james bond dates back to the 1950s and was created by British writer Ian Fleming. James Bond is a spy who works for MI6 and is best known as 007. Over time, this spy character has gained international fame and appeared in countless films. The james bond The series has also inspired many other mediums, including anime.

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Many anime characters seem to have been inspired by James Bond. This ranges from a character’s name to their career or personality traits. Like the International Mystery Man himself, these James Bond-inspired anime characters ooze class and charisma and really help liven up their respective series.


1/8 James Bonde – Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot is an interesting series because it combines Sherlock Holmes with a hint of James Bond. In other words, the “James Bonde” in Moriarty the Patriot bears the name of James Bond. James Bonde was formerly called Irene Adler, after the character of Sherlock Holmes. However, he becomes James Bonde after faking the death of his previous identity.

Interestingly, another thing that ties him to James Bond is the fact that he joined Moriarty the Patriotthe version of MI6. He becomes an agent with Mycroft Holmes and other anime characters.

2/8 Laurent Thierry – Great Pretender

The protagonist of good suitor is Makoto Edamura, a clumsy and lanky trickster. However, the character who seems to have taken inspiration from James Bond is Laurent Thierry, a crook. Laurent Thierry is quite an interesting comparison because he is not a spy, nor does he work for an agency.

Rather, it is a Belgian scammer who targets criminals who take advantage of innocent people. Laurent is also suave, intelligent and fluent in several languages, including Japanese. Similar to James Bond, Laurent is also a bit of a ladies’ man.

3/8 Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel is another interesting character as he is a bounty hunter who travels on his spaceship. However, it seems his character is inspired by James Bond as his job is to locate his targets. It involves investigating, going undercover, and fighting criminals, which works well because Spike is a master of hand-to-hand combat.

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Spike was previously part of a criminal organization, which is why he’s so good at it. Also, he’s not much of a ladies’ man and tends to be quite lazy. To put it another way, Spike is a sort of “cowboy” version of James Bond that lacks sophistication. However, his character is great because he’s a version of someone so polished and charming.

4/8 Mylene Hoffman – 009-1

Mylène is a cyborg and a senior agent of the Zero-Zero organization, a secret intelligence organization. Within this organization, she is also part of the group Number Nine and is known as 009-1. Meanwhile, his bandmates are known as “009-3”, “009-4”, and “009-7”. As a cyborg, Mylène is obviously fast, strong, and adept at hand-to-hand combat.

After joining the Zero-Zero organization, Mylène became a cyborg to enhance her abilities and become a stronger agent. She has various built-in weapons that help her during her missions. Mylène Hoffman is essentially the female cyborg version of James Bond. As the last living member of her family, Mylène lives and breathes her career as a spy.

5/8 Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi is another female version of James Bond. Like Mylène Hoffman, Motoko is a cyborg spy agent. However, she works for the Public Security Section 9 of the Japanese National Public Security Commission. Motoko’s character seems to vary, however. Her character is slightly different in every medium, including the manga, the first and second movies, as well as the live action.

Nevertheless, some traits remain the same. For example, Motoko displays excellent leadership skills as she leads Section 9, her own team, in the manga. Unfortunately, not much is known about Motoko’s life before she became a cyborg.

6/8 James Blood – Hero Mask

James Blood is the protagonist of the anime hero mask. Although not a government agent, James is a detective for his police department’s Special Crime Service. So, James has a habit of going undercover to solve cases. It goes without saying that James Blood’s name was obviously inspired by James Bond.

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Additionally, a key similarity is their determination to carry out a plan and accomplish their missions no matter what, even if it means opposing their superior and causing trouble. James Blood tends to follow his instincts and deviate from the original plan and in doing so disregards protocol.

7/8 Bond Forger – Spy x Family

Bond Forger is the Forger family’s pet dog. He was previously an animal test subject at a secret facility before the Forger family adopted him. He became a medium as a result of these experiences. Bond used to be called “Subject 8” until Anya Forger named him after her favorite TV show character, Bondman.

Bondman is a spy and the protagonist of the cartoon show Spy Wars in the Spy x Family series. It might just be a dog, but the fact that it’s named after a clearly James Bond-inspired character says it all. It also makes sense that Loid Forger, Bond’s owner, would eventually train him to defend himself and others.

8/8 Loid Forger – Spy x Family

Likewise, it seems that James Bond was the inspiration behind Loid Forger, the protagonist of Spy x Family. Loid is a spy for WISE, a secret government organization. Loid’s real name is unknown, so he is simply known as Twilight. This is similar to James Bond as he is known as 007.

As an undercover spy, Twilight is famous among other secret agents due to her exceptional skills. In addition to his exceptional intelligence, he is quick on his feet and a powerful fighter. Additionally, Loid is a master at handling weapons and disguise. In the end, he’s so incredibly gifted that he could almost be considered superhuman.

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