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Travel: come to Hampton Court

“Why don’t you come to court? asked the 16th-century poet John Skelton, who noted that, while the king’s court “should have excellence”, Hampton Court, then owned by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, “has pre-eminence”. It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that Wolsey was “persuaded” in due course to turn it over to Henry VIII. Today, you can tour […]

Dream nights with the Teignmouth Players

In the Teignmouth Players performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nicole Davall plays Titania and Ben Butler-Cole plays Oberon Printed and digital download photos available Teignmouth players are set to reprise their well-known and beloved Ice Factory Studio Theater performances of The Bard’s works; William Shakespeare. Fittingly, so close to Valentine’s Day, the main overriding […]

Holbein at the Morgan Library in New Yor...

Hans Holbein’s painting of Simon George (c.1535-40) . . . © Horst Ziegenfusz . . . and his sketch of the same subject (circa 1535) © Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II New York’s Morgan Library mistitled its exhilarating exhibit Holbein: capturing the character. Hans Holbein the Younger, virtuoso portrait painter of to let […]

The front line may be in Ukraine… but it

Before we can begin to understand what is happening in Ukraine, we must first understand Vladimir Putin’s view of truth and lies. Putin, as a former KGB Colonel, was brought up in a system where lies are not mistakes or just lies. Lies are a control strategy. The idea is to tell so many versions […]

Book Review: ‘Crown & Scepter’ – A Quick

By Thomas Filbin Crown and Scepter is generally entertaining, and it has the educational benefit of helping readers keep straight the Williams, Henrys, Edwards and Georges who held the ancient throne. Crown & Scepter: A New History of the British Monarchy, from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II by Tracy Borman. Grove/Atlantic, 555 pages, $32. […]

Language worries Bengali in West Bengal

Why worry about your language? Since the last decades of the last century, a new anxiety has descended upon humanity – that of the endurance, decay and death of language. For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel. “How long will my language live?” ask a lot of people. “Can we […]


Genji Ki Kahaani [The Tale of Genji] is the Urdu translation of the Japanese classic Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu. The original was written – according to the book’s foreword – around 1000-1012 CE during the Heian Empire period (794-1185 CE) and reputed to be the first novel ever written. The eminent scholar Baqar Naqvi […]

Esi Edugyan: “At school in Canada, slave

Esi Edugyan, 44, is a Canadian author who was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She wrote her first novel, The second life of Samuel Tynein 2004 when she was only 24 years old. In 2011, she won the Scotiabank Giller Prize for her novel Half-Blood Blues and in 2018 she was shortlisted for the […]

St Paul’s enters culture cancellation de

“History never sleeps or slumbers,” Ehikhamenor said. “For me to respond to the memorial brass of Admiral Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson who led British troops in the sacking of the Kingdom of Benin 125 years ago is proof of that. “I hope that we, the descendants of countless thorny and uncomfortable pasts, will begin to […]

“It’s Set Your Eyes Aflame”: two poems f

Poems of Nasir, the Hebrew and Arabic writer. Edited and translated by Alan Elbaum The author of the texts translated here is a Jewish poet and folk artist named Nasir, who achieved local fame in Cairo from the Mamluk era around 1300 CE. After his death he was forgotten. Fortunately, many of his papers ended […]

The best classical music and opera CDs a...

DVD Verdi – Rigoletto: Maggio Musicale Fiorentino ★★★☆☆ Verdi’s drama about the court jester who plots revenge on courtiers and the duke who mock him, but thereby causes the death of his beloved daughter, is certainly one of his darkest. In many productions the gloom is softened by a lavishly period setting, but in this […]

Royal Court – Court Positions and Abilit

The new expansion for Crusader Kings III: Royal Court has a bunch of special roles that can be assigned to characters. This earns you an opinion bonus, as well as several buffs to your character, kingdom, and greatness. here is our Crusader Kings III: Royal Court guide to help you with court positions. To note: […]

