Almost exactly one week after the release of her latest album “Renaissance,” Beyoncé has released a new EP featuring four new tracks that revolve around her hit “Break My Soul.”

According Uproxxthe 40-year-old singer received rave reviews from critics for her new album, and she immediately released a long track titled “Break My Soul Remixes.”

The new EP features fresh new tracks remixed differently by four producers Honey Dijon, of the Black Eyed Peas, Nita Aviance and Terry Hunter.

The four talented musicians transformed the Grammy Award-winning singer’s debut track using unique sounds and elements like church organs and trance.

The recent release comes a day after Beyoncé apparently responded to the controversy surrounding her song and Kelis by dropping the “Milkshake” sample from her song “Energy.”

Fans noticed that the singer quietly replaced the older version of the song on music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

“Renaissance” might do some numbers when it comes to Bey Hive streams and support, but it has also faced plenty of controversy over the past week.

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The most recent drama was that Kelis accused the singer of stealing her music and not really collaborating with her in the first place.

Taking to her Instagram Live, Kelis called the “Alien Superstar” singer and her former collaborators, the Neptunes, who produced her first three albums.

The Neptunes is a duo made up of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams.

She alleged the couple “scammed” her into not owning the song because she was never credited as a writer or producer.

“I know what I own and what I don’t. I also know the lies that have been told. I also know the things that have been stolen,” Kelis said.

Another problem Beyoncé has been confronted about her new album over her song ‘Heated’ as she has been called by online users ‘capable’ for using the derogatory slur ‘spaz’.

His team immediately released a statement, stating that the track did not intend to harm anyone and that they will be releasing a new version with new lyrics.

Diane Warren was also embroiled in an issue as she apparently called out the star for having 24 writers in the song “Alien Superstar.”

The famous songwriter received negative comments from the fandom, leading her to apologize and clarify that she was merely expressing her curiosity and not being “sleazy”.

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