The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow and fans eagerly await the addition of both The Fantastic Four and x-men In the years to come. Of these X-Men, Wolverine is a casting decision that will be critical to the success of implementing mutants in the blockbuster film series.

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Over the years, there have been dozens of MCU fan castings, rumors, and acting interests tying many actors to the role. Hollywood is home to thousands of actors, but it takes a special kind of star power to reprise an iconic Marvel role that’s been played by a singular character for the better part of two decades. The Next Wolverine will show up sooner or later, but who will play them, and what era of the character will be shown on the big screen in the MCU?


7/7 Multiverse/Fox Movies – Hugh Jackman

It’s the most unlikely thing that could happen, but leaving out the man who brought the character to the big screen for two decades wouldn’t be right. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and the reality is that any actor cast in his shoes to reprise the role will face a steep climb to win over audiences.

With the MCU introducing the idea of ​​a multiverse and a avengers movie based on Secret WarsComing out in the near future, there’s still a chance Jackman will reprise the role for a cameo. Dreams of him being the person playing Wolverine in the MCU are just that, dreams.

6/7 Newcomer Wolverine – Daniel Radcliffe

In the ’70s, Marvel focused on bringing the X-Men back into the spotlight, which would now include Wolverine. This was before the days of Logan’s nickname and the more grizzled appearance of the Canadian mutant. An era that someone like Daniel Radcliffe could dive into and slowly evolve into the modern version of Wolverine. Radcliffe, despite the success of the Harry Potter series showcasing his talents as the titular character, saw some pushback at the idea of ​​him playing Wolverine.

Although he fits the size of the part, fans claim he’s not bulky enough to take on the role, despite dozens of actors adding muscle mass when landing a role as Super hero. The real problem is probably that Radcliffe isn’t traditionally handsome by Hollywood standards, and audiences think Wolverine is that type of character. The reality is that the comic version of Wolverine is much shorter, angrier, and unconventionally appealing than Hugh Jackman has led on to believe.

5/7 Uncanny Wolverine – Joel Edgerton

It’s unclear how old the MCU will portray Wolverine and the X-Men in general, but if the idea is to make Wolverine an old, grizzled mutant, then Joel Edgerton might be the guy. Edgerton matches the look and feel of the Weird X-Men version of Wolverine developed by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne in the 1970s. He manages to combine the main male factor, with an appearance that is both welcoming and intimidating.

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Roles in projects such as the Obi Wan Kenobi Disney+ series, The green knightand Warrior presented their range. As talented as he is, it’s odd that the MCU hasn’t coveted his talents, but it’s probably a matter of time before that becomes a reality.

4/7 Wolverine by Frank Miller – John David Washington

In the 1980s, Frank Miller, known for city ​​of sin, 300, the return of the dark knightand much more, took up the challenge of making a 4-number Wolverine miniseries. He focused a lot on the prospect of dealing with the excruciating pain that Logan had to go through when it came to his romantic relationships. It was about teaching him to manage his anger and find zen in chaos. People reading this entry might immediately assume that there is no way John David Washington could play Wolverine due to his lighter frame.

The reality is that any actor brought into the MCU immediately goes through a training regiment and will no doubt transform into a superpowered version of themselves, physically. For being such a great actor, it’s odd that he hasn’t made his way to the marvelous juggernaut of cinema. He is good at bringing both lightness and a sense of seriousness to his roles. In recent years, he’s also managed to prove he can be a leading man and carry a movie alongside his co-stars. Washington might not be the first name that comes to mind with Wolverine, but the more you think about it, the more interesting and welcoming the idea becomes.

3/7 Brawler Debut Wolverine – Taron Egerton

Most people tend to forget that Wolverine didn’t break into the comics via the X-Men, but rather The Incredible Hulk #180 and #181 in 1974. A bruised and angry brawler would catch the giant green machine off guard, much the same way someone like Taron Egerton would in the role. Egerton is in a strange place in terms of his fit in the MCU. The actor has been heavily linked to the casting of Wolverine, but often the person best known to land the role ends up stepping into a different capacity.

No one would ever deny that Egerton would likely kill the role thanks to his acting range and similar stature to the comically accurate version of Wolverine, but that sounds too good to be true. As the entrance of mutants into the Marvel Universe draws near, time is running out on whether or not Egerton will indeed be the grizzled, disgruntled wild man.

2/7 X-23 – Mid Thunder Amber

Now, the Logan movie has introduced Logan’s female successor in the Wolverine name to the general public, but an adult version of Laura Kinney has yet to be portrayed. The recent release of Preydespite heading straight to the Hulu streaming service, managed to not only refresh the Predator series but focused on actor Amber Midthunder. She was the protagonist of the film and won over the audience with her heartfelt performance.

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There’s been an idea floating around that making Wolverine an Indigenous character would be a neat and special take for the MCU’s version of the character. If Kevin Fiege decides to go with Laura Kinney/X-23, the Wolverine wife to turn things around, it’s hard to find a better person for the role than the recent standout Amber Midthunder.

1/7 Weapon X – Jeremy Allen White

Weapon X was a time for Wolverine where the psychological and physical pain Logan endured was central to the story. This story, brought to life by writer/artist Barry Windsor-Smith in 1991, seems like the perfect take for an actor like Jeremy Allen White. Jeremy Allen White is hot on the heels of the FX series on Hulu the bear, which garnered a ton of attention and critical acclaim. On the show, White plays an extremely talented chef tasked with taking over his late brother’s restaurant.

Not only does White match Wolverine’s physical stature in the comics, but he also happens to have the natural hair growth and hairline of the Adamantium weapon. Throughout The Bear, he shows an ability to be steadfast and command as a leader, but also has points of vulnerability where he is in over his head and begins to question his previous decisions. White may be a little unconventional, but he’s got the acting chops and star power to bring a stellar performance from Wolverine to the MCU.

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