West Tisbury: Brava, Leslie – The Martha

I think everyone in town was out shopping on Friday, preparing for the big storm. When it arrived it was truly remarkable, but not the 24-30 inches of snow we were told to expect. We had about a foot in our house. The snow was constant, very heavy and wet. With the wind, it was […]

“The King’s Touch” ‹ Literary Center

The Latin proverb “Pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli” has been translated, in various ways, by “According to the gifts of the reader, books have their destiny”; or in a less optimistic version, “Books go to ruin according to the capacity of the reader.” Or in a compressed version of both, “One admires, the […]

The legacy of Balochistan’s greatest rul

Much ink has been spilled over the history of Balochistan over the past few decades. What is more exciting and compelling is that the streak of research and exploration on Baloch history has tended to continue unabated till date. Undoubtedly, discovering the history and evolution of a nation, the metamorphosis of its culture, the origin […]

How the Legacy of Holocaust Survivors Li...

The legacy of Holocaust survivors who put their pain into poetry in Toronto will be rekindled in song Thursday, marking Holocaust Remembrance Day and commemorating the genocidal trauma they endured. “What a legacy for them, this new incarnation,” said Dr. Paula David, founder of a poetry project dedicated to survivors at the Baycrest Center for […]

the secret lives of ancient england

I don’t often feel the urge to run my hand over a doublet, not least because that thick, cut-over silk bib was all the rage 400 years ago. But at The Tudors: Power, Passion and Politics, at the Holburne Museum in Bath, the paintings practically command it. For the swaggering look and power-boosting shine, the […]

Russia and the United States

Yet any of us who have lived in Russia for any length of time and seriously concerned themselves with Russian realities know that there have been phenomena in Russian life that speak with enormous power and significance to American perception. : efforts that every American instinctively understands, manifestations of human feeling that are not only […]

a powerfully political staging that we w...

Sixteen years have passed since Opera North’s last production of Verdi’s classic Rigoletto. It is suspected that his latest staging – the operatic debut of acclaimed British-Nigerian director Femi Elufowoju Jr – will still be talked about 16 years from now.The director has created a bold, innovative and purposeful reimagining of Verdi’s tale of vicious […]

When Pandit Birju Maharaj played nayak a...

At a 2019 lecture-demonstration as part of the Manodharma Festival in the capital hosted by Delhi-based Odissi representative Sharon Lowen, Pandit Birju Maharaj presented a thumri in raag From. It is a composition of his grandfather Kalka Maharaj, who together with his brother Bindadin Maharaj is known to be the architect of the current form […]

You can’t talk about Telugu literature w

Hyderabad: As part of the sixth edition of the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) elective course, the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) has organized two online lectures, “Sweeter than Honey: The Advent and Rise of Classical Telugu Literature” and “ Conquest of the World: Krishnadevaraya’s Amuktamalyada’ Distinguished author, translator and musician Dr. Srinivas Reddy delivered […]

Italian Baroque with Circa (Australian B...

Rippling blue gauze hid the backstage of City Recital Hall, the traditional “shoebox” concert hall that provided traditional classical ensembles with a near-ideal performance arena for two decades. From behind the gauze came tantalizing sounds – footsteps, chairs moving, pages turning, and faint sounds of fingers testing the strings for tuning. Then, with the entrance […]

Maharana Pratap – Victor in life and in

India oi-Prakash KL | Updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 7:12 PM [IST] “Our dead never died for us until we forgot them”: George Eliot Maharana Pratap remains forever etched in our collective consciousness. He breathed hislast this day 425 years ago in Chavand. Of several thousand years of history of the subcontinents, having a galaxy […]


Metaphors are invented to negotiate the weird, weird, and weird emotional situations that each of us has to deal with, repeatedly or sporadically, in our personal and sociopolitical lives. The title of Harris Khalique’s latest Urdu poetry anthology, Hairaan Sar-i-Bazaar [Amazed/Confounded in the Marketplace] is one of those complex metaphors. It seems logical to think […]

Genocide of Indian Muslims! Imminent or...

