Today we head to Atlantic City and its desire to re-attract a lost LGBTQ+ community that was once a thriving part of AC’s makeup.

We also take a look at the burgeoning retail utopia in Southwest Philadelphia — and how a garbage truck is the latest sign of success.

🐰 And check out these images from yesterday’s return from the South Street Easter walk.

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There was a time when New York Avenue in Atlantic City was a safe haven for LGBTQ people. A thriving nightlife combined with a welcoming atmosphere in a city known for its diversity.

The history of AC’s impact on the community dates back to the 1920s. And officials there want people to remember that the city is ramping up its restaurant tourism for the LGBTQ community, including a host of events which include a multi day pride festival. The aim is to encourage gay culture.

“We want to welcome back the community that has a long history in Atlantic City,” said Geoff Rosenberger, real estate agent in Atlantic City. “You can’t force anyone to buy a home anywhere, but one of the drivers of our market is the sheer diversity of the city.”

And the notion of AC’s gay district? Consider Chelsea, known for its multicultural restaurants, college district, and stock of old beach houses stretching from the ocean to the bay. Currently, Chelsea is one of the few places being considered as part of efforts to market Atlantic City’s undervalued real estate to the LGBTQ community.

Our reporter Amy Rosenberg delivers this report on AC’s aspirations to inspire the LGBTQ community to return “to where the party began.”

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👍🏾 The good news: Drive along the commercial stretch of Woodland, Chester, and Elmwood Avenues in Southwest Philadelphia and you’ll find a thriving commercial corridor. Once-empty stores have been replaced with businesses in just about every brick-and-mortar location. There’s even a cleanup crew and a privately funded garbage truck.

😟 Preoccupation: But companies worry about the sustainability of the current success, as imposed city regulations such as the sugary drink tax, cigarette taxes and the latest plastic bag ban are repeated hits to profit margins. Add that all of these stores aren’t far from neighboring Delaware County, which doesn’t have many of those same restrictions and, in turn, higher costs.

📣 What business owners are saying: “This soda tax, the plastic bag law, the municipal tax on cigarettes [a $2-a-pack surcharge], it really hurts businesses here,” said Sayed Ahmad, whose family’s Cousins ​​Fresh Market is now a four-store chain that includes a location in Chester. “People are moving to Delaware County. If costs continue to rise, it will be difficult for us to grow here.

Our writer Joseph N. DiStefano takes a look through the lens of business owners and the community at large, and how it all intersects with a much-desired revival for this Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood.

Clay Studio recently opened the doors to new digs earlier this month after more than 50 years in Old Town. The question of the day : In what part of town is the space located, which is nearly 70% larger than the old Second Street storefront? Make a guess and find the answer here.

a. Fishtown

b. Pennsport

vs. Queen’s Village

D. Kensington

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