By Stacy M. Brown | NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent

Mayor Byron Brown

(NNPA) – Mayor Byron Brown, the first African-American mayor and longest-serving mayor in Buffalo’s history, plans to appear on the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s live daily news program, “Let It Be Known,” at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, May 20.

Brown, who has served as mayor since 2006, called Buffalo a resilient community.

“This community has been through a lot. But, before the pandemic, Buffalo was experiencing a renaissance,” Brown said during a recent national television appearance.

“We are a medium-sized American city of over 278,000 people. And this part of town, 80% African American but diverse with people from different backgrounds living in this community, we are certainly saddened that someone drove hundreds of miles, someone who is not not from this community that didn’t know this community that came here to take as many black lives as possible, that did it deliberately and premeditated, planning this,” Brown remarked.

Payton Gendron, the self-proclaimed white supremacist, entered the Tops supermarket on May 14 and shot 13 people dead, killing 10. Among the dead was Katherine Eleanor Massey, a longtime freelance writer for The Challenger Community News in Buffalo.

The publication is one of more than 230 African-American-owned newspapers and media companies that make up the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA).

The NNPA represents the Black Press of America.

Gendron’s so-called 180-page manifesto revealed some troubling perceptions he possessed.

He complained about the shrinking size of the white population and included his fears of ethnic and cultural replacement of white people.

Gendron describes himself as a fascist, a white supremacist and an anti-Semite.

“We are a strong community and we will keep moving forward,” Brown said.

“It’s a growing community. People hoped and waited for investment, growth and opportunity. »

He concluded :

“We’re starting to see that in this community, in all parts of the city, and we won’t let that progress stop. We will not let hateful ideology stop the progress we see and experience in the city of Buffalo.