Shariq Mumtaz Hashmi The daring sting of the Hindutva ecosystem for the genocide of the Indian Muslim community is worth pondering. Is it disturbing to imagine that we are so vulnerable that a group of people waving swords will invade us and annihilate us? It sounds absurd! After all, we live in a modern civilization […]

The lie of Malam Malami – Tribune Online

As usual, Nigerian justice minister Malam Abubakar Malami (SAN) berated governors in the south this week. Obstructionist par excellence, Malami hates the very idea that the governors of the south protect their people and rule their space in a civilized manner. He took up arms when the governors formed Amotekun to stop the genocide perpetrated […]

Vigilance is about system failure: The T...

Neera Chandhoke political scientist When it comes to casting the vigilante as a hero, Bollywood is second to none. Amitabh Bachchan has perfected the role of the lone cop navigating through the broken landscape of injustice. Disillusioned with the Indian state’s inability to punish wrongdoers – from corrupt policemen to zamindars and industrialists – our […]

Vigilance is the failure of the system: ...

Neera Chandhoke Political scientist When it comes to portraying the vigilante as a hero, Bollywood is second to none. Amitabh Bachchan has perfected the role of the lone cop who weaves his way through the troubled landscape of injustice. Disillusioned by the failure of the Indian state to punish evildoers – from corrupt police to […]

Things to do in LA, OC: Dance, theater, ...

Michael Tilson Thomas with LA winner Phil and Tony John Lloyd Young in a new cabaret show tops our list of cultural offerings this weekend. Before you go, don’t forget to call or check online for booking conditions and other COVID-19 protocols. “Prokofiev and MTT”Los Angeles native and composer Michael Tilson Thomas, former member of […]

Fired Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn sw...

Sarah Jayne Dunn appeared to take a hit at the bosses of Hollyoaks by comparing a previous racy photo with a more recent one from her controversial OnlyFans account. The 40-year-old made headlines last year when she was fired from her role as Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap opera after opening an account […]

PETER YOUNG: A message straight from the...

The Queen’s message to the people is an essential part of the British Christmas tradition. As this year’s festivities approached, many expected her address to the nation on Christmas Day to be particularly personal, as the past few months have been a particularly difficult and sad time for her, including the loss of her husband, […]

A Chinese pot used as an everyday househ...

A 400-year-old Chinese pot used as a daily household ornament by a British family has sold for over £160,000. The blue and white brush pot, once used to hold an artist’s brushes, dates from the reign of the Chinese Emperor Kangxi in the 17th century. It was acquired by a British businessman who traded in […]

Chinese pot used as daily household orna...

A 400-year-old Chinese pot used as a daily household ornament by a British family has sold for over £ 160,000. The blue and white brush pot, once used to hold an artist’s brushes, dates from the reign of Chinese Emperor Kangxi in the 17th century. It was acquired by a British businessman who traded in […]

Mirza Ghalib birthday: Lesser known fact...

Today marks the 224th birthday of Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, known by his pen name, “Ghalib”. He was born in 1797, in ancient India which was ruled by the Mughal Empire, shortly before the arrival of the British. Ghalib wrote in both Urdu and Persian, and although his Persian writing is longer than his Urdu […]

Mirza Ghalib 224th birthday: 10 love cou...

Veteran actor Sharmila Tagore once recalled how her late husband and former Indian cricketer and skipper Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi once passed Mirza Ghalib’s poem off as his own. The poem was’Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai‘and it was her Safar (1970) co-star Feroz Khan who corrected her and said it was Ghalib’s job. This is […]

Historical houses – TNT Magazine

Step inside from the chill at one of London’s charming, festive or simply quirky heritage properties. Words: ALEXANDRA WENHAM Sir John Soane Museum The 18th-century architect’s impressive personal home was designed to make the most of natural light and houses an extensive collection of antiquities, including a real Egyptian sarcophagus in the basement. On the […]

The colorful history of Limerick’s Curra

THE Curragh Chase Grounds have become familiar and loved territory for countless Limerick families over the decades since it became a forest park and open to the public. But one question that immediately piques the curiosity of virtually all visitors upon seeing the large roofless ruin with its stunning view of the lake, is: what […]

India was a “big game” for the British.

