic landscapes to tap into that creativity. […]

Women’s golf youth movement includes ris

By STEVE REED, AP Sports Reporter SOUTHERN PINES, NC (AP) — Women’s golf is on the rise, and there’s no shortage of momentum among fans and sponsors. With an abundance of emerging stars gaining notoriety, the sport is attracting more attention – and sponsorships – in the post-Covid era. According to the USGA, ticket sales […]

Lisa Carmen Wang, author of Bad B!tch Bi...

Lisa Wang is a former 4X USA National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned serial entrepreneur, investor, writer, keynote speaker, executive coach, and unabashed feminist. Lisa is the founder of BAD B!TCH EMPIRE, which builds self-esteem and wealth for women on the Web3. She is the host of the Enoughness podcast. In this episode […]

Le Libraire – Commentary – The case of t

Agatha Christie is known to be the best-selling fiction writer in the world, with her novels having sold over two billion copies. The prolific author of 66 novels and numerous short story collections is also a commanding presence in theatre. Some have argued – convincingly – that she is the most successful female playwright of […]

15th Annual ACM Honors for Nashville’s H

The 15th Annual ACM Honors Ceremony will be held in August at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. The Academy of Country Music announces the winners of the ACM Special Award Wednesday morning (June 1). “ACM Honors is truly a special and unique night as the entire country music community comes together to celebrate […]

10 Ways DC Hurt The Justice League

The Justice League is DC’s most important superteam. Made up of the publisher’s greatest heroes, the League has defended the DC Multiverse from every threat imaginable. Some of the publisher’s biggest stories have featured the team, and the success of their debut is what prompted Marvel to get back into the superhero game, putting the […]

A scientist starts writing fiction

Marulasidda Siddu Marulasidda Siddu NEW YORK, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — You almost never see someone in the scientific field doing creative work. This is because many perceive the two skills to be polar opposites. But trends are changing and people are exploring their many talents, no matter what field they work in. This […]

British Actors Sign Letter Calling For M...

More than 100 actors and public figures in the UK have put their names to an open letter calling for better on-screen representation of older women, to help tackle “entrenched ageism” in the entertainment industry. Signatories include Keeley Hawes, Lesley Manville, Richard E Grant, David Tennant, Zawe Ashton, Meera Syal and Juliet Stevenson. In the […]

Actors Call for Better On-Screen Represe...

Actors such as Juliet Stevenson, Meera Syal, David Tennant and Zawe Ashton have called for better on-screen representation of women over 45 to tackle the “entrenched” ageism of the entertainment industry. In an open letter signed by over 100 actors and public figures, the Acting Your Age (AYAC) campaign has called for equal representation in […]

Henry VIII at Shakespeare’s Globe

Henry VIII is a play about power and how it corrupts. Regardless of the relevance of this moment, it’s a flawed play – several key action points occur offstage. There isn’t really a climax, the ending originally serving as an epilogue. Considering all that, it’s not the most interesting of the works attributed to Shakespeare. […]