BOSTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/September 27, 2022/ We Move in Color Manager, presents We Move in Color Musical Revue, premiering at Boston’s Historic Strand Theater on Thursday, October 6e 2022 at 7 p.m.

We Move in Color (WMIC) is a musical revue that seeks to capture the African American narrative through music, poetry, dance, and immersive visual art. The magazine engages audiences with exquisite imagery by renowned painter, Paul Goodnight, and award-winning photography by Lou Jones. The revue’s choreography unfolds against a backdrop of rhythmic African drumming, hip-hop, jazz, gospel, and R&B music while bringing key milestones in American history to life. Choreographers include New York Times critically acclaimed Sheryl Thomas, famed tap dancer Maurice Chestnut and Soul Steps pioneer Maxine Lyle. The Revue’s Story Designer is Wyatt Jackson, Emmy Award winner and Boston performing arts legend, who is also set to perform in the Revue. The musical soundtrack is produced by GRAMMY Award winner Gen Rubin. The show features dynamic artist Anita Faye and the poetic voice of writer Robby Thomas, the show’s executive producer.

The story begins in pre-colonial West Africa and moves through the Middle Passage, the antebellum South, the Civil Rights movement, and modern America. It explores the evolving cultural landscape of 20th century America, visiting the Harlem Renaissance and the iconic decades of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s when the cadence of hip-hop became mainstream.

While the review channels the past, its essence centers on the strength and resilience of a people determined to move forward.

WMIC educates, challenges and inspires. It offers moments of therapy, celebration and optimism. The project is launched in Boston in honor of the artistic contributions that Paul Goodnight, Lou Jones and Wyatt Jackson have made to the artistic community. Tickets are available online now at or at the Strand’s Box office (543 Columbia Road, Dorchester) on the day of the show – October 6, 2022.

WMIC would like to thank The Strand Theater and Melodi Greene, City of Boston-Arts and Culture Department, Thomas Empowerment Foundation, New Commonwealth Fund, King Boston, TJX Companies and South-Coast Community Foundation for their support.

For more media information, contact Robby Thomas at: (857)991-2821 | or by email to: [email protected].

THE SOURCE: We move in color