Pictorial representation of the Cipaye rebellion 1857 | Wikimedia Commons Text size: A- A + IIn 1803, the Company saw fit to retain the Emperor as a puppet – for a time at least – rather than abruptly ending the dynasty. There seemed to be a profit in such a move. The detention of the […]

The church exhibits works by BI artists

The Lutheran Church in Port Madison recently held its first local art exhibit, featuring pieces ranging from abstract paintings to landscapes, from pottery to weaving. The exhibition titled Discovered Art: A Winter Soirée premiered on December 4. “I’m never surprised to find artists hidden in churches,” said curator Tamarah Rockwood. “Very often when people feel […]

Kate Middleton hosts Christmas carol ser...

Kate Middleton is preparing to host a royal Christmas carol service which has been embroiled in an argument between the palace and the BBC. The Duchess of Cambridge will celebrate the people and organizations that have helped Britain during the COVID-19 pandemic, during a special festive service at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday. However, the uplifting […]

Royal family to join Prince William and ...

Kate’s party event airs on ITV Christmas Eve at 7:30 p.m. after a reported last minute change from the BBC following an argument over the BBC Two documentary which examined William and The Duke of Sussex’s relationship with the media. READ MORE The Together at Christmas concert, which reflects the challenges of the pandemic, will […]

What happened to the inspired language o...

On the occasion of the 93rd birthday today from one of the founding thinkers of dance, we reproduce a lecture titled “Changing Phases of Bharatanatyam”, which she delivered (with a demonstration of segments of her revolutionary 1985 choreographic production “Angika”) at the session of the morning of the annual Madras Academy of Music festival, January […]

The secrets of running the real Downton ...

Today’s Guardians live in a modest house a few yards from Highclere’s back gate, but frequently stay in the castle. It’s a big house, with around 300 rooms, but “you sleep well here because there is no TV and the Wi-Fi doesn’t really work,” says Lady Carnarvon. The place was pretty tired when, in 2001, […]

Robert Bly, poet, translator and anti-wa...

Robert Bly, who died at the age of 94, was an award-winning poet, author and translator, whose name was created by his bestseller Iron John: A Book About Men (1990), which has been credited with advances the men’s movement in the United States. . Bly believed that American “male dominance” had softened in an increasingly […]

Started in 2007: the Nizamuddin Basti co...

UNESCO awarded two prizes for conservation efforts to Nizamuddin Basti in the capital. The Nizamuddin area includes the World Heritage Site of Humayun’s Tomb, the century-old Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti settlement and Sunder Nursery, in addition to the Batashewala Tomb Garden Complex, tomb of 16th century courtier poet Khan I Khanan ‘Rahim’, and the Mughal period […]

Why “Succession” season 3 falls flat com

Logan Roy, the patriarch of the HBO series ‘Succession’, is an irascible king in every inch. Cut from the same cloth as Rupert Murdoch, he rules his right-wing media kingdom with a dyspeptic ferocity that regularly erupts in a two-word kiss that can’t be printed in a family journal. Ruthless in battle, he reserves his […]


The greatest legacy of the Mughal Empire is its contribution to the culture of South Asia, with paintings, textiles, jewelry, ornaments, clothing, music, dance, poetry, exquisite cuisine, architecture and garden design. It was the age of elegance and the tone was set by the emperors. Royalty the world over has surrounded themselves with lavish luxury. […]

The wandering creativity of Sophie Taeub...

There is an object in the Museum of Modern Art retrospective of Swiss polymath Sophie Taeuber-Arp that is so coveted that I wanted to hurry it. It dates from 1922 and takes the form of triangles that fit together in an integral pattern of blue and pink, brown and olive. These abstract shapes are interrupted […]

travel A day trip from Kolkata, Burdwan ...

