Fantasy anime has been dominated by isekai stories for a very long time, to the point that those who weren’t actually isekai barely felt alienated. This is a bit the case for the upcoming series beast tamer, which will feature many elements that modern fantasy anime fans love. Having both a ridiculously explanatory Japanese title and an underdog protagonist who finds strength in a group of women, the series definitely bears some notable similarities to other hits.

The original series of novels by Suzu Miyama (whose full name is “The beast tamer who was exiled from his party meets a cat girl of the strongest breed“) started only a few years ago, so those who recently got into it or the manga adaptation will be happy to see it quickly brought to the small screen. Here’s what fans and newcomers can expect from the upcoming beast tamer anime, which will start streaming soon.

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The plot of Beast Tamer

The main character of beast tamer is an ancient warrior named Rein, who once acted as a beast tamer among a group of adventuring heroes. Unfortunately for him, his ability to bond with animals was considered too weak to be useful. Ironically, it was upon leaving this guild that Rein’s fortunes began to change. Meeting a catgirl named Kanade, Rein gains some of her abilities after successfully bonding with her.

From there, Rein and Kanade go in search of other half-animal girls to train and gain powers, including Tania the Dragon Girl and Sora the Fairy. Together, they each discover their own inner strength, with Rein secretly being much stronger than he initially believed.

The plot is arguably similar to several isekai, with the “group of companions accompanying an apparent loser” trope being comparable to The Rise of the Shield Hero. This show is an outright isekai anime, although another similar series, Banned from heroes party, I decided to live a quiet country lifeit’s pure fantasy beast tamer.

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Beast Tamer Trailer

The most recent trailer of beast tamer shows Rein’s early days of adventure with his original band. Of course, those “good old days” don’t exactly last, as his supposed weakness led to his departure. Rein’s new allies of various animal women are introduced from there, with Kanade and Tania shown fighting for their place alongside their new “master”. The overall tone and vibe of the trailer is pretty chill, and while glimpses of battles are shown, it ultimately feels like a pretty chilled-out fantasy series.

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Production News for Beast Tamer

As mentioned, beast tamer is based on a series of novels by Suzu Miyama and Subachi, which began airing in June 2018. It was adapted into a manga the following January and into a light novel series in May, with all these different versions of the story still running.

EMT Squared, the animation studio producing beast tamer, has quite a history with fantasy anime – namely isekai. Other workshop work includes Pharmacy in another world, I arrest the hero and the various rainy cocoa lively. Atsushi Nigorikawa is the director of beast tamerwith Takashi Aoshima as lead author.

Rein, Kanade, and Tania are voiced by Shoya Chiba, Azumi Waki, and Rumi Okubo, respectively. Sora, Luna, Nina, and Stella, other characters in the series, are voiced by Minami Tanaka, Maria Sashide, Marika Kouno, and Rie Takahashi. Many of these seiyuu also have experience with fantasy and isekai anime, including hits such as This time I got reincarnated as a slime.

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Beast Tamer release date

Those who can’t wait to see Rein interact with her group of animal girls don’t have to wait long. beast tamer will begin airing on Japanese television on October 2, 2022, with streaming service Crunchyroll licensed for the show in the West. Muse Communication will do so in South and Southeast Asia, having also licensed many hit shows in those regions such as Isekai juggernaut Sword Art Online and superhero parody One-punch man. MADKID provides the series’ theme song, “Change the World,” while the ending theme “LOVE&MOON” is performed by Nina’s voice actress, Marika Kouno.