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Lily Collins has shaggy curtain bangs for Emily in Paris Season 3

Collins has been teasing new bangs since mid-September, but it wasn’t clear if her new look was part of the show. Thanks to the trailer for the show’s next season, not only does the new style make the cut (pun intended), but it plays a pivotal role in showcasing Emily’s current stressed mental state. Read more


Do you prefer alcohol-free perfumes? Water-based perfumes are on the rise

If you’ve ever wished for “no makeup-no makeup” in the form of perfume, then here’s some good news: Although they’ve been around for a decade, water-based perfumes are experiencing something of a renaissance. They’re significantly less potent and less aggressive than their alcohol-based friends, and have the added benefit of being kinder to the skin – so go ahead and vape with abandon. Read more

14 women to watch this Oscar season

It took nine decades for the Oscars to go to a female director, when Kathryn Bigelow won in 2010 for directing The Hurt Locker (which is even longer than the meme to jokingly indicate long). However, as the awards circuit moves towards being more inclusive, it’s still navigating an era of historic “firsts” – but could this finally be the year that *multiple* women are nominated for Best Director? Read more


The Spice Girls just released a brand new music video

Yes, it truly has been 25 years since the world was blessed with the band’s iconic second album, World of Spices. To celebrate, the band is releasing a brand new version titled World of Spices 25 which will include previously unreleased material, such as a 15-minute “megamix” for a party. Get ready to feel super nostalgic in the best possible way. Read more

Grey’s Anatomy’s New intern got great advice from Dr. Bailey

Midori Francis may not be literally cutting people off as a surgical intern at Gray Sloan, but joining the cast of TV’s longest-running medical drama has its own intensity, albeit less bloody – and its own set of mentors. Bustle spoke to Francis about the advice Chandra Wilson gave him, what it’s like to speak medical jargon, and more. Read more

Here’s why TikTok is obsessed with this Valentino eyeliner

A decent eyeliner is one of the hardest beauty products to find: ideally, it needs a precision applicator, a smooth formula, good staying power, and a reasonable price. The Valentino Twin Eyeliner is dual-sided and gives you both a gel and liquid option, which is perfect for customizing your look to suit your mood (or patience level) each day. Our beauty writer took it for a test to see if it lives up to the TikTok hype. Read more


It won’t be the easiest day, but there is hope. Read more


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