About a two hour drive from Kolkata is the town of Burdwan. There is archaeological evidence suggesting that the city can trace its origins beyond the 6th century BC. The last two regimes left a real impact on the region and some of its most important architectural monuments date from the time. These are some […]

Crusader Kings 3’s first expansion, Roya

Crusader Kings 3 is a superb continuation of Paradox’s long line of long-standing strategies, and Paradox today announced the release date of its first major expansion: Royal Court. It arrives on February 8, 2022, and “chair rulers and budding emperors will be able to accumulate artifacts and build new types of nations,” as well as […]


Perhaps the world needs another John Milton for our “age of anxiety” to explain the fall of man from grace, or another “poet from the East” to justify the ways of. God to man. But with luminaries of the stature of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Milton, the story is particularly thrifty. In their epics Shikwa […]

JOAN SULLIVAN: Newfoundland and Canadian...

As the title and illustration of the book’s cover suggest – a medieval depiction of a knight – this latest volume by Mark Callanan evokes the age of romance. The two opening inscriptions reinforce this aesthetic theme, the first from “The Tale of King Arthur and His Knights” by Howard Pyle (“And indeed, it is […]

An Ode for .. the First Sinister

First published on 14 NOV 2021 Updated on November 14, 2021 Victor Billot Dunedin writer Victor Billot is the author of The Sets, an acclaimed collection of poems published in 2020 by Otago University Press. Every Sunday, he composes weekly satirical Odes for Newsroom. Show more Reading room New Zealand poet laureate composes an ode […]

from Picasso’s homage to friendship to t

that of Gustave Caillebotte Young man at his window (1876); the Cox Collection: The Story of Impressionism, Christie’s New York, November 11; estimate: around $ 50 million The most expensive work of the French painter of the Belle Époque Gustave Caillebotte to be auctioned this century, Young man at his window is likely to break […]

Jamia Millia Islamia Artist Shah Abul Fa...

Jamia Millia Islamia celebrates 101 years of its glorious existence with 101 internationally renowned artists. The idea behind the 15-day collective exhibition organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Jamia and inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Najma Akhtar at the MF Hussain Art Gallery on 29e October 2021 will bring all artists together on […]

Paterson debacle shows Johnson no longer...

Nobody doubted it, not even Boris Johnson. The attempt to save his friend Owen Paterson from a light sentence for a breach of the parliamentary code was a miserable failure. The Conservatives’ short-lived attempt to tear up the independent system of fighting parliamentary foolishness has been abandoned. After the Government U-turn MPs were due to […]

The Queen is cared for by favorite court...

The Queen is cared for by favorite courtiers including ‘Tall Paul’ (who is 6ft 4in) who have remained faithfully by her side since Prince Philip’s death Queen is cared for while watching TV with her closest aides One of them, courtier Paul Whybrew, 62, known as ‘Tall Paul’ due to a 6ft 4in frame The […]

Today in history: it is Friday, October ...

By the associated press Today’s highlight in history: On October 29, 2018, a next-generation Boeing operated by Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air crashed in the Java Sea minutes after taking off from Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board; it was the first of two fatal crashes involving the 737 Max, resulting in the plane […]

Three poems from the libretto of ‘Giraff

There was a time when China was a sea power. Admiral Eunuch Zheng He led expeditionary voyages between 1405 and 1433 in Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, West Asia, and East Africa. It was a legendary fleet, with the “treasure ships” which were nine masts, with four decks and about 400 feet in length. In […]

Today in History – October 29

shutterstock“/>Photo from an old book courtesy shutter By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday, October 29, the 302nd day of 2021. There are 63 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in the story: On October 29, 2018, a Next Generation Boeing operated by Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air crashed into the Java Sea minutes […]

Professors share “little known” facts –

Who is buried in Kant’s tomb? There is no such thing as a “chemical free” product? Peter the Great was a dentist? We asked a handful of professors to share a little-known fact about their discipline. See how much surprise you! In 1697-98, Peter the Great became the first Russian ruler to visit Western Europe. […]

Review: Hans Holbein struts around the G...

The original exhibition of Renaissance portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger at the J. Paul Getty Museum opens with a bang. Her stunningly beautiful painting of a young woman, wife of a London courtier, sits straight ahead on the entrance wall. Shown in standard three-quarter view, at waist height, she appears decent and composed when […]

A little wisdom from Bernard | Charles ...

BBernard de Clairvaux, the great 12th-century saint and doctor of the Church who renewed Western monastic tradition, once warned that “The gravest danger for any pope lies in the fact that, surrounded as he is flatterers, he never hears the truth about himself and ends up unwilling to hear it. Each pontificate has its courtiers. […]

“The Last Duel”, Review: Ridley Scott’s

Apparently a good man was hard to find in the Middle Ages. At least there isn’t one in Ridley Scott’s new film, “The Last Duel” (now in theaters), set in France at the end of the 14th century, in the middle of the Hundred Years War. ruinous and social unrest in the wake of the […]

Book Review: “The Christmas Pig,” by JK

THE CHRISTMAS PIGBy JK RowlingIllustrated by Jim Field Neither words nor pictures, as the best storytellers have always known, can compete with the exuberant force of the imagination of a willful reader. JK Rowling has made a virtuoso demonstration of the truth of this premise in his most recent book. “The Ickabog”, a pandemic project, […]

WISN 12 partners with Nō Studios for the

WISN 12 partners with Nō Studios for the Project CommUNITY initiative WISN 12 will feature musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, authors, poets and artisans of all types through its partnership with Nō Studios. Updated: 12:16 p.m. CDT October 5, 2021 WISN 12 will feature musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, authors, poets and artisans of all types through […]

The first chapter in a long Japanese lov...

Looking at the history of love, its emotional tears, physical contortions, and logistical nightmares, one understands the growing tendency in our time to ignore it. The poet Ono no Komachi in the rain. She was one of Japan’s greatest poets and a well-known beauty. | UTAGAWA TOYOKUNI I, PUBLIC DOMAIN, VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMON How far […]

Ayrshire village poet’s childhood memori

A poet from Ayrshire will soon realize the dream of a lifetime: when her works are published in a new book. At 86, Josie Neill has been described as one of Scotland’s “most overlooked” poets. However, Josie will finally see her first full collection of work published – in a book called “There’s Ma Mammy […]

‘The Outpost’ will end with season 4 on

“The Outpost” will end after Season 4 on The CW, the network revealed on Wednesday. A person familiar with the decision told TheWrap the network and the producers have mutually agreed to end the show with its Season 4 currently airing after production begins. The season four – and now the series – finale of […]

WISN 12 Partners with John Ridley’s “No

WISN 12 Partners with John Ridley’s “No Studios” to Spotlight Milwaukee Artists Effort is part of the station’s Project CommUNITY initiative and will be featured on 12 News at 11 a.m. Update: September 16, 2021 4:45 p.m. CDT WISN 12 will feature musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, authors, poets and artisans of all types through its […]

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Queen’s courtiers ner

Carrie Johnson is desperate to stay with the Queen for the first time since marrying Boris, but I hear courtiers growing increasingly nervous about their planned visit to Balmoral. Their stay at the Royal Scottish Retreat was canceled last summer and officials are desperate to ensure Her Majesty is not at risk of catching Covid. […]

The Rise and Fall of the Scandalous Bole...

Mary Boleyn (right) was mistress to Henry VIII before her sister Anne (left) ascended the throne. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons When Anne Boleyn, the social and charismatic daughter of a great English courtier, attracted attention of King Tudor Henry VIII in the mid-1520s, few could have predicted how far it would rise and ultimately […]

The adaptation of A24 is the ultimate Ar...

Few pieces of IP in English have been restarted as many times as Sir Gauvain and the Green Knight, a 14eEpic poem of the century by an anonymous Middle English author known (after the title of one of his other three surviving works) as “the pearl poet”. The Arthurian legends from which the poem is […]

Courtiers and sycophants: the case of Ca...

JULY 20, 2021 AMONG THE pleasures of the HBO series Succession, which satirizes a Murdoch-style media dynasty, is the shameless spectacle used to portray the dead spiritually. Apart from the television which fetishizes the plutocrats, Succession transports us to their probably perverse reality. One episode follows the Roy family to Hungary for a corporate retreat […]

The case of Catherine Liu against the pr...

AMONG THE pleasures of the HBO series Succession, which satirizes a Murdoch-like media dynasty, is the unabashed spectacle used to portray the spiritually dead. From television, which fetishizes plutocrats, Succession transports us to their presumably perverse reality. One episode follows the Roy family to Hungary for a corporate retreat as boar hunters. The wheels of […]

The eccentrics of one era are the model ...

Each era has its eccentrics and its characteristic attitudes towards them: perplexity, contempt, tolerance, secret admiration (sometimes open) and various mixtures in varying proportions. Typically, what looks eccentric at one age is conventional at another. Assuming a strange man from the Heian period (794-1185) and a strange man from the Edo period (1603-1868) meet, what […]

Centuries before Marvel, there was the p...

(New York Book Review) “Literature,” Rachel Eisendrath insists, “is a story of hindsight. The sighting comes early in “Cloud Gallery, His brief but intense meditation on the pastoral form, Philip Sidney and all the ways we find ourselves reconfigured while reading books. That’s not to say that “Gallery of Clouds” is a treatise about how […]

Mithila of Vidyapati: Literature and New...

A Political History of Literature: Vidyapati and the 15th Century by Pankaj Jha, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018; pp 304, Rs 1,095. 15th century poet and courtier Vidyapati is a household name in northern Bihar. He is widely remembered as a literary luminary who not only composed in several languages, but also mastered a […]

ArtSci Roundup: Fermented Face avec Cand...

arts and entertainment February 23, 2021 In this time of uncertainty and isolation, find solace in digital opportunities to connect, share and engage. Each week we will be sharing upcoming events online that bring UW and the community at large together. Many of these online opportunities are advertised through Zoom. All UW faculty, staff and […]

A Net for Small Fishes by Lucy Jago revi...

Lucy Jago is an award-winning biographer whose richly imagined adult fiction debut is based on a scandal that rocked the Jacobean court. The poet and courtier Thomas Overbury was already in the Tower of London when he died, apparently of natural causes, in 1613; two years later, accusations that he had been poisoned reached King […]

Mirza Ghalib 223rd birthday: 20 couplets...

Occupying a place of pride in the world of literature, Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, who wrote under the pseudonym “Ghalib”, is one of the most cited Urdu poets of whom sher or verses relate to almost any situation in life. Born on December 27, 1797 in the Kala Mahal of Agra, Ghalib belonged to a […]

Leaving the Heian: a sexual revolution i...

What’s wrong with sex? Nothing; it’s wonderful: “Young women melt men’s hearts with red and powder and songs and smiles… Ah! … A date in a boat on the waves is equivalent to a life of delicious encounters. Thus the courtier poet Oe Yukitoki (955-1010) celebrated the asobi (women of pleasure) of his day. Their […]

“Walter Ralegh: Architect of Empire” Rev

If Americans Sir Walter Ralegh is known today as the founder of the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke, which disappeared without a trace a few years after settling on the North Carolina coast. Some may associate him with his fanciful quest for the golden city of “El Dorado” in the South American jungle. But such wispy […]

Why Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded

Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618), English aristocrat, writer, soldier, politician, courtier, spy and explorer. Universal History Archives / UIG / Getty images He was a famous soldier, a hero on land and at sea. He was responsible for the first English colonies in the New World. And he wrote some of the finest poetry in modern […]

Rahim: The poet in the courtier

The two cities most associated with the life and times of Mughal nobleman Abdur Rahim Khan i Khanan or Hindi poet Rahim are Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. While lifting the veil on obscure Burhanpur is still far in the future, Delhi rediscovers Rahim and rekindles old memories of him. Abdur Rahim Khan i […]